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What's the best Disneyland Water Ride?


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  • What's the best Disneyland Water Ride?

    So tell what's your favorite Disneyland Water Ride (Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World, Mark Twain, Sailing Ship Columbia, Canoes, Island Rafts, Story Bookland Canal Boats, or Jungle Cruise), and why is it your favorite?

    I think I have two tied for my favorites, Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain. And I like them because they are themed well, you get wet, and good ride time.

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    Ok... BIG shock to everyone...

    "it's a small world"! I love it dearly because it is so magical.

    But you left out the Matterhorn and Big Thunder Mountain and they have water too-- on the "splash" part of the track.


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      Originally posted by BigPigletFan
      Ok... BIG shock to everyone...

      "it's a small world"! I love it dearly because it is so magical.

      But you left out the Matterhorn and Big Thunder Mountain and they have water too-- on the "splash" part of the track.
      Well, it might only be at the end, but maybe.


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        Their all good


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          I agree with the above but the JC is tops on my list. The live jungle, animatronics, design and atmosphere puts it ahead of the rest.
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            Jungle Cruise...
            Then Splash
            Then Pirates.
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              Umm, hello, I think we're forgetting the best water ride of all time... Submarine Voyage. It may be closed, but even before AAs, this baby was an E ticket.

              Of the rides currently operating, PotC all the way. From having a restaurant inside the ride, to having brand new characters, to spawning the only quality film adaptation... Pretty cool.
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                Yo ho yo ho, it's POTC for me.

                This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                  Oooh, good question!
                  I'm tied/torn twixt Pirates and Splash. Both are excellent rides, both have wonderful themes and effects....
                  I think Pirates wins in the end, just because of Walt's involvement.

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                    Splash followed VERY closely by Pirates.
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                      Followed by SM... (based on WDWs ride...)


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                        I would have to go with Splash then PoTC then IASW (holiday)
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                          Small World
                          Jungle Cruise


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                            My top with with number one first is........Pirates, then Splash, JC, IASW, and the StoryBook Land Canal Boats.
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                              My favorite water ride is splash mountain, and yes, I am proud of it and I stand tall Small World.


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                                Gotta Say Pirates

                                It's my favorite because I really can't do things with super big drops, but a little thrill here and there never hurt anybody. It's got great scenery, a good layout, the best atmosphere, and a relatively smooth ride. The drops are just big enough to give you a small rush, but not enough to send your stomach into knots.

                                Plus, the catch phrases are the best!
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                                  Jungle Cruise


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                                    Pirates of the Caribbean - Just too much fun! I love the animatronics, and love the theme. Now if they would remove the changes they have made over the years.

                                    Storybook Canal Boat - <grins> Go late at night. 1) The que is short. 2) The CMs are pretty talkative, and ALL of them profess to loving the ride. 3) 75%+ of the CMs seem to be female...

                                    Canoes - A lot of fun...especially when you have a good group.

                                    Splash Mountain - I wish I knew MORE about the theming. I have never seen Song of the South, so it does not connect as well as many of the other rides in DL. All I have read/heard was an old follow along record / storybook of Brear rabbit and the tar baby.

                                    IaSM - I can only remember riding it with the Holiday Makover. I do not feel qualified to comment.

                                    JC - Too uneven of a ride to rate higher. The experience heavily depends upon the driver and too many of them cannot deliver the jokes well at all, and, sadly, a number of them do not seem to care. I am looking forward to riding it once the refurbishment finishes.

                                    MT, SSC - Nice place to rest and take in scenery.


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                                        splash mountain and then of course Pirates of the Caribbean

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