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What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?


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  • What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

    It's a slow time for breaking news and it sort of feels like we're all getting desperate for thread ideas around here

    I'm sure this thread had popped up several times here and there, but it hasnt for a while, from what I've seen, so let's get to it. What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession? How big is your colleciton?

    How often do you visit Disneyland? How often do you frequent Disneyland message boards, websites, etc? How many Disney-related books doown? Do you pin trade or collect pressed pennies? What other Disneyland memorabillia or souvinirs or collectibles do you own? Do you frequently wear Disneyland apparel? Do you have frequent dreams about visiting Disneyland or other Disney themeparks?

    Come on, anything and everything goes. Here's a thread where we all get to brag a little and get to be envious of other people's collecitons. So how much of a fanatic are you and how does it impact your daily life?

    Here's my list:
    VISITS: I visit Disneyland as often as possible. Last year I took a total of 10 trips totalling 13 days. I've been several times this year. Third-year annual passholder

    OTHER ACTIVITIES: I run five Disneyland-related MySpace Groups (Disneyland Resort, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, New Orleans Square, and Disney Pin Trading)
    Avid MiceChatter
    Read numerous Disney websites religiously including MiceAge, MousePlanet, MouseInfo, MouseTimes, MouseHub, VisionsFantastic,,,,, and for laughs, JimHillMedia.

    PIN TRADING: I have a total of 94 pins from and three different Disney resorts (Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disney Resort).

    CLOTHES: July 17th Golden Ears, 8 different Disneyland/Disney Theme Park shirts.

    COLLECTIBLES/SOUVINIRS: Pirates skull piggybank, Pirates jollyroger flag (small), Haunted Mansion wall sconce, Haunted Mansion postcards (released for the 35th anniversary), A Musical History of Disneyland (with LE gold vynil, Haunted Mansion comic book, mini Haunted Mansion snowglobe, Hitchhiking Ghosts bobblehead figurine, Disneyland Monorail board game, Fantasyland boardgame, Shag Enchanted Tiki Room postcards, vintage Disneyland pinball game, Hat Box Ghost Big Fig, Disneyland 50th Anniversary desk set, Disneyland retro coffee mug, DCA opening year glass mug.

    ART: Haunted Mansion attraction poster petite print, Pirates of the Caribbean "Yo Ho, A Pirates Life For Me" lyric scroll, Shag 50th Anniversary petite prints, Disneyland wall map (circa late 1990's, reflects New Tomorrowland 1998), 50th Anniversary Disneyland Wall Map.

    BOOKS: DisneyWar, Disney: The First 100 Years, Designing Disney, Walt Disney Imagineering, Disneyland Then, Now, and Forever, How to be Like Walt, The Art of Disneyland, The Haunted Mansion: From the Movies to the Magic Kingdom, Pirates of the Caribbean: From the Movies to the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland in Natural Color souvinir book reproduciton.

    CDs/AUDIO/DVD: Pirates of the Caribbean CD, A Musical History of Disneyland (with LE gold vinyl), Walt Disney Takes You To Disneyland CD, 1.83 GB of miscellaneous Disneyland/Disney MP3s. Disney Treasures "Tomorrowland" DVD set, Disney Treasures "Disneyland USA" DVD set.

    SCHOOL: Three speeches on Disneyland-related topics for my Public Speaking class, Disneyland art-related essay for Art Appreciation class, working on Term Paper on Michael Eisner's rise to power at Disney in 1980s for California History class. As well as multiple assignments with Disney-connecitons during high school, including school newspaper articles, a book poster project for DisneyWar, art class assignments, etc.

    Alright, enough with my crap. What about the rest of you?

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    Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

    I can't even begin to inventory all of my Disney stuff... which is a shame, because if my house catches on fire...
    I... am... ruined.
    Charlie :wave:
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      Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

      I use to go about once a month...I do have disney clothes, but haven't bought any in a long time. It seemed for a while I was wearing was disney stuff...I still wear mostly disney jackets. I have collected pins, but grew bored with the hobby. I don't collect anything else disney except maybe books. I don't consider it collecting them. I enjoy reading them, but I also enjot reading other books. I need two more bookselves to fit my collection of books in. I love art, oceanliner and history well as Disney books... (Oh, and I just got my first ever E Ticket magazine today...which got the eye roll from my BF, but brought a huge smile to my face.)

      I really wanted the Nightmare Before Christmas tarot cards ( I do collect tarot cards) but I found out they were not a full deck and someone wanted $170.00 dollars for them on ebay...they can keep them....LOL


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        Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

        I'll follow Master Gracey's format.

        VISITS: Well, I work there, so I'm at the park at least three days a week, haha. I was an AP for a year and a half before getting hired: I got a SoCal for graduation, upgraded to Deluxe last spring break, and went Premium when I renewed. I went probably once every two or three weeks last summer, and probably about twelve times or so on the PAP between August and December, when I hired in. Before I moved to California, my family came to Disneyland most summers; I clearly remember three distinct trips (Toontown opening, Tomorrowland '98 opening, summer before DCA opened), but know there must have been more. DQ would probably have a clearer idea of the number.

        OTHER ACTIVITIES: MiceChat, mainly. I was going to join the Round-up gang, but decided against it for my job security. Though it should be noted that I only looked at colleges in Southern California so I could go to school near Disneyland.

        PIN TRADING: Hmm, I should count those up sometime... Probably 100+, including the entire golden vehicles set, the NOS boxed set, and the July 17th "I Was There" pin. Plus the really nice blue 50th pin case, and a littler pin case with tradeables to bring to the park.

        CLOTHES: July 17th Golden Ears, regular golden ears, Belle crown, 7 Disneyland shirts clean, probably another 6 or so dirty, DLR blue sweat jacket, grey CMO Happiest Homecoming fleece, Goofy pirate scarf

        COLLECTIBLES/SOUVINIRS: Tinker Bell DLR mug, Disney Villains mug, 50th picture frame, mini Haunted Mansion snowglobe, Haunted Mansion Clue, Main Street USA Mickey, Fantasyland Minnie, Happiest Homecoming shot glass, Evil Queen black and red crystal tiara ($50 at Company D!), plush Oogie Boogie from Le Bat en Rouge, numerous Happiest Homecoming toys from McDonalds (collected for me by my little sister who works there), 50th snow globe, Buzz Lightyear birthday bucket, silver Club 33 pen, Belle jewelry box that held my pins before I got a case, mini Beauty and the Beast music box, Belle mug that I got for Christmas one year but think is from the resort (could be Disney Store though), Shag wristlet, Jungle Cruise magnet, Mickey icon Italian charm, Minnie Italian charm (I also bought the bracelet at the resort), pirate sword and eye patch from Pieces of Eight, purple light-up rose from ODV, mysteriously unused autograph book, Space Mountain light-up picture frame with picture from July 1 (first day of soft openings)

        ART: "Surfing the Current" Finding Nemo poster, Beast sketch from Off the Page, Disneyland wall map from probably early 2001 (shows the esplanade, bronze Space Mountain, and no sign of security tents), most of the mini lithos from Costco, PotC postcard from DQ

        BOOKS: Haunted Mansion comics is it at the moment, though I'm looking to pick up The Art of Disneyland; we have a copy of Disneyland: Then, Now, and Forever in our lead office that I've read a couple of times

        CDs/AUDIO/DVD: Disney Treasures "Tomorrowland" DVD set, my burned copies of the 50th CD set (courtesy of my boss at school)

        SCHOOL: Junior year Academic Decathlon speech was on how I didn't see Tinker Bell in the fireworks until I was sixteen; later used that speech as one of my college entrance essays; if I have to do a thesis for Media Studies, it will probably be on how Tomorrowland has changed to reflect a changing vision of the future; also, as I said before, my choice of college was strongly influenced by proximity to Anaheim

        Wow, that list of collectibles got longer as I poked around my room. Also, that doesn't include the numerous non-resort Disney stuff I own (most notably all the posters and DVDs). So yeah, I'd say I'm pretty obsessed.
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          Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

          VISITS: So many, I'm not even sure, I guess around 50 or so, sometimes 2-3 times a week, sometimes not,.

          Avid MiceChatter and Miceage reader.

          PIN TRADING: I have a total of ???? pins from all over the world, mostly Aristocats, but got all 50 states, Eeyore (Wolfette) and boxes of them, don't know where to start actually counting!

          CLOTHES: Almost everything I wear now, when did that happen?

          COLLECTIBLES/SOUVINIRS: Waterglobes, Bathtoys, Pins, WDCC, Lithos, Stamps, Cells, Armani, Stuffed Animals, and now planning on my first Big Fig.

          ART: Kinkade Oil of the Castle....largest one available to the public.

          BOOKS: DisneyWar, Disneyland Then, Now, and Forever, An American Original Walt Disney......Kids books on Walt and looking for more.

          CDs/AUDIO/DVD: A Musical History of Disneyland (with LE gold vinyl).
          Almost the entire collection of Disney on DVD and VHS, some on both.

          OK, I'm obsesssed, I admit it!
          Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
          it's what they are like in their HEART!

          - Wolfette


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            Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

            VISITS: Only one. 1987. But it has to have been the greatest day of my life. I was four.

            Avid MiceChatter and Miceage reader.

            COLLECTIBLES/SOUVINIRS: I now have a collection of Disney Christmas ornaments. Sorcerer Mickey plush I got as a present in '87. Pair of Mickey Ears.

            Guess I am just a wannabe Disneyland obsessed maniac. though I am sure that when I finally return to Happiest Place on Earth that my collection will grow
            Originally posted by aashee
            We are 100% grade A Disney Dorks.


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              Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

              Hahaha. Oh man.

              VISITS: As often as possible. I've spent more time in WDW this year than I have my home state.

              OTHER ACTIVITIES: Ha! I run a Disney website, read other sites daily, post on Micechat. Play RCT with Disney replica parks and fantasy parks.

              PIN TRADING: Too many.

              CLOTHES: My hat, pretty much all I need, besides my backup hat. HM and PoTC respectivly.

              COLLECTIBLES/SOUVINIRS: I have two full size replica HM sconces, a full size HM plaque. I have a mini-HM plaque on my wall at home and in the apartment, a PoTC wall skull. A copy of the PoTC Fountain Plaque from Disneyland. Multiple Tomb Sweet Tomb signs. We've a tiki room wait sign...and a "Magic Kingdom is Filled to Capacity" sign from WDW. An HM blanket...a Bat railing topper from the HM...I like to keep those Resort refillable mugs too...
              Not counting my couple hundred maps...and the fact that I like to just take every Disney logo'd thing from the hotels...
              I have some menus too...
              And WDW Resort to save those too...
              And a trashcan plaque from TL and Liberty Square...
              And thats just the stuff I can think of not counting the mugs and glasses and such.

              ART: BTM, Splash, New Tomorrowland, PoTC, HM, WDW Railroad and IASW posters that they sold for a few years. As well as 25th Anniversary and Castle posters.

              BOOKS: 27 full scale books, not counting the numerous panphlets, vacation guides and 1960s Walt Disney's Disneyland guides. Plus magazines and such. I like my literature collection. Great references.

              CDs/AUDIO/DVD: I like all those free well as those on ride DvDs from Ebay. And those old WDW vacation VHS...and some Disneyland...and animated cartoons, Walt Disney Treasures and the like...
              CDs...I try to buy most park music CDs...I love to download songs when I can find them, and I used to love Disney Forever Kiosks.

              SCHOOL: Whenever possible, into whatever possible. Quite a few times it didn't work for me either.

              Yeah I'm scared of myself now...


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                Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

                Ok, here's my list:

                VISITS: I visit Disneyland about 1-2 times a month. Up until the time I started meeting MiceChatters, it was only 1or 2 times a year. So look what you guys have done to me

                OTHER ACTIVITIES: Obviously an avid MiceChat and MiceAge fan! I do read other Disney sites, but this is my home.

                PIN TRADING: I have most of the Evil Queen pins (24 of them) and then some assorted nostalgic Disneyland and Mickey pins (probably 15 or so)

                CLOTHES: I never realized how many T-shirts/sweatshirts I have until I realized I wear at least 2 Disney shirts a week (and always on Friday) to work. And I have a few pair of Mickey mittens, Mickey scarf, 2 golden ears (7/17 and reg), Xmas Mickey Santa hat, Evil Queen/Maleficient messenger bag, and a denim Villains jacket.

                COLLECTIBLES/SOUVENIRS: I have 6 different Villains Snowglobes, alot of Evil queen figurines, big fig of Evil Queen, and over 60 Mickey Mouse beanbags.

                ART: Not too much here. I have an Evil Queen Model Sheet w/pins, and the Disneyland Dave Avanzino icon letter shadowbox

                BOOKS: The Disney Villains book and about 7 Disney pop-up books.

                CDs/AUDIO/DVD: I'm ashamed to say I have I don't have any except movie DVD's.:blush:


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                  Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

                  VISITS: We try to go at least once a year.

                  OTHER ACTIVITIES: I am seen on MiceChat and Intercot West (Disneyland Inside and Out). Also, regularly seen on VMK.
                  PIN TRADING: Wow, too many to count - I have two pin bags full. My favorite is the Luminaria light up and all of my villains. Lots and lots of lanyards.
                  CLOTHES: Various shirts, gold ears, regular ears, my rabbit hat from the 45th parade, denim jacket, sweat pants, slippers, it could go on forever
                  COLLECTIBLES/SOUVINIRS: Lots of Beanies, key chains, tarzan die casts, waterglobes, mcdonalds toys, purses and bags, my giant Sulley mirror, the street signs from Autopia (and the little chevron car I won from autopia). Various other spinners, figurines and such.
                  ART: I have a lot of posters and lithos - my favorite is the pre-release Pirates of the Caribbean Poster - oh, my office, the home of my disney collection has been with painted red walls, black trim and white ceiling.
                  BOOKS: Lots of piano music books. And thousands of story books for my kids.
                  CDs/AUDIO/DVD: Disney Classic Collection - and lots of downloaded music.
                  SCHOOL: Other than dreaming of dancing in a disneyland parade, I didn't do much. I did go on several field trips (or tours) to the park. One for Biology and for Dance Company - a lot of others for clogging group I belonged to.
                  Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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                    Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

                    My Disneyland obsession is part of a wider Disney obsession. I collect DVDs mostly, but since visiting Disneyland last year, I've turned into an obsessive.

                    VISITS: 1987, 2005 and HKD in September. Very lame, but it is the start of an obsession

                    OTHER ACTIVITIES: MiceChatter and member mostly. Have written a few Disney articles there, and suggested the setting up of a dedicated theme park forum. That has been achieved.

                    PIN TRADING: A total of 1 pin! 50th Mickey.

                    CLOTHES: Retro T-shirt; Black Mickey Ears; Golden Mickey Ears

                    COLLECTIBLES/SOUVINIRS: Stitch Hollywood Tower Plush; Jedi Mickey; Bandleader Mickey (50th); 50th Snowglobe (mini); deck of 50th playing cards; poster map (circa 2005); park guides for DCA & Disneyland; park guide for Hong Kong Disneyland

                    BOOKS: Disneyland Story (1969); First Quarter Century; First 30 Years; Now Then and Forever (50th); Disneyland: Dreams, Traditions and Transitions; 2005 Souvenir booklet; Disney: Ultimate Visual Guide; Disney Treasures

                    CDs/DVDs: Happiest Celebration Commemorative DVD; 2 CD set of same; Pirates: Lost Disc (rebought purely for the same doco playable on TV ); DIsneyland Hong Kong Opening Celebration Album and DVD; Disneyland Treasures; Tomorrowland Treasures
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                      Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

                      AND I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME....

                      I don't want to detail all I've got because it would take too long.

                      The thing that worries me is so many times during the week I am thinking about Disneyland. How to improve it... What are the current promotions... When am I going next... What is going on at Disneyland at this very moment...

                      You see, I just am obsessed. BUT I AM NOT ALONE...
                      Jiminy Cricket Fan

                      Love Disneyland and Walt Disney World!


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                        Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

                        Guess I'm not that obsessed?

                        ---My number of posts 75, right now. Don't know what the significance of that is.

                        ---I only visit Disneyland once a year, although I stay for a week at a time. And, only during Christmas-New Years....and that hasn't been going on very long. Only since 2004. Don't know how long that will continue, either.

                        ---The only Disney stuff I keep, are my blue (50th) 7-day park-hopper ticket, and my green GCH room my wallet---as a good luck keepsakes?

                        ---I have a blue resort umbrella, that hasn't gotten too much use this year. That's more of a practicality than an obsession.

                        HERE SOMETHING:

                        I've got my autograph books (signed by all the characters) in storage, and requested they be placed in the casket with me.....when the time comes.

                        Maybe I'm more obsessed than I thought?
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                          Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

                          My Wife and I combined,

                          VISITS:20+ days at Disneyland throughout 2005, including May 5th and July 17th which are very special in different ways not only because of being there, but just for personal reasons. AP for 3 years.
                          OTHER ACTIVITIES: I read quite few other Disney related sites.Constantly reading info about the park and other Disney business. Some of the same listed already above. Cycling related sites also too mainly keep in contact with some former teammates and keep in the know about the racing scene. I loved it when The Tour De France actually had a few stages starting and finishing near the Disneyland Paris Resort. (I know the name has changed since then.)
                          PIN TRADING: I have 152 pins. mostly Captain Hook, Rescuers, Ride Poster Pins, Donald Duck, AP pins, certain dinner AP pins. A couple of Special Edition Litho Pin sets framed. July 17th, 2005 pin"I was there"as well. Two of them.
                          CLOTHES: Golden Ears and July 17th Golden Ears, Mousekteer Ears and the Traditional Black Ears. Quite a few Disneyland and Disney themed or related T-shirts.
                          COLLECTIBLES/SOUVENIRS:Drinking glasses--Many! too many!not just Disneyland, 2 Autopia Cars(one not from Disneyland, won at a Chevron in Stockton.)Tiki Room Collectible mug with $1.00 DL price sticker. WDCC (over 22 pieces), Jungle Cruise Congo Queen boat. Mark Twain(signed by Olzewski)Tea Cups (Olzewski), A Musical History of Disneyland (gold vinyl)set, Big Ben Big Fig, Crocodile Big Fig, 1959 Monorail Red, Disneyland Retro puzzle, Disneyland Monorail Game, Captain Hook Bobble Head. Retro Lunch Pail and clock, 1962 Gumball machine Mickey Head, 1976 Mickey Mouse piggy bank, Disneyana Captain Hook tiny figure, Mickey Self Potrait figurine. Two Eticket Booklets, Also a corportate Booklet.
                          ART: Disneyland Autopia-rough drawing signed by Bob Gurr, Disney Villians poster/litho, Peter Emmerich portrait of Walt Disney. Disneyland

                          BOOKS: Disney Villain(Ollie Johnston& Frank Thomas) The Story of Walt Disney(Diane Disney Miller)The Man behind the Magic.(Katherine and Richard Greene) The Mickey Mouse Club scrapbook, Disneyland The First 35 years, Walt Disney's Disneyland, 1965 -Martin A. Sklar, This is my pride and joy of Disneyland books(the Photos show so much of the park that I have never seen elsewhere.) American Original Walt Disney by Bob Thomas(recomended reading) Magic Quizdom-Kevin Yee and Jason Schultz, "How to Be Like Walt"Pat Williams, 101 things You Never Knew about Disneyland, A Dream is aWish Your Heart makes Annette Funnicello,(Patricia Romanowski) The Imagineering Way, Carliene Thie Books-Disneyland under Construction, the whole series, "America on Parade" GuideBook, 1959 Guidebook, 1962 guidebook (This one shows the Sketches of the
                          Rocket Rods as part of the original plan for Tommorrowland including the Peoplemover, "TheWedWay" part of the original plan of 1967. " Art Of Walt Disney", Christopher Finch, "isney Treasures-Robert Tieman, (Excellent Audio Cd with many speeches from Walt. Remembering Walt(Favorite memories of Walt Disney) Amy BootheGreen and Howard Greene,(forward by RAY BRADBURY) "Wlcome Aboard the Disneyland RailRoad" Steve DeGaetano, DisneyWar.
                          CDs/AUDIO/DVD:WDTreasures Waves1-5, my favorites, My DisneydvdCollection and CD Collection is extensive.

                          The book Iwould love to own Would be The Nickel Tour" This book is amazing.
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                            Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

                            The extent of my obsession? Lengthy. Far too lengthy to describe. In fact, being that my husband has an equal obsession, we are contemplating naming one of our girls Disney. That should illustrate our obsession nicely. :P
                            I couldn't begin to catalog everything, but I grew up in Disneyland! I was there every week growing up, watched the fireworks from my bedroom window, then I worked there, and I fully intend to take the company over one day! :P So multiply that by some really great merchandise, add in the fact I ADORE vintage Disneyland/Disney anything, and there you have it!


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                              Re: What is the extent of your Disneyland obsession?

                              I certainly have a fondness for Disneyland, in particular. It's part of my growing up, and I spent the better part of eight wonderful years working there.

                              But I don't get to the park all that often any more, and probably wouldn't be going back now if it were not for MiceAge.

                              For all practical purposes this is the only Disney website I visit, and aside from a few DVD's and such I don't have any memorobilia that I prize aside from a name tag and some original orientation materials I saved.

                              As a matter of fact, I am amazed sometimes how people become so all-consumed with what is, in reality, just another huge multi-national, corporate conglomerate.

                              But of course I know it is more than that. And to each their own.

                     that's my obsession now.

                              God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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