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Disneyland future


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  • Disneyland future

    I just noticed with the old removales of ATIS and natures wonderland, what will happen in the future when Indiana Jones, splash mountain, space mountain, BLAB, autopia, any of the fantasy land rides, or, god forbid, JC, POTC, HM, IASM, all get the boot its a sad thought. But its walts wishes for the park to grow
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    Re: Disneyland future

    Really, All disneyland can do now is remove old rides if they want to add new ones. Space is a damning factor.
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      Re: Disneyland future

      Space is a damning factor.
      I dunno... there's that big area out across the esplanade they could reclaim...
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        Re: Disneyland future

        as long as they keep the time tested classics, and the new aged ones... im fine... and if all else fails, make DCA an extension of the original park.


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          Re: Disneyland future

          Space is certainly a factor within the berm of Disneyland. The Imagineers have, in some cases, found ways to expand outside the berm but even this space is limited. I don't know anything about backstage or how much of this area could be used for new show buildings. Probably not much. I've mentioned before, with some creative "people moving" the show building for a dark ride could be put across the street if need be. But... space is limited. For anything spectacular within the park, something will have to give. The Big Thunder area has some potential, but I kind of like it undeveloped. It's wildness compliments the atmosphere of Frontierland. The Fantasyland Theatre (or whatever they're calling it these days) is a nice chunk of underused real estate. Disneyland could add quite a few "new" attractions by just replacing old ones that have just disappeared: Skyway, People Mover, Motor Boat Cruise (or something!). There's THREE new rides with no new land required. Then, move on to the rides that have really outlasted their usefullness: HISTA, Innoventions, perhaps even Star Tours. Now we're up to SIX new rides! Move Pizza Port upstairs in the Starcade, or incorporate it into Club Buzz (Tomorrowland Terrace) and there's a new building for an attraction. (Actually, an old attraction building reclaimed!) SEVEN new rides! Go ahead and put something in Big Thunder and Fantasyland Theatre and you're up to NINE! Combined with the (I hope still planned) removal of the Astro Orbiter and replacement of the Rocket Jets up high, you've got about 20 years worth of projects at two per year. Today's project is the return of the Submarine Voyage. There's plenty that can be done with the available space. Combined with actually making DCA a Disney-level park, there's no shortage of potential projects to be done before thinking about ripping out any Disneyland classics.
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