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DLR Photo Update (March 22, 2005)


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  • DLR Photo Update (March 22, 2005)

    Oh my!

    Somehow I managed to get to the park & take a few photos for you readers before the rain started to fall. Seems like there's always something going on in Disneyland these days. Today was no exception.

    Lets get started!

    For those of you who haven't heard yet, the golden mouse ears are now for sale for $9.50:

    The sign infront of the opera house has been changed to promote the new 50th anniversary exhibit:

    The new Tomorrowland Logo:

    Well not really but it should be if you take a look around.
    The walls at the entrance to the land are being repainted white:

    The PeopleMover track keeps getting more and more fresh paint:

    Innoventions is still covered in tarps & scafolding but if you go inside you'll get a preview of the new paint job:





    The Monorail support beams have been repainted:

    The walkway south of the Matterhorn has reopened:

    The gift shop south of It's A Small World has reopened........

    However, it appears they didn't finish painting:

    Benny has returned to the Roger Rabbit facade:

    Can someone PLEASE replace these dirty, horrid umbrellas in ToonTown ?!:

    The Mark Twain received a touch of gold paint here & there:

    Even on a cloudy, rainy day Splash Mountain gets long lines, unlike Pooh:

    Splash Mountain reopened recently. Careful eyes will notice new security cameras and brighter paint & show scenes (not to mention the new logs):

    Jungle Cruise continues it's refurb:

    Aladdin's Oasis has reopened:

    Over at the hotels Captain Hook's pirate ship is getting a paint job:

    The Marina Tower lobby is being refurbished:

    Rumors vary about the state of Fantasy Waters. Some say it's only being refurbished & will return this summer while others claim is going to be demolished. From what I saw today, it seems it's only being refurbished:

    Okay, you're up to speed now.

    If you go to the parks over the next few weeks expect it to be crowded. A new ride has opened, it's spring break, and "2Fer" is back:

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    Great photo update.. Love it..


    • #3
      Wow, great photos, thanks for that

      Does anybody know if you can buy the gold mouse ears online somewhere?
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        Great pics. thanks for the visual update!


        • #5
          Great Photos I was there!!!! I noticed alot of the changes and pics that you took as well they look great. Also picked up the Golden Ears.
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            Great pictures EM! Thanks for the update :bow:

            Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


            • #7
              Thanks! Great shots, especially the Splash Mountain interiors. 57 more days until we go for our own Mouse fix!


              • #8
                White walls outside tomorrowland is nice, although I miss the aluminum silver. Oh well, this probably works out better in the heat.


                • #9
                  Very nice photo update! I especially like the look at Splash!


                  • #10
                    Thanks for the photo's EM


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                      Thank you for the update! I am excited to see what is going on now. I am beginning to notice how Disney is making their dark rides more bright with IASW at WDW and now with Splash at DL. I am curious about the new logs. I have heard a lot about them and seem pictures of them, but honestly- how has it changed things? Is it more fun or less? Easier to load guests? I'm just curious! I'm also wondering about the railroad. Were you able to see anything through the window in Splash in the Zippidy room? I would love to know what's going on there. Thanks again and feel free to post more!!


                      • #12
                        I'm guessing the brighter colors just seem that way thanks to the magic of fresh paint

                        Disney might also have a new lighting standard in place or something
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                          Everything looks so new and shiny. I cant wait to go see it for myself.
                          Thanks for the great pictures!
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                            Originally posted by Evil Minion
                            Rumors vary about the state of Fantasy Waters. Some say it's only being refurbished & will return this summer while others claim is going to be demolished. From what I saw today, it seems it's only being refurbished
                            I hope so.. it is a classic that survived the last removal period....

                            I hope i can see it running in July...


                            • #15
                              Not sure if this has been mentioned else where, but what's the wait time for Buzz like?


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