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Aladdin's Oasis: Keep it or dont keep it?


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    Re: Aladdin's Oasis: Keep it or dont keep it?

    How about using the building location as an entrance for an E-ticket Aladdin ride. Tear down the building, replacing it with a structure resembling the Tiger's Head entrance to the Cave of Wonders. The queue, decorated to resemble the Cave of Wonders, would wind underground between the Mainstreet buildings and the JC. The rideshow building would be built underground below the picnic area (or thereabouts ....where's my terraserver ..... it's never handy when I'm armchair imagineering ....), and would have a thrill portion where you ride the carpet roller-coaster style, escaping the cave, followed by a slower dark-ride style as suggested above ........

    That, or bring back TT. I think the TT is responsible for my love of Hawaiian Pizza .....
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      Re: Aladdin's Oasis: Keep it or dont keep it?

      Another vote here for TT. That's where I had my very first Teryaki Burger and was hooked from that moment on. Plus it was indeed like sneaking off to the islands for a while. I loved that place and so did my Mom and Dad. So bring it back! (Course, there was something to be said for those Chocolate Lamps that were served for desert when Aladdin's first opened. Pure decadence and the sugar high would last for hours! LOL
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        Re: Aladdin's Oasis: Keep it or dont keep it?

        Originally posted by Sambo
        The Oasis should revert to the legendary Tahitian Terrace.

        The Aladdin/Jasmine storytelling is as exciting as churros... :P
        You could still do the storytelling during the day (kids love it) and have the tahitian terrace at night.
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          Re: Aladdin's Oasis: Keep it or dont keep it?

          If we can't get TT back, then why not recreate one of the sets from ABC's TV show LOST (owned by Disney) and have some exotic faire as well as some exotic dance routine. Maybe have a part of the Oceanic Airlines 747 there for ambience?
          ...Just a thought
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