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Indiana Jones Adventure music


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  • Indiana Jones Adventure music

    Hello, all! I think I've seen this information somewhere on the Internet once, but I don't know where, and I can't find the site. So...perhaps one of you could provide it.

    Anyway, I really enjoy the suite of music that plays during the Indiana Jones Adventure. My request is simple: Could someone tell me what scenes the different music is from? I understand this is a compilation of different musical moments throughout the trilogy, much like the music heard on Star Tours. Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as familiar with the Indy scores as I am with the Star Wars scores. I'd very much like to know for each scene of the ride:

    1. which movie the music is from
    2. what's happening in the movie at that point
    3. what track on the soundtrack, if applicable

    Thanks very much in advance!

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    Re: Indiana Jones Adventure music

    I can somewhat help you. the suite is not from just one indy movie, its from various indy movies so i cannot tell you which track it on sorry=[
    pshhh i guess


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      Re: Indiana Jones Adventure music

      I know that it's not just from one movie. There are parts of all three scores present. I said I'd like to know which movie the music is from for each scene individually.

      I know for instance, that a bit of the Mine Car chase sequence from the Temple of Doom is heard as you're leaving the inside of Mara's skull, but I don't know when this segment starts or ends and I don't know what music surrounds it. I also know that the Ark theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark is heard multiple times, but I don't know what scenes (and tracks) these renditions are from. I also know that the end of the ride uses music from when Indy flies away in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

      Would any Indy fans be able to help me out here?


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        Re: Indiana Jones Adventure music

        Do you have the triology on DVD? That would help a lot. However, I don't have mine here right now.

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          Re: Indiana Jones Adventure music

          If you look on the INDY triology DVD on the Bonus Disk John Williams talks about the score of the Indy Films and in detail on each film. I think you will find your answer there.


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            Re: Indiana Jones Adventure music

            Well, the main problem is that I own neither the movies nor the soundtracks. If I did, I'd just listen through and figure it out for myself.


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