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Best new Disneyland treat suggestions...


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  • Best new Disneyland treat suggestions...

    After reading about the long waits for Dole Whip, it started me thinking. We need more wonderful treats like that at Disneyland.

    So now I am challenging you to suggest your favorite new treat idea. I know that we have posted some before, but I would like to hear them again. (It always makes me hungry!

    Now my suggestion is along the idea of Dole Whip. I think it is popular because it is cold and refreshing on a hot day. My suggestion is a similar treat.

    First, I think that peppermint ice cream is wonderful on a hot day. It is very refreshing. I think that peppermint soft serve would work. Since Dole Whip is on the west side of the park, I would put my new creation on the east, in Tomorrowland.

    Now if it is in Tomorrowland, it has to look like a treat of the future. Kids love blue, so why not color the peppermint ice cream blue! I think that kids would go crazy about the color.

    As to location... I believe location is part of the reason Dole Whips are popular. The stand is right near a heavy traveled walkway and inside there are benches to sit and enjoy your treat. It is very important to have places to sit near where you sell the ice cream. I would put a stand in the corridor near Buzz Lightyear. Buzz already attracts the kids, now they can enjoy a treat when they are done with the ride.

    I would give it a cool name, like BUZZ BLAST and even offer chocolate sprinkles to go on top. Maybe call them astroids. So the treat would be cold, refreshing and have some crunch to it if you wanted.

    I think my blue ice cream from the future would be a hit.

    What are your new ideas for treats for Disneyland?
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    Re: Best new Disneyland treat suggestions...

    Does Disneyland have snow cones or cotton candy?

    ADD Note: I think Dippin' Dots would be great in TL.


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      Re: Best new Disneyland treat suggestions...

      I'm always up for something with chocolate and Peanutbutter! Maybe some type of ice cream sandwich.
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        Re: Best new Disneyland treat suggestions...

        I like the ice cream Idea but i feel like blue has been over done in TL. Why not try green so that parents atleast feel like it is less artificial?

        Then instead of the chocolate sprinkles, put planet and star shaped sprinkles on it.

        Also, if the container was a small ice cream cup, with a blue or red lid on top of the cup, and the ice cream coming out the top of the lid, you could make it look like saturn or some other planet with rings.

        Just a suggestion, but I really think that's a fun idea.

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          Re: Best new Disneyland treat suggestions...

          Every single time I go back to the treat store outside the Winnie the Pooh ride, I check and see if they have the Eeyore apples. They were caramel apples with a grey (I'm guessing white chocolate with a touch of black food coloring) shell and Eeyore's tail painted on one side. Those things were adorable and I didn't get the chance to buy one when they did have them. I do like the honey pot apples, though.

          I like the sno cone idea too. They could tie it into Lilo and Stitch or maybe even tie it into Aladdin somehow (He brought it back from the frozen north after Jafar sent him there to die! The one thing Jafar was ever good for!) and put it in Adventureland. Back in the corner of the show place for the Oasis, maybe? It might get more people in there for the show and clear up some congestion in AL. Of course, it also might interfere with the show...
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