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Dec 27 - Jan 2, 2006 Trip Report: (Short)


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  • Dec 27 - Jan 2, 2006 Trip Report: (Short)

    1. I'm completely disorganized---and had no concrete written plans.
    2. I'm in ill health and tire easily---need long breaks and rest periods.
    3. It's the most crowded time of the year.
    4. Rain.

    1. Rain.
    2. I've got 7 days (6 1/2, technically)
    3. Park is open extended hours, or should have been, on most days.
    4. I'm staying at the closest hotel to the Park---Grand Californian.


    TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2005:
    ---Tikki Room (fell asleep thru some of it---still loved it though)
    ---Storytellers dinner
    ---Christmas Fantasy Parade

    Comments: The first day is always a short day, I arrived at 1:00 pm, which was later than I wanted, and then spent time trying to get settled in the room, and take care of business and chores.....unpacking, getting all the ironing done, short nap etc. And, before you know it, the day is over.

    ---Mr. Toads Wild Ride
    ---Soarin (First Ride of the day)
    ---Mark Twain Riverboat
    ---Parade of Dreams
    ---Goofys Kitchen Dinner
    ---Christmas Fantasy Parade
    ---Electrical Parade
    ---Indiana Jones
    ---Buzz Lightyear (twice with fastpasses---breaks down the second time)

    Comments: This was the day of the infamous, "fire" at the Grand Californian----which completely fouled up my getting to the maingates by 8:00 am. I basically had no sleep, and by the time I did fall's 7:45 am, and I barely got to the maingates by 7:55 am for rope drop Well, this was a hysterically crowded day, and getting to the maingates that late......the were already backed up to the candy canes! I finally made it to Fantasy Land at about 8:30 am. Crowds everywhere, news crews too. Crazy day!

    Snow White (Early Entry--Twice)
    Peter Pan (EE)
    Pinnoccio sp? (EE)
    Alice In Wonderland (EE)
    Small World
    Soarin (first ride of the day)
    Santas Reindeer Roundup
    Goofys Kitchen Dinner
    Christmas Fantasy Parade
    Electrical Parade
    Indiana Jones (twice with fastpasses)
    Fantasmic (special 11:30 pm showing)
    Haunted Mansion (last ride of the day, and it breaks down--in the morgue no less!)

    Comments: EE (Early Entry) helps get more things done, but I'm still not getting to the Maingates in time. By the time I line up for early entry, the early entry lines are backed up to DCA. Unbelievable. That many people at 6:55 am. I need to get to those maingates way sooner! Also, I love the 11:30pm Fantasmic that they added. Nobody goes to the 11:30 pm showings and it's so much more comfortable than 9, or 10:30 pm. Wish they'd do that everyday!

    FRIDAY DECEMBER 30, 2005:
    Gadget's Go-Coaster
    Roger Rabbit (3 times--with fastpasses)
    Tikki Room (fell asleep again---I'm not complaining, I need the rest!)
    Parade of Dreams
    Storytellers Dinner
    Christmas Fantasy Parade
    Electrical Parade
    Honey I shrunk the Audience
    Fantasmic (11:30 pm showing----wonderful!)
    Haunted Mansion (last ride of the day---very nice)

    Comments: It seems like I didn't do much on this day, but I spent much of the day in Toontown, browsing all the decorations and touring Mickey and Minnie's houses, etc. There's a lot to see, and that takes up time. I went back to see it (Toontown), and explore at night with all the special lit up Toontown Christmas Decorations. The variety, and quantity of lit Christmas decorations in Toontown, at night, was spectacular.

    Peter Pan (4 times, 2-without getting off, all before 7:15am with EE)
    Mr. Toads Wild Ride (EE)
    Alice In Wonderland (twice with EE)
    Snow White (twice with EE)
    Casey Jr. Circus Train
    Star Tours
    Plaza Inn (Breakfast with Minnie and Friends)
    Mark Twain Riverboat
    Jungle Cruise
    Tikki Lounge
    Grizzly River Run
    Stompy Jones Boogie Swing
    Fireworks (9:25pm)
    Space Mountain
    French Market fried chicken dinner (By this time, it's 11:00 pm)
    Midnight Fireworks (Watched in front of the castle--I don't have a clue how I managed to get from NOS over to the castle in time---but I did!)
    Honey I Shrunk the Audience
    Spash Mountain (2:00 am last ride of the day!)

    Comments: I could write a whole separate post about what I saw, and experienced on this (NYE). All I can say is....what a difference it makes, getting to the main gates at 6:30 am for early entry. There was nobody there, incredibly, at 6:30 am. However, by 6:40 am the lines where backed up to the monorail. (6:40 am must be the time the shuttles start dropping people at the maingate). And, by 6:45, somehow the early entry lines were backed up to the candy canes. by 6:55----forget it. Again, I was there at 6:30, and ran to Fantasy Land. They let people in, sort of, 5 minutes early. So, I actually got to Fantasy Land at exactly 7:00 am !!!!

    SUNDAY JAN 1, 2005:
    Soarin' (First Ride of the Day)
    Columbia (twice)
    Grizzley River Run (3 times)
    Storytellers Dinner

    Comments: I was really tired. I'd been up till 2:00 am the previous day----after having lined up at 6:30 am, on that day. So, clearly, I needed one day to take a break. I was starting to feel run down, so I went back to the hotel room, after dinner at 7:30 pm, took a handfull of Vitamin C, and slept the rest of the night. It was kind of a let-down; however, health comes first, and I still had one day left to go, wanted to be all rested up, and healthy for it.

    MONDAY JAN 2, 2005:
    Peter Pan (3 times-early entry)
    Matterhorn (3 times-early entry)
    Space Mountain (Early Entry)
    Plaza Inn (Beakfast with Minnie and Friends)
    Splash Mountain
    Big Thunder
    Sunwheel (non-swinging, twice)
    Tower of Terror (great)
    Playhouse Disney (Boring!)
    First 50 years Film
    Whitewater Snacks (Cheeseburger and fries---great)
    Golden Dreams
    Space Mountain (fastpass)
    Star Tours
    Christmas Fantasy Parade
    Pirates (last ride of the day, and final ride of my trip..nice way to end things!)

    Comments: Last Day in the Park, which is always depressing. It didn't help things that they closed DCA at 6:00 pm. I might have wanted to take in another Tower of Terror, or pick up some of the other DCA rides that I didn't get to. Yes, I know it was a Monday, and Disneyland was closing at 10:00 pm, which contradicted their schedule also. However, by the evening, there was no inclement weather, and even if there were, 6:00 pm feels too early, even for DCA.....especially when the online schedule, for months, said 9:00 pm, and the written brochure at the gates said 9:00 pm. Disappointing.

    CONCLUSION: Nevertheless, the trip did feel complete. I managed to ride Columbia, which is a major achievement, since Columbia only sails limited days/times. Storybookland Canals was closed a lot because of the rain, I guess. But, Casey Jr. Circus Train covers a lot of that territory. I would have liked to get in another Small World; but Small World was always backed up, even on the less crowded days...Jan 2. There was always a crowded line at Small World no matter what. Still, just seeing the outside of it was very satisfying.
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