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Favorite Restaurant at DLR


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  • Favorite Restaurant at DLR

    ok I asked a similar questions months ago about favorite food at DLR. Now what is your favorite restaurant at the resort? Which ones are not to be missed?
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    Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

    I'd say the Blue Bayou for the atmosphere, and either the Vineyard Room in DCA or Hook's Pointe in the DL Hotel for food. Haven't been to Napa Rose yet, but from what I hear it blows all the others away!


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      Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

      I enjoy the nice, relaxing, area of the outside food court for Pizza Port. It's outside so it's not stuffy, but the location is fairly quiet--not to mention the pasta is delicious! I enjoy it every time!

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        Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

        Since you said the resort - favorite restaurant hands dowqn is the ESPN Zone in DTD, followed up by the Rainforest Cafe. Like the offerings at LaBrea bakery too. Not overly impressed with many of the meal-time food choices available in-parks. At least now you have much better food at comparable price a few steps away.
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          Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

          The Blue Bayou is not to be missed! I like Rainforest Cafe in DTD a lot too!

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            Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

            I guess I'm just a simple man who likes simple pleasures. Give me a Red cart corn-dog, a coke and a spot on a bench near the hub to people watch from and I'm a happy camper.
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              Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

              The basil (? I think that is what it is!) pasta is unbeatable at Pizza Port.

              Everything at Blue Bayou is awesome.

              Breakfast at Carnation is always a must.

              Usually Tomorrowland burgers are a definite, unless we are closer to
              Taste Pilots at DCA.

              It really depends on what your taste is. I avoid Mexican food since
              I have it all the time at home - although I've heard it is really
              good at Rancho Zoc... I always have to do a churro because
              DL is the only place to get a decent one... and I try to do things I
              normally wouldn't do at home, like pig out on carmel apples from
              Marcelines! But I do steer clear of the McDonalds at DCA... not only
              over priced, but I eat it all the time on campus at home - and don't do Rainforest because I'm close to one in AZ. I just
              try to do different things and things that make DL special to me, as
              mentioned specifically in the four things above.

              I wish the chineese food place was open more often at DCA...
              although I have it quite often at home myself, I've always wanted
              to have it at DCA too!


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                Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

                Pizza Port - The Chicken Fussilli is EXCELLENT. Hungry Bear - While the food is good, the atmosphere, way at the back, during Fantasmic is so much fun (NO, you cannot watch the show there, but you can watch the backstage stuff.) Corn dogs from the Red Cart, and a brownie from Blue Ribbon Bakery!!!!
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                  Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

                  I love the Blue Bayou for its atmosphere and of course the delicious Monte Cristo. YUMMY! I also love the Hungry Bear. The food is good but its the location that gets me. I haven't really got any food from DCA except Taste Pilots Grill.


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                    Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

                    DL- Blue Bayou, Pizza Port, River Belle and Rancho Zoc (even though they took away the nachos).

                    DCA- Vineyard Room, Napa Rose and at the GCH- Whitewater Snacks.

                    Resort- Hook's Pointe and the Rainforest Cafe.

                    Tops for character atmosphere- Goofy's Kitchen.


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                      Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

                      In Disneyland, I prefer the Bengel BBQ and Blue Bayou.

                      In DCA, I like the Taste Pilots Grill and the nearby Whitewater Snacks.

                      In DTD, the only two places I have liked are the Jazz Kitchen and Catal.
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                        Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

                        DL: Pizza Port, Royal Street Veranda (luv soup in a bread bowl), Blue Bayou, Plaza Inn
                        DCA: Pilots Grill, Vineyard, (Whitewater and Napa Rose if you count GCH)

                        Not counting the snack spots like: Dole Whip, Bengal Tiger, Corn Dogs, Turkey Legs, Churros, Mint Julep, Mickey Mouse Ice cream.


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                          Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

                          Originally posted by Moonliner
                          I guess I'm just a simple man who likes simple pleasures. Give me a Red cart corn-dog, a coke and a spot on a bench near the hub to people watch from and I'm a happy camper.
                          Moonliner - You hit the nail on the head! :thumbup: While there are several restaurants/eateries I like at DLR, given a choice, I'll take a Red cart corn dog any day!

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                            Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

                            Problem I found with the Blue Bayou - which I really wanted to dine at - was the distinct lack of vegetarian food.

                            Rainforest Cafe, Napoli and Tortilla Jo's - in Downtown - served as the basis for all of our culinary delights. Enjoyed them all, possibly twice each!
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                              Re: Favorite Restaurant at DLR

                              Ariel's Grotto...they have the best cheesburger and the pot pie is good too OH and the bread..yummy when its warm

                              Ta Da!


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