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Need quick help on Disneyland pools


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  • Need quick help on Disneyland pools

    Hi all,

    I need some help from the experts :-)

    I'm going to get a room at one of the 3 hotels this weekend for a quick getaway with the family (wife and 2 year old). I recently saw the pool the the Grand Californian and liked the kiddie slide. Looked like my son would have fun (he can't swim but loves the water).

    Could those with info on the DL Hotel and Paradise Pier Hotel pools please give me some info:

    What do you recommend between the 3 pools for a 2 year old?
    Kiddie pool - Kiddie slide info
    General pool and theme info
    Some say you can, some say can't use any of the 3 pools when staying at one

    Thanks for your help. I'd like to make the stay special.

    Take care,

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    As far as I know, you can no longer use the pool outside of your own hotel, even if you are a resort guest.

    The Grand Cal pool is my favorite, but the Disneyland Hotel pool also has a small slide, and is Peter Pan themed. It might be slightly better for a young child.


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      Thanks - is the small slide at the DL Hotel about the same size as the Grand Cal pool one? Could my 2 year old who can't swim use it?


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        We stayed at the DL Hotel for the week, three weeks ago and used all three pools at the resort. One evening we got back late so we used the PP pool. One afternoon, the kids wanted to try out the pool at the GCH, so we went there and of course our pool was used daily. Nobody stopped us as we walked through the lobby of the GCH with our suits on. Though we didn't have to use our DL room key to enter, it was busy and there was plenty of people going in and out...

        My youngest is now 5, but we have been using the Neverland Pool since it was opened with no problem for the little swimmers (and non-swimmers).


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          Is the DL pool open? I thought it was drained for refurb?
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            Thanks for the info

            DznyVan - does the DL hotel have a small toddler slide like the Grand Californian does? I understand it has a large slide that is actually larger than the big slide at the GC.

            Appreciate it.


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              We've stayed at all 3 hotels and my kids love all of the pools. I'm the jacuzzi gal myself, but I just asked the experts and they say; Paradise Pier has the tallest slide, (I think they think that because it's up on a platform), both of the pools at the Grand Cal and Disneyland Hotel are fun. The Grand Californian has the only baby slide and in their opinion, the big slides at GCH and DLH are about the same size and too big for a toddler. IMO, the theming is best at both the GCH and DLH hotels, the Neverland pool is *very* cool for kids. When we were there last, there were no pool-sharing priveleges, but I would ask.

              *Disclaimer* This information is based solely on the opinions of an 8, a 10 and a 14 year old. It is neither confirmed nor denied by the Disneyland Resort, castmembers or guests, and as all things Disney, is subject to change (at the blink of an eye).


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                Thank yobbie for asking the "experts" ;-) Nice that you've taken them to all 3. I think we're going to go with GC or DL. Both sound fun.

                BTW - for those interested, I managed to dig up a pic (after 15 google pages) of the DL hotel pool from above. Looks like they have a medium size slide, a bit bigger than the GC slide, in the left corner that they've added recently along with the big one.

                Any more stories are welcome...



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