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Space Mountain Sign Installed?


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    Originally posted by Disneyfreak
    Sweet, I am sure it even looks better in person. Do the stars twinkle? Does the space mountain text do anything? I personally would of loved to have the space mountain text change colors.
    Yes, the stars in the background do twinkle slightly and look like how real stars look if you look at the night sky. The Space Mountain words are "filled in" with what looks like fiber optic lighting and kinda "shimmers," if that's a proper way to explain that. It looks really good at night. Just in the daytime, it's not very bright at all.. Which maybe they meant for that!


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      the Space Mountain Sign is very good and also at night . I want a Fiber Optic sign too for my Space Mountain Mission 2 at Disneyland Paris .
      HKDL : Done !!!


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        Not bad... could be better....


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          Originally posted by SilentBob66
          Here's a better link for those of us who don't happen to have accounts and just want to peek -
          very nice and retro.
          Other places you can find me:



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            I thoroughly approve. Now if they'd just bring back the bloody Speedramp already!
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              80s Tommorowland is coming back KICK !


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                Does anyone have pics of the old Space Mountain Sign(s) for comparission?


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                  ^Here you go. The old sign wasn't bad, I happened to like the font, but the new one blows the old one out of the water.

                  Old Space Mountain Sign
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                    Does anybody else find comments like "The old Tomorrowland is back! Yeah!" funny at all? I don't mean funny as in- "why would anybody say that"- I understand that. It just seems like such a contradiction. We are all happy that a land dedicated to the future is looking backwards. It just seems silly. Of course, when the TL of old was so much better, it's easy to see why. That being said, I think I like the OLD Space sign better.


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                      For some reason this picture shows alot more detail:

                      I like how the letters have a "sun going supernova" texture to them


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                        You know, it does sound funny to say old Tomorrowland, but think about it. In the 1980's we begin to see a trend in Space flight design, at least in the government sector. That trend has not changed, the shuttles still look the same, and I think this new sign complements the "current" space flight feel perfectly. I think its great, it really is a fantastic sign. It will be even better to see what they have in store for the ride itself.
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                          Originally posted by Ghostbuster626
                          For some reason this picture shows alot more detail:

                          I like how the letters have a "sun going supernova" texture to them
                          Dammit! I'm bummed I missed the sign (I was there on Wednesday) but it still looks AWESOME!
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