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  • A Challange to Disney Fans

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    Ok I will start my own thread...

    I for one am very much excited that Steve Martin is a part of the 50th Celebration, he is apparently somehow involved in the Walt tribute in the Opera House, formally home to Great Moments with Lincoln. I wish he were more involved in the ads and I will wait to see if he is present at the ceremony.-=Tom=-

    PS- Read his new book "The Pleasure of My Company" Best Book of 2004


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      Probably the most blatantly optimistic statement is that... It's Disneyland! Like most things in life, it's on a pendulum that swings good sometimes, bad others, but good always seems to win out in the end.

      And I am unashamed to say, I am glad Disney has gone to the time, money, and effort, to reverse Imagineer the Monorails and virtually guarantee their continued presence in the Park for a long time to come. It gives me hope, knowing that Disney recognizes the value of such an attraction.
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        I am so excited to see CM Matt take over at DL! Can't wait to see all the sparkly newness of it all.
        Oooh I'd better buy some more memory cards for my camera!

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          I'm happy they're going to do something with Tomorrowland. And I'm actually excited about HKD!
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            I am HUGELY optimistic about it all! Just the aura in the park has gotten amazingly better over the last year or two! It's amazing the difference that has already occurred, all the details that used to be so important are all coming back! Like a couple years ago you could walk through the park and see no street entertainment or even a character. Now, you see a lot more atmosphere entertainment and more character appearances. The grandieur of Disneyland is coming back!
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              I personally think the rehab is going wonderfully. The work that CM Matt and his crew are doing is FANTASTIC. I have been once a week for the last month, And the work is great. They are plowing away at the work that needs to be done to bring the Park back to the splendor that Walt built. Whenever I go I always look for the Beauty and spendor that is Disneyland. I leave the bad stuff for you all to see


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                I for one can not wait to see the tribute to Disneylands' first 50 years at the opera house.
                I am so excited about all the beautiful details that I am seeing in updates.
                SPACE MOUNTAIN!!!!! :bow:
                TIKI ROOM is Back!!!!!!!

                and I'm going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                yeah I'm happy


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                  I Like To Go On Winnie The Pooh Several Times A Trip.
                  And I Enjoy It.


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                    I belive the current state of the company is about to improve entirely. The removal of Eisner, along with the 50th celebrations, will lead us all into the third golden age of Disney.
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                      There will always be yummy churros a plenty!
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                      Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
                      Marge: Pink.
                      Homer: D'oh!
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                        Disneyland is in the best shape I've seen it in years. Matt Ouimet is doing a fantastic job.


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                          Obviously optimistic because of CM Matt and the stupendous direction he has taken the park in. I am so excited to see all the wonderful things he has done.

                          Cautiously optimistic because maybe Bob Iger isn't as bad as we thought.......
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                            I am glad to see all of the refurbs happening again at the park. I am extremely excited about the fireworks and can't wait. I think Buzz is a kick butt ride!


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                              I loved ToT, and I am excited for Monster's Inc.

                              The new paint and TLC really does look awesome. I can't wait to see the rest of TL!

                              I'm uber-excited for all the new entertainment- Parade of Dreams, Block Party, and Remember...
                              It makes me smile just to see that boards like this exist where people who love Disney can talk and share the enthusiasm!


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                                The thrills I get by just walking thru those beautiful gates guarantees that somebody somewhere is doing something right!!!
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                                  Paul Pressler is far, far, far away from Disneyland.
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                                    Originally posted by Ortizmo2000
                                    Paul Pressler is far, far, far away from Disneyland.
                                    Reverse pessimism creates optimism I guess...Niceeeeeeeeeeeee

                                    I love everything everyone has written. *Tears in eye* I promised I wouldn't cry...much.


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                                      As I've written before, I would LOVE to meet CM Matt, heartily shake his hand, and talk with him over lunch. He is a blessing to us all.

                                      I also love how the park looks better than it has in years, and its not just the details, its in the loving attention that's been paid to the details.

                                      I've enjoyed the park for years, but nowadays its almost like an entirely new experience. You can feel it in the air, and sense it in many of the cast members. It just makes me happy.


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                                        I'm Happy to see the return to good service at Disneyland and the refurb. Yes it is a wait, But look at the results!! "Fresh Paint", and rides that will work more dependable. This year gives me hope that they are returning some of the glory that is Disneyland!! Hail Matt Ouimet!! And hail those involved withthis years excitement.
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