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The Adventure Of A Lifetime...


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  • The Adventure Of A Lifetime...

    Recently, I stumbled across several reports on the internet about a Temple with a hidden treasure that could be easily obtained. Many of the transcripts were over ten years old. However, I felt an interesting call to this place, all this talk of fortune and treasure seemed like it was worth the trip, there didn't seem to be a risk, after all, most of these reports indicated that people actually enjoyed their excursion. I needed to plan to go, I figured that either of these so called 'rewards' would benefit me, well maybe not the youth one. But at least I had a shot at the treasure, that would at least cover my education.

    So it was decided. I was going to fly out to India to see what the commotion was about. Figured I'd do it on an off day, after all, I didn't have to work due to spring break, and I could easily spend the night and leave early the next day, with my reward. So I called up India Airlines, and find this temple. After arriving late Friday, I was too tired to go out adventuring, so I crashed for the night in the morning. I was harshly woken up, with the bright Indian Sun blinded me in that hard airport chair. But, it was morning, and I figured that I could go out today and collect my reward.

    However, I had seemed to having the damnnist time trying to find this place. All the locals did was laugh, and call me the "Elephant Man". I had no clue what it meant, but the locals were unhelpful. However, I found one mysterious man, known only as "The Dusty Traveler". I heeded his advice, and said that I was not the only one looking for this temple. He gave me directions, and it was not nearly as far away as I thought. A quick Jeep ride, and I was there.

    As I approached the temple, it seemed very busy with the tourists, like me. Quickly wondering how so many found this place, I went ahead an approached. There weren't eough people to keep the line outside, so a brisk walk though the oddly-placed ramp seemed to be okay. The temple from the outside looked so-tiny. However, upon walking in, I was amazed. The corridors snaked through the earth, left and right, up and down. Even through a somewhat fresh bat cave. Most people around me cared less about the wonderious place around me, and seemed greedy to get their treasure.

    The signs around me clearly seemed to be indicating that there was impending doom, however, with so many positive reports, I didn't seemed conserned. Until an oblisk that stood inside one of the caverns, depecting a young girl being brutally eaten by a snake. Could this be the figure of the god that the painting depected when entering the temple. And why was her eye so important? Where had the natives gone? Why were so many people pushed to go on the adventure of their own? Who even found this place?

    Unfortunatly, these are questions that I will have to answer next time. It's been a long day, and I'm tired. Look for the full details in my next post.
    -Monorail Man

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    Re: The Adventure Of A Lifetime...

    You were caught trying to steal the Sankara Stones. There were five stones in the beginning...


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      Re: The Adventure Of A Lifetime...

      i'm sort of confused..


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        Re: The Adventure Of A Lifetime...

        SO good MM so good


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