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Photo TR: Six Flags Disneyland!!!!


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  • Photo TR: Six Flags Disneyland!!!!

    You can find a trip report from day one of our weekend trip to Sea World here:

    Sunday was our Disneyland Day. We knew earlier in the week that Cheerleaders were invading DCA so we figured we would spend most of our day at Disneyland. No problem's there.

    We checked out of our hotel and headed over to the park about 8:00. The park wasn't open until 9:00 but that gives us time to cruise main street, etc.

    When we arrived they had 5 lanes open for parking ... BUT ONLY 2 BOOTHS OPEN!!! So this meant that 5 lanes of traffic had to fight their way for 2 booths. This is Disneyland right???

    Okay, so it took 20 minutes to park. Walking up to the tram and they are only running 1 TRAM!!!! This is Disneyland right???

    So we decide to walk. We beat the tram and got right in the park, no problem. Josh LOVES Indy so since it was his b-day trip we headed over there first. We wanted to get to DCA right at 10:00 so the kids could finally ride Monsters and Josh wanted to ride Screamin'. We picked up some Space Mtn Fastpasses first then headed over to DCA.

    The lines were ASTRONOMICAL!!! They only had like 4 booths open. Now even with no cheerleaders this wouldn't have been enough. But you know you are getting invaded by cheerleaders and yet you still don't have enough turnstiles open. We have to be at Six Flags right???

    Head in to the park about 20 minutes later and wait for them to drop the rope into Hollywood. Made it to Monsters and only had about a 10 minute wait. Not too bad.

    Headed back to Screamin' to find they only have 1 side open and only 3 trains. Now with any other park, and any other ride this would have been fine but Screamin' on a quite busy Sunday with the 2-fer going on and attack of the cheerleaders happening should have easily been running 4 trains and had both sides open.

    Picked up some fastpasses for later and got in line. The wait was about 20 minutes but it would have been 10 if the ride was being run the way it should.

    After Screamin' we got a snack at McD's (it was the ONLY thing open ... another Six Flags trait) and picked up some Mullholland Madness FastPasses. Did the Orange Stinger and headed back for Screamin'. Now both sides were open but they were still only running 3 trains.

    Usually on Screamin' you don't have to wait more than 60 seconds for a train to arrive in the station, usually less than 30. I had never seen no trains in the station for over a minute.

    Had our ride, it was decent and then headed for Mullholland Madness. Used our FP's and headed back to Disneyland.

    By this time it was lunch so we ate at the Cafe' Orleans which was FINALLY open and it was good. Did Big Thunder and Space Mtn. By this time we'd had enough of crowds, etc so we headed home.

    I'm really happy that Disneyland is doing so well for the 50th but I personally will be happy when it's all over. There was a time you could go to the park on a non-holiday Sunday in February and find waits of no more than 20 minutes for even the most popular attractions. You could walk the walkways and have a nice relaxing time in the park. With all this stuff going on now it's near impossible.

    We did have a fun time at Disneyland but honestly I think we are taking a Disney break for a few months, or even until the end of the summer.
    Here are the pics:

    We got our picture taken with Belle:

    Kristi and the kids:

    On the Carousel:

    Gregg Got's Crabs:

    The line to get inside DCA

    You can find the rest of the pics here:

    The night time pictures are from Friday night.

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    Re: Photo TR: Six Flags Disneyland!!!!

    Sounds like it was a great trip but the pictures aren't showing up.
    "Walt Disney World may have more than Disneyland, but Disneyland has quality, and quality triumphs over quantity" -DL_CRAZE


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      Re: Photo TR: Six Flags Disneyland!!!!

      You know, writing great satire will only get you thrown in the litter box.


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