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About 50th Merchandise I want to see


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  • About 50th Merchandise I want to see

    As you know, 50th merchandise are flying off of DL shelves like crazy. For the most part I have been impressed with the selection, but there are some items I have been looking for since May 5th that I simply cannot get.

    I would really like to get a commemorative 50th poster for my room. I keep asking cast members on Main Street and in the Disney Gallery and haven't come up with anything. Isn't there some sort of poster with the dressed-up castle and Disney characters in front? Or at least the 50th ears logo? The closest thing they have is the huge park map. I have a real nice poster with the castle & characters from the "45 years of magic" dealie five years ago, and I find it surprising they wouldn't do something similar for the 50th.

    Two other things I am anxiously waiting for are the official Disneyland 50th DVD and Walt Disney's PoD on CD. I am fairly sure that both will be available eventually. If anyone has any information to share, please the meantime, I'll have to be patient.

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    Re: About 50th Merchandise I want to see

    The one thing I'm most surprised about that Disneyland had never had since the 50th Anniversary began on May 5th, 2005, is the selling of the 50th balloon logo in the Park. How come Disney has not sold gold balloons for this special moment??? Very odd, and no one at the Resort can answer my question on that either.

    Now then, for me, I would love a CD of all the music from past parades and/or stage shows they've had for the past 50 years! I don't understand why that has never been done either!

    And yes, I totally agree with 2DieFR that Disney needs to make a special 50th Disney Castle poster! Even the ears logo would be fine too, but a castle would be much better.

    I'm getting tired of seeing all the same 50th merchandise they've had and it's time they create something new and different...and preferably those mentioned above! Come on, Disney, get to it! =)
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      Re: About 50th Merchandise I want to see

      I must've spent half my holiday budget and baggage weight quota on 50th Merch. I kept going back for more.

      In the end, I got the big map; a gold ears pin; the Golden Ears; a bandleader Mickey (which is really cool); a deck of cards; the Then, Now and Forever book; the disappointing 'commemorative DVD' (which I reviewed here, if anyone is interested) and a small snowglobe. I still didn't feel completely satisfied, although the trek back to Australia only allowed so much.

      The only thing I would have really wanted is a comprehensive DVD on the history of the park, and hopefully the Secrets, Stories & Magic of the Happiest Place on Earth DVD will be out eventually. The movie Steve Martin hosted that was playng on Main Street would have satisfied me instead of the fluffy park DVD. Unfortunately, my 50th Anniversary product buying days are over, as I will not be in your fair country for another 2 years.
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