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The Old Disneyland, Thoughts?


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  • The Old Disneyland, Thoughts?

    Hey, about 2 years ago I came up with an idea for a new theme park for the DL Resort call The Old Disneyland! I'm going to tell you all about it and then tell me what you think of it.


    First things first, to build this theme park, they would need to buy some land (across the street if possible) then tear everything down. Then they could build this marvel.

    The Park Details

    Old Main Street
    Ok, the park will be almost exactly shaped like Disneyland Park. It will have a Main St. USA, with all the old shops (like the cadle shop for instance)! Where the Emporium at Disneyland is, The Old Disneyland will have The Old Disneyland Store, selling reprints of old poster maps, old postcards, old guide books, and even ticket books from different years!

    Old Adventureland
    In the area that looks like Adventureland, there will be The Swiss Family Treehouse and The Jungle Cruise (Old Style).

    Old New Orleans Square
    The origanal style New Orleans Square will be here (sadly, no rides)

    The Old Critter Country
    It will be none other then...BEAR COUNTRY!!! It will include the Country Bear Playhouse (or Jamboree, undecided).

    The Old Frontierland
    Here, the Mike Fink Keel Boats will once again exist, but the main attraction here is Mine Train Through Natures wonderland! The Pack Mules will also be here.

    The Old Fantasyland
    Now carnival style again, Fantasyland will include the Old Mickey Mouse Club Theater, Captin Hooks Pirate Ship (with restraunt and skull rock off to the side), the Old Matterhorn (pre-1978 style), and the Skyway.

    The Old Tomorrowland
    Many favorites here! Submarine Voyage, Alweg Monorail, Rocket to the Moon, Mission to Mars (same replica building as Rocket to the Moon, next to it's building),Carousal of progress, America Sings (same story as RTTM and MTM),
    Adventure Through Inner Space, Astro Jets, and the PeopleMover!

    Ok, time for you to tell your thoughts on my idea!
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    If you are viwing this, please tell me your thoughts about The OLd Disneyland!

    Please, Please, Please


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      Well .... I don't personally think it would be worth it for Disney Co. to invest the millions upon millions that it would take to construct this park. Seems pointless to me when you have the real thing right across the street.
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        What about including the Old Indian Village? Maybe, next to Critter Country?

        And can you put in the skyway from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland? That'd be great too.
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          I'd go. Hell, I'd buy an AP and go just to see Skull Rock at night again.
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            I like the old frontierland, I think it was better than it is today. Im not the biggest fan of that land in it's state right now.
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              I think the most we could ever hope for would be like a "Historyland" type area but probably not a whole park.
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                So wait, you are suggesting to completely replicate Disneyland... just.. with some old rides that have been replaced? :confused:


                • #9
                  what, a museum Disneyland? No thanks.
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                  • #10
                    Ideally, I like it. I too have wondered about the prospects of a theme park bringing back the old attractions. It makes me sad to think I will never again see the TRON tunnel, or the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, or even Captain EO.
                    Practically however, I just don't think it can happen. I'm more optimistic about time travel becoming a reality just so I can go back to DL's prime from the 60's-80's.
                    But hey, we can dream and wish, and if it did happen, I'd be just as excited you seem to be about the idea.


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                      I'd visit...


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                        I've had the same idea myself, although I'm not sure it would make much sense to duplicate Main Street and the complete basic layout of Disneyland as it is, rather just that the older discontinued attractions have a place where they get to live forever.

                        It'd have to be pretty big, though. You'd need at least an area as big as Disneyland is now to contain all the attractions that have been discontinued over the years.

                        But I think it would be wonderful to have a place where not only both Flight to the Moon and Mission to Mars exist in their timelessly outdated glory, but the Skyway, PeopleMover, CircleVision, Mine Train thru Nature's Wonderland, Adventure Thru Inner Space, the Monsanto House of Tomorrow, and the Country Bear Jamboree entertain us forever. Considering the originals are long gone, it would make extra sense now, because they could be made new but just look like they originally did (Disney virtually invented the concept of taking new things and making them look old). I think it'd rock.
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                          I think they are doing it now.. it's called Hong Kong Disneyland.
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                            I dunno about the "no rides" idea. Rides are pretty much the thrill of any park. When Disneyland opened it had what, like 15 rides? My ideal DL would be the one I visited as a child, where you didn't have to wait in line to see Mickey and the park stayed open until 1 am and had no lines!!! On a different note, who's with me on a "daily stroller limit!!!" I dunno about ya'll but I am tired of having my feet run over.......
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                              I suggested this idea myself elsewhere on this board, but thought that simply copying and making retro versions of all the lands wasn't really that smooth, especially since there's some lands that just haven't changed much over the years. My idea was to have seperate regions dedicated to various ideas and periods Walt was a fan of (i.e. a region for nature and jungle and exploration that isn't Adventureland or Frontierland, a region all about science that isn't Tomorrowland. A section to animation in general that isn't Fantasyland.)

                              Also, not that many people are really interested in looking at a 30-some year old theme park ride just for the reason that it's 30 years old. Thus, my idea was to recreate the whole ride experience with the technology used today. I know a bunch of people who want to see Adventures Through Inner-Space again, but know it'd be hideously old looking if it was recreated from what it was.

                              Also, before Bear Country, that area had an Indian Village theme, as it was just down the river from the cowboys of Frontierland. However, that area wasn't really that entertaining by all accounts.

                              And there's no point in recreating the Matterhorn with nothing but support scaffolding and utility cables hanging around inside. That thing was an ugly mutha' on the inside until they finally found the money to theme it up. However, it's probably how Eisner would have made it if he built the ride today! :lol:


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