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Reoccurring Dreams of Disneyland


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  • Reoccurring Dreams of Disneyland

    (Putting on his C. G. Jung hat on)

    Anyone had reoccurring dreams about Disneyland?

    I am really currious, because I have one about the Matterhorn ever since I was little... I don't know why, but it appeares in a number of my dreams... being at the base trying to find the start of the Cheque... And not finding it...
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    Cellarhound, what's a cheque? Is that just another word for queue?

    I haven't had many DL dreams, none reoccuring, but the other night I had a dream about this place.
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      Oh I always dream of being there. Only strangely, it rarely looks as it does now, but always looks as it once did, or perhaps how it will be one day. Then there are the dreams when Walt is there!


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        Broadway Duchess, Darling if you only knew half as much as everybody thinks you do


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          I usually have dreams of Disneyland now, but its never how it really is.. It always seems a lot more vast, and everything's so far away.. even if I try to run from place to place, it doesn't shorten the distance. Plus, most of the buildings don't look like their real counterparts... things get twisted, nearly distorted.. and I usually end up at the Haunted Mansion; usually waking up before I enter the Mansion. ...Wonder what that could mean..

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            Reucurring Nightmare.

            I have this dream that I am an Imagineer, and I show up for the opening of the show I worked on for years and Walt is standing there and waiting for me to help him cut the ribbon. Just as I get on the platform and he pulls out these huge scissors, I hear this gasp from the guests. I look down and see that I'm stark naked (no tanning lines)!!!! Walt is shocked and is having a stroke as he cuts the ribbon, staggers my way and the shears miss the ribbon! I hear SNIIIIIIIP! Then I feel this unbearable pain between my legs! Then I wake up. I have this dream 7 times a week.

            I never go to ride's too painful.
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              My DL dreams tend to be extreme-ride oriented. By exteme I mean in a car like a doombuggy and going down a basement staircase to a very real fire.
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                Originally posted by NeverNeverland
                Cellarhound, what's a cheque? Is that just another word for queue?
                Yes, but it is also very tasty too...

                Too much Equal in my DL coffee... Can't remember how to spell that word worth a darn now, sorry...
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                  Sort of the same way I have pictured it... Everything out of perspective... Most of the buildings are unrecognizable... But you "know" that is where you are...
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                    I have had many Disneyland dreams. They are always very weird.

                    Last night I dreamed that Disney had purchased part of Yosemite and had started to put ODV carts on the trails. I found this really offensive and there was this town hall meeting about it and Roy Disney was there making a ruckus but he was saying some things I didn't agree with. The ODV carts sold frozen berries - when I got up I put a bunch of frozen berries in my cereal. It was delicious.

                    But usually my Disney dreams actually take place at DL. I had a really, really cool one about ToT and one where Disney taught chimps to talk.


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                      I've had a few Disneyland dreams, but they take place in the Disneyland of my imagination, so everything looks like "Jack the Ripper" era Londion: dark, wet, and very intriguing! I love it so much, but not as much as the real thing!
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                        My Disneyland dreams are really weird also. Like Cellarhound and others it is never "really" Disneyland but in the dream it is. I also have weird cruise dreams because that is my other passion. I have gotten on some strange attractions in my Disneyland dreams. And I always have trouble getting there. Like its half the dream saying I'm going to Disneyland, trying to get there...
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                          I know this may sound strange, but I would say half of my nightmares as a kid had to do with amusement parks... It is very strange... But never at DL...
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                            My Disneyland dreams always seem to take place in the Disneyland of the 70's.

                            I did have one however (way back when I was working there) where I'd actually met Walt. He asked me to walk the park with him. As we strolled past the Alice ride, he walked up to one of the enormous leaves and opened a hidden compartment with held a twin pack of Reese's cups. He split it with me.

                            I don't remember most of my dreams, but I still remember this one vividly 16 years later.
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                              So spill:
                              Did you ever check the tree?
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                                Last night I had one, a very weird one. The castle was like arabian decorated (the Genie himself had decorated it, I actually talked to him about why he did it) I also went to Small World and it was very weird, It also didn't have the song and it was outdoors (strange I know) And the Monorail was so cool!!! It was like a Thrill ride and it went really fast!!!

                                Also I dreamt about the new castle lighting a few weeks ago, and it was beautiful, it was like a rainbow.
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                                    Originally posted by J. Thaddeus Toad
                                    My personal thoughts on dreams is that they are not actually in most cases trying to tell us something, but rather like the screen saver showing us all the little mumbled bits and pieces of our memories and thoughts displaying in our minds eye.
                                    Sometimes there definately messages there... Particularly in nightmares... If you ask your self "what are you afraid of?" and "How is that fear made manifest?" You usually can learn a lot about yourself...

                                    Other wise they can be fun and lucid, like flying dreams...
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                                      I've had many dreams about Disneyland over the years. Most of them involved Splash Mountain. It's not because I'm afraid of it, though - I never have been, either in the dreams or in real life. The only one I can remember offhand involved me riding it, and the final drop ended in an actual lake, with lots of reeds growing in it.


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                                        Its probably not that weird to dream about Disneyland.

                                        For many of us, this is probably one of the most impresionable events of our very young childhood (I think my parents probably took me there when I was about 2 and probably said the word "Disneyland" 200 times that day).

                                        It's also sort of the "classic iconic" 20th Century representation of a physical dreamland. If the subconcious needs to place the dream event in a "dreamy" kind of fantasy place ... why not borrow from the best represenation our concious minds have come across. It is interesting that in these dreams we often know it is "Disneyland" although often times, it doesn't look like the actual Disneyland at all.

                                        Finally, I think, especially for we who obsess about it enough to be in chatrooms about it when we are not there ... it's probably weird if it *doesn't* show up in our dreams.
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