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    Originally posted by fearsnda
    There were no issues on the 27th, thank goodness! On another note, the numbers quoted about Friday's attendance in this thread are still wrong (not that anyone seems to care)
    Instead of just telling us that they're wrong, why don't you just give us the correct numbers then?... I mean, I'd like to know, just out of curiousity what it really was.

    Saturday 26th was super crowded. We got to the parking lot at 2pm and the sign said "Disneyland Park FULL." However, once we got to the esplanade, it looked like they were still selling tickets and letting people into the park. I guess they had just gotten enough people out of the park to start letting people back in.


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      Originally posted by fearsnda
      There were no issues on the 27th, thank goodness!
      Yes, I saw that when I was park hopping ... Easter was busy like Thanksgiving day but no where near like it gets at Christmas time ...


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        Originally posted by GeneralShang
        Instead of just telling us that they're wrong, why don't you just give us the correct numbers then?... I mean, I'd like to know, just out of curiousity what it really was.
        When I see wrong information I am compelled to call it out. You'll notice I say nothing if something is correct. In the case of Friday I am compelled to let people know that the post is incorrect... The only information I am publicly comfortable giving is: The number at the top of the post is wrong.

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          So does anyone really know what the numbers were for friday?


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            Originally posted by BoneDaddy
            I was there mon-thurs of this week. It was crazy crowded. I'd certainly believe 60k.

            I would second that it was crazy. It was unbearable on Wednesday evening. The line to get into California Adventure was the longest I've ever seen it for evening hours (beyond the letters).

            I like a busy theme park, but I could barely handle it on Wednesday so that says a lot.


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              Unfortunatly, Wednesday was the only day of my whole so-cal trip that I could go to DL, and might I third the above in saying it was crazy. Indy fastpass was sold out for the whole day at 10:30am! I was able to get a ride after only 30mins at about 10pm that night! I ended up not riding a lot of the rides I wanted to get on(Spalsh, Matterhorn, Buzz) simply because the lines were ridiculous. This prompted me to plan a trip sometime before the first week of august, in which I will drive down there myself and get a park hopper so I can hit all the rides I didnt ride, including Space and Jungle Cruise!
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                Is the kind of crowd DL has seen over the past week also typical of what it is like throughout the summer? I had been seriously contemplating visiting later this summer, but now I'm having second thoughts. Previously I've only been there in the winter. So tell me, is summer (July and August, disregarding July 17th) as bad as this past week?
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                  Originally posted by AP2CM
                  not recently. Last year we were well under 80K. Marcie (whoever that is) at Mouseinfo is wrong too. We were WAY over 48K yesterday.

                  Marcie is a Disney Employee... not exactly sure of her position, but she is involved more with what is going on for future development and changes with in the company,,

                  she has a broad knowledge of the parks and the company...

                  she is quite good at dispelling rumours...


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                    wrong thread. deleted
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                      Marcie, as I understand, is someone who works in the Marketing/PR department of Disney, and you should take her spin in that vain..

                      She has been wrong MANY times....
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                        Originally posted by Darkbeer
                        Capacity at the parks is a number that is always in flux.... it is based on attractions open, and open space in the parks. (Fire Marshall rules).... It has been as low as under 70,000, but with most attractions open, it is closer to 80,000 (if not a bit higher)... Now, when Space Mountain is open, and all other attractions are up and running without any major construction, we should get close to 85,000, though it might be less depending on the current Anaheim Fire rules...
                        Pretty much true, however the Fire Marshall of Anaheim sets the max and enforses it. We've had lots of 60K+ days over the last couple of weeks... DCA has generally been about 23-25K
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