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Overrated and Underrated attractions


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  • Overrated and Underrated attractions

    They started this over on the WDW section so I figured it'd be fun to do it for Disneyland/DCA.


    Peter Pan - The line is ALWAYS way too long. I know it has ALOT to do with capacity but it's still not worth more than a 10 minute wait.
    Splash Mountain - It's a fun ride but certainly not the best Log Flume I've ever been on. Again, the line is always WAY too long.
    Autopia - The remodel did absolutely nothing for me. We RARELY ride this anymore.
    Soarin' over California - When I first rode this ride it totally blew me away. But 5 years and a film that is showing all 5 of those years, it just doesn't do it for me anymore.


    Pinnochio - My 2nd favorite of the Fantasyland dark rides (Behind Toad). You never hear much about this ride but it's a favorite of mine.
    Star Tours - Sure it's pushing 20 but it's still a fun ride. While we don't ride it every visit we will still wait for this ride once in awhile.
    DLRR - I know it's pretty highly rated around these parts but for the GP they only see it as transporation. It's so much more than that.
    Main Street Vehicles - Again, most people see this only as transportation and something you have to avoid.
    Tower of Terror- I know, it's not as good as the FL version, Tower 'lite', etc, etc, etc. For someone who hasn't been on the FL version it's just fine. After November maybe I will think differently.
    It's Tough to Be a Bug - Yeah I know it's a FL transport but it's a fun movie.
    Tortilla and Bread Tours - Okay so they really don't belong, but what else could go here? The Tortilla's ROCK!!! The only bad thing about the Bread Tour is you have to listen to Rosie O'donnel. At least they give you the bread at the beginning so you can skip the rest.

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    Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions

    May I ask, What is the best log flume you've ever been on if not Splash Mountain?

    Pinnochio is my favorite dark ride


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      Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions

      Off the map: Innoventions (minus As*imo)
      Overrated: Autopia
      Aptly Rated: Storybook Land (I wish they'd tell jokes like JC skipppers do)
      Underrated: Main Street Cinema


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        Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions

        I'd have to agree with those who've said that Autopia is overrated. The line is always way too long, and it's really not all that fun. Not to mention you have to wait forever to unload at the end. Also, I think Roger Rabbit is overrated. The line is always long and the ride really isn't that fun. It's jerky and loud.

        I think that Casey, Jr. is underrated. For a little kiddie ride, it picks up some speed and is pretty fun. And the line isn't usually too long, either.


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          Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions


          Penny Arcade
          Story telling time in the castle shop


          *putting on flame-resistant suit*
          Churros! They just don't do it for me.


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            Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions


            Redwood Creek Challenge Trail- It's a beautiful place just to walk around and listen even if you're not little and can't go on the tire swing.

            King Triton's Carousel- There's a hideously blank wall behind it, but the figures on this carousel are very nice and worthy of much better scenery (and a real carnival organ too.)

            I guess the Animation building isn't really underrated anymore since it got those spiffy new lights on the front, so I don't need to mention that.


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              Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions


              Indy- Most annoying ride ever. Messes with my back always.

              Splash mountain-Every time i see the bicentennial eagles reminds me of that old ride...

              Don't buy the corn dog...enough said.


              Jungle Cruise - You can get more one liners than you can shake a stick at.

              Mr. Toad - It's old school at has not changed since i was kid 35 years ago. Going through hell was always interesting then and now.


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                Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions

                Big Thunder Ranch. Come on, tell me you don't smile when you pet Maggie.
                Carousel. Nothing more whimsical and nostalgic as riding a carousel horse.

                HMH - I just don't get the fascination
                Mint Juleps - taste like liquefied spearmint gum
                Marge: Barnacle Bill's Home Pregnancy Test? Homer, shouldn't we have gone with a better-known brand?
                Homer: But Marge, this one came with a corn-cob pipe!
                Marge: [reading from the test box] "Ahoy, Maties! If the water turns blue, a baby for you! If purple ye see, no baby thar be!"
                Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
                Marge: Pink.
                Homer: D'oh!
                Marge: "If ye test should fail, to a doctor set sail!"


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                  Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions

                  Over: Mad Tea Cups. Every time I've been, there's a massive line.

                  Under: Jungle Cruise, Storybook Land, and Tarzan's Treehouse. I like going up high like that.
                  "But every night, when it gets dark
                  and the stars come out,
                  I'll look up on her behalf.
                  I'll look up in the sky and think of you."


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                    Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions

                    Tower of Terror It's fun and all, but I was expecting a much better experince from all the reviews (and to be honest, Florida's looks worse but I haven't been on it so meh) not that it's gonoing to stop me from riding it, but it wasn't alll that and a bag of chips.

                    um that's all.
                    "Tonight I wash my hands of you
                    You set the bar I could not live up to
                    Tonight the light is breaking through
                    So thank you very little and send me postcards from hell"


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                      Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions

                      Overrated -
                      I would have to agree on Splash Mt. I like it but I would never go on it stand by with a 90 minute line which it always seems to have.

                      Astro Orbitor - hate it. not interesting at all and ruins the entry to TL. Put it back up where it belongs and I move it to the underrated category.

                      Underrated -
                      DLRR - agree completely
                      Buzz - high ridability factor - I have been on that thing sooooo many times. Love riding it with my young nephews, my teen age kids and my wife.

                      Regarding Autopia - I would contend that anyone who doesn't like it is likely older than 16 and has a drivers license. Driving a car before you can is magical and I love riding with youngsters!
                      The Mur
                      Two different worlds.....we live in two different worlds


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                        Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions

                        meh... I did not think buzz was fun, in fact it bored me to tears. I did not like the fantasy land rides, and autopia, just looks stupid. About the only thing I really love is DCA rides, ( all of them and its tough to be a bug ( loved it) and every ride there. unless monsters is like bizz, slow and boring.
                        for disneyland, the coaster rides and thats about it.


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                          Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions

                          Underrated: Mike Fink Keelboats

                          Haha.. OK, I'll be serious now

                          Underrated: DLRR

                          Overrated: Big Thunder

                          Complete waste of valuable space: Innoventions


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                            Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions

                            Wow, I love Splash! Anyway:

                            -Star Tours
                            -FL dark rides, there fun, but not a MUST do.
                            -Indy. Don't get me wrong, I like the ride, but so many people say it is there favorite. I don't think its THAT good!

                            -Jungle Cruise - Always a short line, and always fun to ride!
                            -DLRR - I'll agree with everone on that.


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                              Re: Overrated and Underrated attractions


                              Dinosaurs on the DL Railroad - I see this knocked a lot (move it/get rid/etc...), but it was a FAV of mine as a kid and my 3 year old loves it now. Wonderul to share the memories.

                              It's a Small World - through the eyes of a child, this is numero uno

                              AA's / Audio Animatronics - one of the things that, to me, always made DL more special than Knott's and everything else. Almost all gone now. America Sings, Country Bears... Somehow particle board doesn't hold the same magic.

                              The Teacups at Dusk - Head on over just before sunset and you'll see what I mean.

                              A great Starcade - always was the best 15 years ago. Now an after thought. Upgrade it! Needs cutting edge games and more space. How about this: Bring the old games from Bear Country arcade to a RETRO section.

                              Patriotism - I think DL was a salute to America. I fear it will continue to loose this till it's gone...


                              Autopia - cars are way too hard to drive. Needs upgrade. Let's give it a futuristic theme, add user controlled lights and sounds. Maybe a Tron tunnel? ;-)

                              Innoventions - because ANY rating is too much!

                              Dole Whips - Wait wait wait; I think the Dole Whip Float is a perfect combo with a Tiki Room show. But, they ain't THAT good.

                              (current) Tomorrowland - looks like it might be on it's way back, but it's overrated now just by calling it a "Land". Maybe walking through it will feel like it used to someday soon.


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