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Hook's Pointe breakfast - February 18, 2006


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  • Hook's Pointe breakfast - February 18, 2006

    Hook's Pointe previously hosted breakfast service which was then moved to Granville's a couple of years ago. With Granville's under refurbishment for the next couple weeks, breakfast has temporarily returned to Hook's Pointe. We were at the resort early this Saturday so decided to stop in and try Hook's breakfast.

    We arrived at about 9:19am. The restaurant was quite full, and there were some people waiting for a table, but we were seated quickly because there were several tables for 2 still available. We sat and perused the menu, and another server came by to let us know that our server would be delayed a few minutes as she was attending to other tables. The menu was almost identical to the breakfast that Hook's offered in 2003: Our server came over about 10 minutes later to take our order. I ordered an item that hadn't been previously offered, called the "Two Times Four" - two slices of French toast with two farm fresh eggs, any style, plus two strips of bacon and two sausages for $9.89. My husband ordered the Eggs Benedict.

    We then sat and waited. And waited. And waited some more. I noticed our server at other tables, bringing their food and refilling their drinks, but she never came back to say anything to us. After we'd been waiting for quite some time, I got her attention and mentioned that we'd been waiting a long time, so she said she'd check on our food. She came back a little while later to say that one of our orders was up, and she was just waiting for the other one. And we waited some more. And I noticed that people seated at the two empty tables for 2 that we had passed on the way to our table had all received their food. The table of 2 which was seated next to us got the basket of baked goods that they had ordered, and we were still sitting there nursing our waters. At 10:15, almost an hour after we'd been seated, we finally got our food.

    I had meant to take pictures of our food before we started eating, but we had waited so long that I forgot when the food arrived, so the pictures are of our breakfasts after they had been slightly nibbled on. Here's a picture of my french toast, eggs, bacon and sausage:, and here's a picture of my husband's eggs benedict: My food was quite tasty, with the french toast done particularly well. My husband liked his breakfast ok, though he said the hollandaise sauce had a slightly different taste that he couldn't pinpoint.

    As we had been waiting for our food, we were paying attention to the rest of the restaurant to see if the long wait was attributable to our server or possibly to a slow kitchen. The other servers seemed to be doing fine with their tables, and based on other things we saw, it definitely seemed like the slow service was specific to our server. We ended up talking to the table of 2 seated next to us, who were aware that we'd been waiting a long time for our food, and when they made their orders with the same server as ours, they asked how long it would be before they got their food, and the server told them it would be a while, which we all thought was a fairly odd thing for a server to say. Sure enough, shortly before we left, they got their food, just about an hour after they'd been seated. I definitely liked what I had for breakfast, but the wait time was absolutely ridiculous. To our server's credit, she did comp the orange juice that my husband had ordered, but I don't know that the gesture entirely made up for the incredibly long wait we had. We definitely intend to try the breakfast again when it goes back to Granville's, but if you're planning to try it at Hook's, be forewarned that you may be in for a long wait.

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    Re: Hook's Pointe breakfast - February 18, 2006

    Thanks for the review! I've been wanting to try Hooks Pointe, I've never been. I wasn't even aware they stopped serving b'fast! Looks yummy. Too bad the service was so slow. Have you been to Granville's for b'fast, before they closed? I was wondering how it compares. Also, I didn't even know Granville's was closed... how long is the refurb supposed to take? I'm going with the family to DCA next Sunday, I have to plan for a good breakfast somewhere.


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      Re: Hook's Pointe breakfast - February 18, 2006

      we didn't know that hook's pointe stopped serving breakfast when we were there for valentine's day either. from all of the posters & signage we saw throughout the hotel, it seemed like they did have breakfast service. we went on the 15th & saw a sign saying, "sorry we missed you..."

      granville's must have just closed because we ate there on the 14th. i guess we'll have to try HP again next time.


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        We had been planning to go to Granville's for breakfast on Saturday (have never tried the breakfast there before) until I read on LaughingPlace that Granville's was closed from February 16 to the 28, so I knew to go to Hook's instead.


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