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Photos from the DLR on Easter Sunday


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  • Photos from the DLR on Easter Sunday

    Thanks to the Wireless Internet access at Whitewater Snacks at the GCH, here is a group of photos from today, 3/27/05....


    And Happy Easter!!!
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    Thanks Darkbeer! WOW - Love those Matterhorn shots!

    Happy Easter to You!

    War is over if you want it...

    Peace - Love - Mickey Mouse


    • #3
      Nice Pics Darkbeer! Too bad they don't do Thumber's Easter Egg Hunt for Easter anymore like they used too a long time ago oh well.

      Happy Easter


      • #4
        Nice shots of the Matterhorn is right. Aw, Mickey put up a 50th flag. Talk about a nice photo opp for PR, huh? I must admit he is a good climber for a 76 year old!


        • #5
          Yeah, the Matterhorn pixs are cool... Thanks for missing Minnie and her Cheers with the foam "50"...
          Check out my other blog:


          • #6
            Great Easter shots... Love Jasmine... hehe


            • #7
              Great photos Darkbeer


              • #8
                Good job. Did anyone go to the Easter buffet at the Disneyland Hotel?


                • #9
                  Thanks for the updates Darkbeer. It was great to see some people in the Animation Studios for a change!!!
                  I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse!

                  the world of disneyking


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Darkbeer
                    Thanks to the Wireless Internet access at Whitewater Snacks at the GCH, here is a group of photos from today, 3/27/05....



                    And Happy Easter!!!
                    dude if those matterhorn shots were around 10-11 am you must have been standing right by us. My shots look almost the same
                    How much longer will it take
                    For the world to see.
                    We should learn to live
                    And simply let it be.
                    Bloodstone, bloodstone.


                    • #11
                      ^^^^ I was just about to say the same thing .... except my pics are a couple of feet to the left.


                      • #12
                        I missed the Climbing I looked up at the Matterhorn just as mickey raised the flag and the streamers shot out.

                        Thanks for the great pics again Darkbear. As always they are wonderful.


                        • #13
                          Here are a couple of mine from Easter

                          8am at the gates Egads!

                          My new Desktops

                          Just a very small tase of the new retro merch


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