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DRR Ward Kimball Progress Report!


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  • DRR Ward Kimball Progress Report!

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    Cool, thanks for the info and update. Can't wait until the Ward Kimball gets on the rails!
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        Wow, Thanks for all the info I can't wait to see the Ward Kimbell in action.


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          Wow, that took my breath away!
          Can't wait to see her in action!
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            Thanks for that- what a great update! I always appreciate your posts, especially about the DLRR- few people appreciate that it was one of Walt's greatest passions!

            Do you know if there are any plans for the Lilly Belle? Has it been restored at all?
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              I can hardly wiat to see this wonderful new addtion to the DLRR. Thanks so much for the update. Be sure to let us know when it will make it's first run. That would be wonderful to see it pull into Main Street Station for the first time.
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                Wow!!! thanks for sharing this with us. This is going to be a special Year in new and great things to remember. What enthusiasm you have for the trains. I think they are all beautifully done.
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                  simply fantastic! Thanks for the report, I had no idea she was so far along!
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                    Hey all, names jon here. I was wondering if anyone has got some pics of Maud L out there and the work your doing on her. Yes I say Maud cause that's the way I know her. I work up here at CP and was just intrested to see if anyone has any shots of her you could send our way. We would love to have a pic or two to hang up w/ all the rest of our engine pics, even though we don't have her anymore.... We've got a big one of Maud L up on our wall, just think a renovated one would go good with it.. thanks for any help.


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                      I too work on steam locomotives during the summer. The one steam locomotive I work on has been featured in two Disney movies (well, actually, one was Touchstone). The locomotive is ex MacMillan Bloedel #1077, a 1923 2-6-2 built by the Montreal Locomotive Works.

                      The first movie was The Journey of Natty Gann. All filming was done on BC Rail tracks in the Howe Sound and Squamish area of BC. There was also another BC government owned locomotive in that movie which I also volunteered sometime on this past winter. It was ex CP #3716 which is now at the Kettle Valley Steam Railway in Summerland.

                      The other movie that #1077 starred in was Shanghai Noon starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. All filming was done in Alberta. The locomotive had to be transported from it's current home at Fort Steele Heritage Town, atop two flatbed trucks - the locomotive on one truck and the tender on the other. All the railway scenes were filmed on CN trackage near Drumheller. The rest of the movie was filmed mostly in Cochrane and, it also seems from the scenery, in the Kananaskis area.

                      This summer I'm going to be a fireman trainee on the engine so I'm pretty excited about that , although I won't be able to make it down to Disneyland for the 50th.

                      I don't know if this is true or not, but I once heard that Walt Disney came to BC to check out a small private 3 foot gauge railway on Vancouver Island that was owned by Gerry Welburn. Walt apparently was here getting some ideas for Disneyland. Gerry's collection ended up being the basis for the British Columbia Forest Discovery Center. ( There's a quick mention of Walt on this page:

                      Just curious, do you guys do tours of your shop facilities there at Disneyland?
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