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Planes, Trains and Disneyland Feb 21-22


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  • Planes, Trains and Disneyland Feb 21-22

    I had to travel to LA for a business meeting Tuesday morning so I worked it out so that I could stay through Wednesday night. I was supposed to fly to LA at 8:30 in the morning on Tuesday but due to traffic I missed my flight. I ended up taking a flight to Burbank around 11, so I was late to the meeting. I took a cab from Burbank to our offices on Wilshire and met with a couple of people on updating the help sections of our website. The whole meeting took only 30 minutes. I had planned ahead and sent TONS of documentation highlighted and organized so all of the actual work was done before I arrived! SWEET! So I went and had lunch at KOO KOO ROO next to the tar pits and walked around the Miracle Mile. I love LA! Took a cab to Union Station and caught the 4 pm Surfliner to Anaheim. I had never taken a train in the US and I was very pleased. 40 minutes later I was stepping off the train in sunny Anaheim. The station is located at Angels Stadium, and there were cabs waiting to transport passengers. I caught a cab to my Hotel (Best Western Park Place). Checked in and headed across the street to the resort. I had misplaced my AP so I made a quick visit to the ticket booth to pay the $20 replacement fee and headed to the bank to pick up my new pass. The line was REALLY long so I called Burgirl and chatted with her while waiting. About 30 min later I was in the park. I was traveling with my friend Michael we decided to walk around the park and decide on dinner. The park was PACKED! We shopped and looked at all the cool stuff we would purchase the next day! For some reason I was emotional the entire evening! There was a picture frame at one of the shops that had “I remember my first time at Disneyland…First we went to… “ etc. engraved on it and it totally made a lump in my throat and got me misty eyed! Michael and I chatted about how much this place meant to us, and how many memories we both had there. Since the next day was Michael’s Birthday we decided to have dinner someplace nice, but we also wanted to try something new, which didn’t leave many options. We waffled between someplace at DtD but the only place we hadn’t been was Tortilla Joes, and neither of us was in the mood for Mexican. As we made our way out of the park, we stopped by the Plaza Inn to look a the menu as we had only had the breakfast buffet here. The Broasted Chicken sounded good to both of us, and I must say I was VERY impressed. I got 3 HUGE pieces of delicious fried chicken; a mound of mashed potatoes and gravy, green and wax beans, and a bisket. I was stuffed! It was reasonably priced, the portions were large and the food was comforting, filling and delicious! Highly Recommended.

    We were both beat so we headed back to the hotel and while out on the balcony smoking noticed the lights over DCA, which I started a thread about here:

    Next morning we headed over to the resort around 7:45 and got coffee at La Brea Bakery. The line for Disneyland was almost the CALIFORNIA and there was already a line forming for DCA!

    By the time we got coffee, had a smoke and got in line for DL the line has dissipated. I headed to Space for fastpasses, Michael headed to City Hall for his Birthday Sticker, and we met at Carnation Café for breakfast. I love the Croissant Benedict and had been looking forward to a relaxing breakfast watching the incoming crowds stroll down Main Street! This is one of my favorite breakfast spots at the resort, second only to Granville’s.

    After breakfast we headed down to Town Square for the Rededication Ceremony. This was a cute little show with the Mayor of Main Street, Mickey and others. The played Walt’s speech from opening day and lets just say I was glad to be wearing sunglasses cuz I got a little misty eyed. I am such a wuss!

    After that we jumped on the train and headed over to ride Pirates. I wanted to get one last ride on the classic attraction before they “Depp”-u-tized it. After that we grabbed a drink and had a smoke at the landing smoking area. I noticed that they had replaced the rafts to Tom Sawyer Island.

    On our way to Tomorrowland we stopped by Bengal BBQ and had a bacon wrapped asparagus and beef skewer. I hope they don’t get rid of this place. The sauces were not as good as I remembered…

    We rode Space Mountain, got on the train and headed over to DCA.

    Here we went directly and got in line for Monsters Inc. This was my first ride on the new attraction. The line was about 45 min. I enjoyed the ride a lot. Can’t wait to ride it again but don’t want to wait that long! We hit TOT, and then strolled around the park. Cut through the GCH and went to House of Blues for lunch. I had the Elwood and usual and Michael had the open faced Turkey sandwich. We shared the Calamari, which was YUMMY! Recommended!

    After that we hit World of Disney where I spent WAY too much money, went back to the hotel grabbed out bags and caught Prime Time shuttle back to SNA and I was home by 9!

    Fun trip! I would definitely take the train again, it was cheap and a cool easy way to get to Anaheim from LA.

    Thanks for reading this!
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    Re: Planes, Trains and Disneyland Feb 21-22

    I was there Wednesday too! WTF was up with both parks being packed for a mid February Wednesday?! I was SHOCKED at the crowds. I did quite a bit but still there were so many people! I'm guessing its the 2-fer thing. Noticed a lot of "mappers" walking around (mappers = guests that need maps to find their way around) so I'm assuming they were out of towners and people that dont go often enough to know where things are.

    Glad you had a pleasant experience! Sorry I didnt get to meet you though.


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      Re: Planes, Trains and Disneyland Feb 21-22

      Always nice to hear a positive trip report (even if it was crowded)!
      Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
      it's what they are like in their HEART!

      - Wolfette


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        Re: Planes, Trains and Disneyland Feb 21-22

        Thanks for reading it guys!

        Hey O-Nut sorry I missed you too, but I think I may have seen you and thought WOOF!

        I had a great time, nice and laid back.


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