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  • Wine Tastings at DCA

    Has anyone ever done the Terrace Wine Tastings in DCA? It seems like it might be fun, but I thought I'd ask around to see if it was worth the time/money before we actually decided to do it. Anyone have any experiences/opinons?

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    My wife and I enjoyed having dinner there. They had alot of Robert Mondavi Wine. Plenty of wine to choose from California!! Just a nice place to take a break and enjoy each others time together.
    I believe I had Lasagna. The food portion was small, could have been bigger.
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      I perused the Terrace Wine bar the other day, and while I got a glass of wine, I have to say I was not impressed by the quality of the selections realtive to what the cost or by how knowlegeable the servers were.
      So the question is, are you doing to because you'd like to drink wine in a nice atmosphere or because you want a serious wine experience. If you're looking for a serious wine experience, find wine tastings at a real wine store, they will be better quality for the price. But, it is fun and enjoyable even if it's not a "wine" experience per-se.


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        My boyfriend really likes wine and he wanted to check it out. Each time we tried when we were actually in DCA (not too often) it was closed and CMs had NO clue about it. They tried to look in their guides but no luck there either. Tisk, tisk if you ask me. Oh well. Sounds like it could be nice but we never got to experience it. Then again, I didn't really want to since I'm only 18.


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          Back when it was opened I had a glass of wine, I enjoyed it very tasty! Since that time though I havent seen it open, that was a year ago I think!

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            We did the wine tasting a couple years ago, so I'm not sure if it's changed or if it's even around anymore. The wine tasting was about $7-$8 a person, and with that we got about 4 or 5 'tastes' or wines. I remember being tipsy at the end because I hadn't eaten yet. LOL.

            Anyway it was a nice experience, but not really educational. I would do it again.


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              I tried to once, but I looked at the wine list and it was all wines that are mass produced or not that interesting to me...

              A better place to taste wine is either the Wine Cellar under Hook's Point Restaruant at the DL Hotel... Nice wine list, lots of depth... And if you are a real wine nut go to Hi-Time Wine Cellar in Costa Mesa...


              As I have said before, they should have a Food and Wine festival at DCA... Like the one at Epcot... But just for California... I think it would be a kick...
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                A couple friends did it last time we were there and they enjoyed it. The price is pretty reasonable and if you are a novice, its a good deal (might make the rest of your day more enjoyable

                I do agree however that if you are a serious wine afficianodo (which I do not pretend to be) there are better places at the resort that offer better selections of wine. IMHO, wine goes best with excellent food anyways.
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                  Last time we were at DCA we got in line to taste some wine. The offerings weren't very exotic, but neither are we. The price wasn't cheap, but acceptable. (I don't really remember but I think it was like $15 for 3 small glasses.) Unfortunately, the person at the head of the line couldn't make a decision and after 10 minutes we just wandered off. BTW: they were offering a wine and cheese combo tasting and the quantity of cheese was very generous. We would have had that except we were saving room for supper.
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                    When it was sponsored and run by Robert Mondavi Wineries it was pretty good. The party I went with (about 10) had a two hour dinner up there. At night it has a great view of Paradise Pier and when the parade use to run it was the best view. Then menu back then was a 3 or 4 course menu with a glass of wine for each and cost about $55-$65 per person. The food was great, though portions were a little small, the wine was good but could have been better in my view.

                    Todays Winery is a pale comparison to what it used to be. We no longer go up there and just eat downstairs for we love italian food (even though the portions could be larger, I mean come on Pasta is CHEAP, I know for my father owns a restaurant and I have worked as a cook at other places).

                    Just pick up a glass here and there during your visit at the counter and enjoy.


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                      Originally posted by lyd
                      Then menu back then was a 3 or 4 course menu with a glass of wine for each and cost about $55-$65 per person. The food was great, though portions were a little small, the wine was good but could have been better in my view.
                      For the record, I can only think of two maybe three restraunts that or more expensive in Napa Valley...

                      French Laundry, Terra, and maybe Greystone...

                      The best places are usually half that price...
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