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Tribute to the cm's what great extraordinary service have you recieved at the DLR?


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  • Tribute to the cm's what great extraordinary service have you recieved at the DLR?

    Tribute to the CM's what great extraordinary service have you recieved at the DLR...On a Christmas many years ago we were staying at the the Pan Pacific which was under disney ownership at the time, we had dinner reservations for the Christmas dinner buffet at the DL hotel. We realized with 2 daughters dressed for the holidays and myself in heels what a walk it was going to be in the cold. We called the desk and they had a shuttle golf cart come to meet us at the lobby entrance and shuttle us to the dinner, we were told when we were finished to call and they would pick us up and bring us back...what service. the CM that took us over said that this hotel was like the stepchild to the others so they tried harder LOL. We women were very very grateful!
    Last summer when my daughter was prego and having some mild contractions when we left DL i had no clue how we were going to make it back to Mickeys parking stucture. I went to the information booth in the esplanade and they told me where the handicap shuttle was , got us a wheelchair and shuttled us back to the parking structure once again Kudos to the CM's that helped us out.
    Last but not least we did the candleight dinner package last Christmas our waiter at Hookes Pointe saw our dissapointment that they did not have Lobster and the menu, told us not to worry and got our lobster dinners from Granvilles shuttled over, hot and yummy! He also kept a close watch on the clock for us so that we timed our meal well as to be on time for the Candlelight Processional.
    When my grandson was just 8 weeks old we dinned at Goofys kitchen we asked to be somewhat out of the line of fire of the Mocrena they seated us in a closed section and never for a moment forgot we were there the service was great , even the characters visited.
    In 1987 my youngest daughter while in line waiting for Dumbo put her leg through the bars on the fence , poor littlething her leg swelled in the heat , got would have thought it was a 911 call for all the CM's that came to spread the bars so she could remove her leg LOL.
    As much as we gripe about quality , quantity ect... as long as there are great CM's , Walts dream is flourishing. Lets hear your tributes!

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    Well, I don't have any great stories like yours, but I just wanted to thank all the CM's for what they do. Thanks for putting up with all the stupid things I probably do and ask you. I always try to refer to CM's by their names as a way of connecting with them, and it seems work. I've been to other parks where the employees always seem suspicious of me whenever I ask them something, because I'm a teenager. But the CM's at Disneyland are always friendly and helpful. So thank you all for doing what you do!


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      I have to say that the CMs at Guest Relations are amazing. No matter what I seem to ask them, they ALWAYS get me an answer.

      As a former CM, this thread makes my heart flutter!
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        How kind! Teens are people too and your questions should be with as much respect as anyones. I think that is the beauty of Disneyland it knows no age barriers from the little girl with the stuck in the bar leg, to the teen with questions , to the older adults with high heels shiverirng in the night.


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          Well that was a great Post.

          I just would like to share that up until a couple of weeks ago, I really wasn't sure what to think of the Disney Magic, It was stale.
          But after the service I had at one of our favorite place to dine, Blue Bayou. That changed and snowballed with good times all over the park. The CM that served us was on the spot and helpful. The Pepper shaker lid came off on my wife's food when she went to use it, without a hitch the CM immediately took care of it with a brand new plate of food. That was great. Yeah, it's not Life saving But it was nice.
          Also I enjoy it when CM'S take a brief moment to talk with how your day is going or how the rides, pins, etc, anything, right before they send you on your ride through fantasy. My Wife and I enjoy that when it does happen.
          Seeing Mickey and Pals climbing the Matterhorn, or the CM'S @ Plaza INN bringing back that feeling of being a honored guest, no matter what age. Seeing a talented CM playing the piano with no one around him continually with all the wonderful theme songs from the rides and Disney songs we know. Those CM'S that give more then they should day in and day out. That is the Disney experience!!
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            When we went about 5 years ago, my parents bought me a beatiful shirt in the off the page store in DCA. We didnt notice until we got home from the long trip that it was horribly ripped, it looked like a box knife was cut into the side of it. I called up Disney folks, and they replaced it at their own expense with super fast first class shipping, they even paid for me to send back the old one by sending a check for the postage.

            More recently, as in a few days ago... Last year I was supposed to go to WDW, but the hurricanes screwed up those plans. I have been frantically searching for the tickets for some time now, and found the itenerarary number in my old email confirmation. I called up guest services, and they very cheerfully and happily cancelled my old tickets and issued new ones. It was such a releif, and so refreshing to not get one peep of hassle over it, and I didnt have to pay a dime. Thats what I call top notch customer relations.

            I and my parents had never eaten at Blue Bayou before, and I wanted a waterside seat to make it special. The place was really horribly packed, I didnt think it was going to be possible. I told the person in front we wouldnt mind waiting a while, but was desperatlely hoping it wasnt going to be a really long time. The CM overheard it was our first time there, and got us one of the first empty tables by the water, and we only waited about 15 mins. In addittion, that first table wasnt one of the best view tables by the water, and as soon as we were seated another better one opened up, without our even asking the CM asked if we wanted to move to the better table, even though there was clearly many people waiting to get in. It really helped to make our trip so special.

            One last one; I had never ridden the mark twain before, and had heard you could help "steer" in the wheelhouse with the captain. I asked about it and found out that they currently were not doing that for the time being because of security reasons. But they asked me my name, and told me I might be able to still get the pilots license certificate. Well they had radioed my name to the person at the dock, who was waiting with a certificate with my name on it when we got off, it was such a nice surprise. Thats hanging on my wall now, it really means something special to me.


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              Amazing that is what the Disney experience is all about and in spite of Eisner, budget cuts, etc...thats what sets Disney apart. Let hope they never loose that .


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                Thanksgiving 04 - 'Ariel's Grotto. My waitress Steph managed to save what was being a horrid day. It is great to see the CMs take time and help cheer you up.

                March 06, 2005 - Napa Rose. Oscar (my waiter) and the rest of the staff- best service I have ever had at a restaurant along with some of the most unique food. Very enjoyable.

                <giggles> It is funny to see how some of my better experiences happen with food.


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                  I miss the SOB!

                  July 2002, my first visit to DCA.....Wow what a great trip that was. I am one of the rare people that enojys DCA, and when we dined at the Soap Opera Bistro, I was more then pleased with the service. I can't remember his name, but I was so grateful to our CM server. Me being a big All My Children fan, I was amazed that I was dining in the "Chandler Mansion." WELL, to my surprise, when our CM brought out our dinner, he also brought me some left over signed pictures of the AMC cast from the Super Soap Weekend that year. I hugged him and cried a little bit. It was so sweet of him...And he stayed and chatted with me about the soap stars as well. I will never forget that experience. He also gave us some nice desert to take out to watch Fantasmic! And lets just say he got a nice tip as well!!

                  On the other hand, I know this doesn't go with the post, but I have run into some very cranky CM's. One was a Fantasmic! area CM who was actully screaming at people that they could not walk a certain way!!! These people were actually just trying to get to the stage door cafe to get some food, and he was yelling at them!!! That was upsetting. Another time my Mom and sister and I were boarding the Matterhorn. He asked "how many", and I said, 3, 1 and 1 and a little one that doesn't wanna ride." I assume everyone knows what this means, but he repeated, "How many?" I again said the same thing. He looked like he wanted to punch me. So I said, "There are 3 of us, I want my own seat, my mom wants her own seat, and my sister wants to wait at the exit cause she doesn't want to ride." He directed us to our positions, and another CM on the other side asked me what had happend. I told him, and he gave us an "Anywhere" FP for up to 6 people. I very much appreciate that nice CM's that are there to make our trips happy.
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                      We had a lovely experience a couple years ago.
                      It was our sons' first trip he was 3 1/2 at the time.
                      well the little guy made it all the way thru the trip with out tears
                      (anyone with little kids knows that's quite the accomplishment, particularly after I scared the snot out of him of BTMRR but that's another story)

                      anyway.... I think it was the 4th evening, we went to wait for the parade on Mainstreet and my kids and I sat on a curb while hubby went for snacks. my poor baby just lost it for no reason (uh, other than exaustin, tired, sore feet, over know for no reason )
                      he sat on the curb face in his hands just crying so hard, I couldn't do anything to make it better...nothing helped until CM Chris came over and started talking to him, he found out my son wanted to be a fire fighter, and told him that he was in the fire academy and was training to be a FF. My boy just beamed and Chris stayed and talked to him for a long time. (and I think I remember him bringing him a balloon too, but I'm fuzzy on that, have to find the old trip report)
                      I think CM Chris got some flack from his lead for spending so much time with my son but he really saved the day for us.

                      I do feel awful that I forgot to go to city hall and tell them how wonderful he was,
                      I got distracted with mommy duties.

                      So CM Chris if by any chance you are on these boards and were working the evening parade (the one that guests could be part of) on Main Street in mid July 2003

                      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


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                        My CM story happened over the phone. On Feb 8th of this year, I was still recovering from my hip replacement operation and I thought it would be nice of me to call on the phone and to tell the CM on the phone that I was wishing DCA a happy 4th BD. I had mentioned to the CM that I had been there for the other 3 BD's, but I could be there this year. And CM John said he wanted to send me something just for me being so nice. The following week I recieved in the mail a 8 by 10 black and white pic of Mickey, Minney, Pluto, Goofy and Donald in front of the castle. And written on it in big letters like as if Mickey signed it himself. Get well soon. I was so touched that they did something like this. Of course I put it in a frame and it sits on my dresser and when I am having a tough day its there for me to look at.
                        And I was able to actually meet John a few weeks ago. He happened to be at the information booth at DCA. And when I mentioned our conversation from Feb 8th, he remembered and said " did you actually get it?" And when I told him that I did, it made his day as much as when I got it in the mail. And I told him I would treasure this always and will always remember a nice CM named John who was so kind to me when I was feeling lousy.
                        One more thing I forgot to say, that a few weeks ago when I came back to the park after being gone for 5 months, I ran into several CM's who I know and as I passed by them, the said welcome home. That made me feel real good. I really missed not getting to be at the park every weekend. And that made my return real special.
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                          I was whining about forgetting my camera, when out of the camera shop came a cm who gave me one for free. I took a pic of me and Mary Poppins, and then a pic of the cm. I now go to the camera shop everytime I'm at DL, and express how much better DL is if that cm is there. I would tell you her name, but don't want to get her in any trouble.

                          This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                            This is just a small thing, but a while back I was at DLR by myself as usual. I had a copy of some Disney gossip book, mouse tales or something, which I was reading while waiting in the Indy queue. An older gentlemen, who was a fastpass CM, asked what I was reading, and when ended up having a little chat about Disney gossip websites. Turns out he used to write columns for mouse planet. I've never figured out his name, so I'm not sure what he wrote. Anyways, it was nice of him to talk to a single rider like me, and I thought it was kinna neat to talk to someone who actually knew about these websites.


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                              One more I witnessed, is watching a DL Security Guard, escort a mother Duck and her ducklings, between Alice and the Matterhorn, He was smiling, as the ducks took a "Left" through the line of guests and into the bushes, by the Matterhorn waterfall. I thought that was cool because he showed that DL still cares for the animals in the Park.
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                                This is why we love the place!

                                Lets' see,
                                The morning I was let on the property at 3:30am to be first in line for Fantasmic buffet.
                                The exceptional service at the Blue Bayou every time, and especially the time my husband accidently elbowed our waitress as she walked by, and the sweet thing kept saying she was sorry to us the whole time, just to make him feel better.
                                Getting a little bouquet of flowers from the staff of Disneyland Hotel for our 20th anniversary when my husband suprised me with the trip.
                                Getting to meet Billy Hill and the hill Billies, We had two pictures we wanted autographed, and sent them back with a CM after the show.All of them signed them for us and even though they had a another show in just a little while, "Mandolin Billy" and "bass Billy" (brothers Evan and John Marshall) both came out and introduced themselves. We sat at a table for about twenty minutes and talked with them. They were so nice.
                                My youngest daughter was about 3 when we were waiting to see Mickey on Mainstreet one summer morning. she was having trouble with her Minnie Mouse ears headband, and my husband, not understanding that it was stuck into her hair, yanked it off her head. well she started to cry, so I figured she wouldn't be seeing Mickey that day, but Mickey motioned me to bring her to him. He knelt down and tenderly wiped her tears away, and hugged her and rubbed her back, he totally calmed her down. What a sweet cm she was. I thanked her, and got tears in my eyes myself. We have a great picture of the hug.
                                And our first experience with the great Maynard in Haunted Mansion. He was the best of the best! That ghoulish laugh was great.
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                                  In 1999 my sister, niece and 3 friends went to the park and my sister, on the tram ride out to the parking lot (Pinnochio) complained of a bad headache. As she got my niece into the car, she told her friend she was nto sure she'd be able to drive. Then, she passed out. Disneyland Security was flagged down and they called 911, and got word to my brother in law who, at the time, was working in Anaheim on DCA (for WDI). They stayed with my sisters friends and kept them calm, got them water, and talked with them even after the ambulance had left. (My niece was asleep and did not see this at all). My sister was diagnosed that evening with a subarachnoid hemmorage.

                                  To this day I am ever grateful to Disneyland Security for helping save my sisters life!!!!
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                                    Originally posted by travelmom
                                    And our first experience with the great Maynard in Haunted Mansion. He was the best of the best! That ghoulish laugh was great.
                                    Hey I have heard alot about him, but never seen him. Does he still work there?? If so, what rides is he usually on. Anyone know??? I would love to get a picture with him to put in my frame this year.
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                                      when my youngest turned 4 in '02 his birthday trip started off really bad, but we'll skip that part and go to the good part! At autopia a cm there wished him a Happy Birthday and I thanked him immensely and told him that he was the first all day to wish my son a Happy Birthday(he had been wearing a Bday sticker) and thanks blah blah blah and when we got off Autopia the cm was waiting for us with an Autopia car for Shawn and he told him "happy birthday Shawn from DL" it was SUCH an awesome moment!!

                                      Then last year he and I went around the park and we rode the monorail, we asked to sit in back(someone was already in the front)and the driver and everyone wished him a happybirthday. Then as we were pulling into the DTD station the driver said, over the loud speaker "ladies and gentleman we have a very special rider on the monorail today, his name is Shawn and he's celebrating his 6th birthday today at the park, please join me in singing happy birthday to him" and proceeded to sing Happy Birthday. Shawn was IN AWE. And just grinning away.

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                                        Those are the simple but oh so memorable moments...
                                        There are some wonderful cm's out there, who really get it. they know what they represent.
                                        Goin around the world...and back to Disneyland!


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