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If you could go anywhere...


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  • If you could go anywhere...

    If you could go anywhere In disneyland what would you do and where would you go. This also leads me to another thing, If you could control Disneyland for a day, What would you do also?

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    Re: If you could go anywhere...

    I'm guessing you mean my 'go anywhere', you mean if you could go to any ATTRACTION? Or does it include backstage at the Aladdin Musical? :P

    If I couold somehow get from Sydney to Disneyland instantly, I'd be just chilling on Main Street at the moment. I have to say that I really liked the relaxed vibe there, and it would be nice to just wander through. I'd probably take a few turns on Indiana Jones again, and just visit anything that has only recently opened (Monsters Inc, for example). I'm not fussy. I just enjoy being there. Indeed, now that my girlfriend and I have resolved to return in a few years, one of the things she mentioned was hanging out on Main Street.

    If the power you suggest were mine, then...Hmmm. It's hard to say really. I've heard a lot of bad reports in the last few days, but I can definitely say I had nothing but the greatest of times there. I spent four days in total there, over two split weeks, and quite a few of the other days were spent in Downtown. It was close to being one of the most perfect experiences ever. I'm just too anxious to get back to worry about controlling things.

    Ah, what the hell. Free Mickey Ears day
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      Re: If you could go anywhere...

      if I had my choice of going anywhere DL would not make the top 50....and i can go anywhere in DL that i want to go...i don't understand the question??


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        Re: If you could go anywhere...

        I'd have my wedding there, with only the guests I've invited attend. No one else would be allowed into the park that day

        I'd be escorted by horse and carriage all the way up Main Street in my grand entrance, stopping in front of the castle and being wed there. The reception would take place at the Blue Bayou, and then for dessert before the beginning of the honeymoon, my new hubby and I would go get dole whip floats ^_^

        And I'll leave it at that...hehe


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          Re: If you could go anywhere...

          If I could go anywhere in Disneyland: It's a tough call between Walt's apartment and Club 33. I guess I'd chose Club 33. At least I'd get a nice meal.

          If I could control Disneyland for one day: I'd approve the re-installation of the Skyway, PeopleMover and the restoration of the AstroJets to their perch on high.
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            Re: If you could go anywhere...

            Where would I go? No question... Top of Materhorn to take the entire Tink ride up and down the line.

            What would I do if I had the DL reins for a day? Fix food service!


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              Re: If you could go anywhere...

              Never thought of doing the tinkerbell thing, but everytime I there, I wish that I could try it!

              But, I'd have to say Clubb 33. Also, I'd like to visit all the behind the scenes of the rides.
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                Re: If you could go anywhere...

                I always thought it would be cool to live in the Swiss Family Treehouse. Of course, that was before it went the way of Tarzan. *sigh*
                Originally posted by All4dISNEY
                Words hurt.


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                  Re: If you could go anywhere...

                  I would say Walt's Apartment and a ride on the Lilly Belle.I love the trains of Disneyland.
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                    Re: If you could go anywhere...

                    Originally posted by fantasywatersfreak
                    If you could go anywhere In disneyland what would you do and where would you go.
                    Walt's apartment first, then view the workings of back stage. I would also like to see the inside of the matterhorn, including the basketball hoop.
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                      Re: If you could go anywhere...

                      If I could go anywhere in Disneyland I'd go to Walt's apartment, behind the scenes, on top of the Matterhorn, heck...even take Tink's trip down past the Castle would be cool too. Pretty much, anywhere a normal Disneylander wouldn't be able to see.

                      If I could control Disneyland for a day, I would do...well, the only thing I can think of at the moment would be to have all the Disney characters that are not normally out to visit guests...out visiting guests. For example, I've only seen Stitch once doing a meet and greet and couple of years ago and never again.

                      I don't know which one this qualifies for but I'd also like to be a character for a day...just to see the response in children and being able to act out and be silly without being worried someone will snicker at you and think you're weird.


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                        Re: If you could go anywhere...

                        Another vote for Walt's Apartment. Although I would LOVE to take my 11 year old to Club 33, he's dying to go and is still mad at me for going without him

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                          Re: If you could go anywhere...

                          Walt's Apartment for me, too. I can just imagine the atmosphere there. I'd love to go back to Club 33, that was so excellent the one time we got to go.

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                            Re: If you could go anywhere...

                            Well I would privatise some of Disneyland, like, open up some buildings on Main Street as apartments for vacations (holidays :P ). I know this physically couldn't be possible as the second storeys are in forced perspective, which also dashes my plan for a honeymoon apartment in Sleeping Beauty Castle. Actually, first-Walts-then-Roys-but-never-used apartment in Cinderella Castle at the MK was considered for this purpose but Disney then thought... what do couples do on their honeymoon? Would you really want tourists looking up at the castle... and seeing, uhm, honeymooners ?

                            But this is my fantasy Disneyland, where Main Street and the castle are real size. I would love to live in the Treehouse, possibly without the Tarzan theme, and if the Fort on Tom Sawyers Island was made into a DVC location, that would be beyond cool.
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                              Re: If you could go anywhere...

                              I'd like to spend some time with the 3rd shift CM's and see what happens at Disneyland after the guests are gone!!!

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