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Quick Question about Grad night


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  • Quick Question about Grad night

    Are ALL the rides open? And for those who have been, when you went was it more or less crowded than it is in the day?

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    Re: Quick Question about Grad night

    Never been.
    I've heard it's a lot more crowded.

    I've heard that most everything is open. Probably no fireworks of Fantasmic!, though.


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      Re: Quick Question about Grad night

      More crowded than a normal day that I would like to be there.... but the lines are thined out because of all of the music going on in different locations... so it's not bad.

      oh, and yes, to my recollection all of the rides were up.
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        Re: Quick Question about Grad night

        Mine was WAY back in 95. I do not remember it being too crowded, but I was not sober, so that may not be accurate I do remember the line for INDY stretching down into Main St.


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          Re: Quick Question about Grad night

          Yikes. I guess I'll just try to get my parents to take me there as a "Graduation Present"


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            Re: Quick Question about Grad night

            I thought it was less crowded, most people went to dance. Ditto with when I worked there the dark rides were "dead". Small World is only open every other grad night, because it takes more to run it because people are inside.Also here is a list of what was open last years grad nights:

            If you go to Blast off:
            California Screamin'
            Sun Wheel
            King Triton's Carousel
            Orange Stinger
            Mulholland Madness

            Astro Orbitor
            Alice in Wonderland
            Thunder Mountain
            BL Astro Blasters
            King Arthur's Carrousel
            Haunted Mansion
            Hony, I shrunk the audience
            Jungle Cruise
            Mad Tea
            Winnie the Pooh
            Mr. Toad
            Peter Pan
            Snow White
            Splash Mountain
            Star Tours
            *Space Mountain will be
            ** Pirates was but its down this year
            *** Monsters Inc wasn't built yet so IDK

            You get little fire works 3 times on main street.
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              Re: Quick Question about Grad night

              My daughter says about the same as the summer, but there are lots of bands playing. All rides are open, and just for Grad Nite they will be opening Rockit Mountain!
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                Re: Quick Question about Grad night

                I wish I had been able to go to Grad Night - it sounds like so much fun! All we got to do was spend the night at an athletic club - whoopee..
                Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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                  Re: Quick Question about Grad night

                  I wouldn't actually be going until next year. And that would be just in time for...

                  :yea: :yea: :yea: :yea: :yea:


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                    Re: Quick Question about Grad night

                    You can try to get your school to go next year.
                    (Unless your school is on the "banned" list.)

                    From NoCal, that can be pretty expensive. Long bus ride down, long bus ride back.


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                      Re: Quick Question about Grad night

                      My school has been going the whole time I've been here so I assume they'll be doing it next year. But like you said, it's only one night and you go there and back in less than 24 hours. I'd rather just go with my family for 3 or 4 days. I remember a while back my sister got to go because she was part of the musical thing (back when I lived in Washington, I guess they fly you in from all over the place). Getting out of school to go to Disneyland is the greatest idea ever.

                      Is there any reason why a school is put on the "banned list"? Kids messing around I would assume?


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                        Re: Quick Question about Grad night

                        Some Grad Nites are more crowded than others. It's in the way the schools are scheduled. We've had GN's with attendance as low as 9,000 and it goes up from there usually to no more than 20-25,000. So it really never gets that crowded with dance venues taking away from the ride lines. Keep in mind 25,000 is a far cry from the approx. 70,000 capacity of the park.

                        As far as the rides go not all the same rides are open for all the GN's. On light nites with only 9,000 in the park you'll probably find Small World closed. Last year it was closed for the first couple of GN's because of the light attedance. As GN season progresses they usually become more crowded with the local schools. The Jungle Cruise was another ride not open all GN's. In short it basically goes with the attendance that's expected.


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                          Re: Quick Question about Grad night

                          I'm dating myself, but when I went (back in 1980) to Grad Night a lot of people
                          were dancing (KC and the Sandance Kids! :-) and dark rides in FL were pretty
                          empty, but the place overall was pretty full (about as packed as a mid-week
                          summer day; not super packed.... I would say 25K like 10-8 says is about right).

                          But the long bus ride was really tough (esp. the ride back!)

                          Nice to hear that things haven't changed all that much!

                          If you're going, Hope that you all have a great time! esp. w/ RockIt Mountain!


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                            Re: Quick Question about Grad night

                            Originally posted by C-HOX
                            Is there any reason why a school is put on the "banned list"? Kids messing around I would assume?
                            Yeah, pretty much.
                            I don't know what level of "messing around" would be enough. I think the riot act is read and enforced pretty sternly.


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                              Re: Quick Question about Grad night

                              We've caught kids drunk, throwing up out side the gates...their grad nights ended there. Everyone probably knows why Tom Sawyers Island isn't up for grad nights. Things I heard Smoking, drinking...... something else that I can't mention. But it has to do with why small world gets people stationed inside when it does go up.
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