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You're an Imagineer...


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  • You're an Imagineer...

    This might be interesting: You are now an Imagineer. Put on your thinking-ears. Your assignment is to create a new ride or attraction for Disneyland that has no connection to any Disney film, cartoon or character. Keep in mind Uncle Walt's original concept that Disneyland is a place where children and adults can play together. Remember that not everything has to be an E-ticket and that everything does not have to be a ride.
    "Yesterday, a man walked up to me and said, 'Isn't it a shame that Walt Disney couldn't be here to see this?' and I said, "He did see this, that's why it's here."
    -Art Linkletter July 17, 2005-

    When you wish upon a star your dreams come true.

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    I would love to see a Viking water coaster in or around FantasyLand. Akin to Pirates or Haunted Mansion this ride, envelopes riders in immersive Viking adventure to Asgard the Viking realm of the Gods, where Loki the Norse God of mischief begins to play tricks on your Viking ship. It is up to you to travel through the Eye of Odin to make it back to your world before Loki and his minions keep you trapped in Asgard...but beware no mortal has every survived a trip into the Eye of Odin.


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      The Orion Project is a Intersteller Spaceship(which uses actual nuclear bombs to propel it towards the stars) being readied for launch from L-2(a spot in Earth Orbit).

      FIRST we board a shuttle to take us up to the craft. Upon approaching the ship we get a good view of it just hanging there in space with the Earth far below. The shuttle takes us on a mini tour of the outside of the Orion before finally docking.

      SECONDLY we get to explore the inside of this wonderful ship. We visit the engineering section, the scout droids section, and the living section including a visit to the crews quarters and the 1st officers cabin, the galley, exersise room and the breathtaking greenhouse(in which we see millions of stars shinning down on a jungle of plants). Finally we visit the Captains quarters which is immediately adjacent to the Bridge.

      THIRDLY we get to visit the Bridge and we are just in time for a test firing of the Atomic Pusher Plate which propels the immense craft........uh, oh....A crack has formed in the Plate and all non-essential personal must vacate the ship ASAP.....

      FINALLY because the shuttle is a little too close to the pusher plate and the Captain really wanted us off the ship fast we are forced to leave the ship via emergency pods which will drop us down to low Earth orbit where we will most likely be picked up by a Traveling gift ship(shop)


      The Shuttle portion of the attraction will take place in the old Star Tours and will give people the sense that they really have left Earth.

      The Ship interior tour will use what was once the old Starcade(both bottom and top floors)

      The old Magic Eye Theater(HISTA) will be used for the bridge portion of the attraction and the pods will be nothing more then disguised elevators.
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        I am not sure how to theme it but I want to do a ride system which gives the sensation of floating. Falling is easy, a lot of things do falling, but I have yet to see a ride do floating. A vertical windtunnel would be a start, but seem to be tto power hungry/expensive to suffice for an entire ride.


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          Frontierland expansion:

          1) A white-water raft expedition ride down the Missouri/Mississippi River. Guests would ride along and learn the history of the Midwest via Davy Crockett, Pecos Bill, native Americans, railroad expansion, and the gold rush via Audio Animatronics/computerized figures.. There of course would be peaks and valleys when getting wet is the only option.

          2) An attraction/show like American Adventure at EPCOT that would also present American history and Westward expansion which would include Davy Crockett, Pecos Bill, native Americans, railroad expansion, and the gold rush.

          3) TSI remodeled. A new fort, Native American village addition and maybe some waterfalls.


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            I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

            This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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              I would just pull out an abandoned Imageenering project. Plectus Intergalactic musical revue as a replacement for Innoventions.


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                If there is still room they should remodel the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train in Frontier Land. They could make it more of an underground run away mine train going through gold and diamond mines. Animatronic miners can be placed at various points to warn the riders.


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                  I would like to see the area behind Thunder Mountain to be turned into a Frontierland attraction that would use the same technology as the Tower of Terror. However it would be underground. It would be based on a mineshaft tour gone awry. You would have to use the same technology as the ToT in Florida where the elevator car actually leaves the shaft so you could take a Rainbow Caverns type of tour that went out of control on the way back to the top. It would be a blast. And because most of it would be underground (except for a possible show building outside the berm) you wouldn't see it from every high corner in the Park. Check the overhead view of the area,,
                  Looks do-able to me.
                  Charlie :wave:
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                    I know this will sound bad and I'll probably get groans, but I really enjoyed Alient Encounter when I was at WDW in 96. I would do the Queue area a bit differently maybe spruce up the storyline a little. But I really enjoyed that ride. Ok so I only went on it twice so I imagine it was like HISTA is now...kinda dull after a while
                    Katie :yea:
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                      Originally posted by Circarama
                      I would like to see the area behind Thunder Mountain to be turned into a Frontierland attraction that would use the same technology as the Tower of Terror. However it would be underground. It would be based on a mineshaft tour gone awry.
                      That would be an incredible ride. It reminds me a little bit of the "Industrial Revolution" rollercoaster proposed for Disney's America. It's awesome because anyone who's been on a mineshaft tour knows that they are super scary and super loud. Coal mines have been responsible for so many deaths and so much danger that everyone has scary associations with them regardless of personal experience. And it themes itself! There are so many weird, cool tools developed for mining - like that weird train thing with claws on the front! There is a very cool working coal mine in PA that you can tour with all kinds of paraphernalia there.

                      A few years ago I dreamt that there was a mountain of anthracite coal in the middle of Main Street. Maybe it was prophetic.


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                        Lenticular pavement in toworrowland.

                        Or pavement that changes colour when walked upon.


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                          Originally posted by DarylF
                          Lenticular pavement in toworrowland.

                          Or pavement that changes colour when walked upon.
                          Wow, that would be cool, especially if you could incorporate it into an attraction.
                          Charlie :wave:
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                            Originally posted by DarylF
                            Lenticular pavement in toworrowland.

                            Or pavement that changes colour when walked upon.
                            OMG so reminds me of that Micheal Jackson video!


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                              Helios: The Great Experiment

                              The attraction is in a circluar theater much like the Rocket to the Moon attractions, but is divided into 6 pie-shaped platforms with seats. The seats have restrants much like Alien encounter did. In the center is a set of interlocking spherical rings (like in Contact). Now, the basis for the attraction is this:
                              A great new energy experiment is going to take place. By using subspace wormholes and a new teleportation system they are going to take a sample from the sun's core to use as a clean and efficant energy source. (Note: Prior to Spiderman 2, this was going to be solar creation, but that idea was ripped away in a hurry ). The experiment begins slowly, with the rings rotating around the center, lighting flashes and all kinds of machinery start up and appear to be working full force. All of a sudden there is a great flash, and then darkness. Then, a core of bright solar material grows until it encompasses the entire area where the rings were.

                              This is done easily, after the flash, during the darkness, the rings sink into the floor and are replaced by a translucent sphere with LCDs inside. Using digital technology, the sphere is turned into a TV, kinda like Illuminations 2000.

                              The sun material rotates like it should but then things go awry. Enter disaster. The platforms move up and down on random patterns to make it seem as though the chairs are being pulled into the sun. Hoses from the ceiling are disconnecting, pieces of the walls, etc. are being sucked up. The chairs, which contain sophisticated speakers, provide 3-D sound effects to give people the impression that debris is whizzing past their heads. All mayhem breaks loose. The room gets hotter and louder, things get a little NUTS. Finally...Supernova, a large flash and a burst of lit "smoke" flys over the crowd. The room sits in darkness, with periodical sparks and such, then the work lights come on, and in the center of the room are the rings, broken apart on the floor, visibly fried, and steaming.

                              Well, what do you think? It's probably not for children :-).
                              In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate.



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