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Where did the Easter Bunny Go?

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  • Where did the Easter Bunny Go?

    For some reason I hardly ever get to DLR at Easter time , but I found a picture of my DD in 1984 on one of the side streets on Main St and she is with the Easter Bunny! They had a cute little lattice area set up with lots of flowers and a photo op with THE BUNNY!
    Why dont they have this type of thing anymore?

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    Re: Where did the Easter Bunny Go?

    The same place "Merry Christmas" went.
    Originally posted by lazyboy97O
    How is a state religion bad, but state medicine good?
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    Anyone who makes the decision to depend upon the government to take care of their basic needs has essentially doomed himself to a life of bitter disappointment.


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      Re: Where did the Easter Bunny Go?

      I remember reading in "Mouse Tales" by David Koenig, that they had a easter bunny fly down from a helecopter throwing flowers down that were still half frozen.
      lol, funny stuff....