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4/2 park photos


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  • 4/2 park photos

    Includes pics of new painting at the Space Mountain exit.

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    Wow.. thanks for the pics, they were great! I think the Opera House looks gorgous. Wish I could be there already.

    I loved the shots from Paradise Pier at night. So pretty.

    Glad Matt had to pee too! I like the new sun painting.

    Thanks again! :bow:

    (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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      It looks like the giant walls at the entrance to tomorrow land went from brown, to dark blue, and now they are white. Hurray! The white paint is finally comming back.


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        Thanks for the great photo update. Love them pictures. :bow:
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          Thanks for the great Pics.


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            Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.


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              Great pics. I can't wait to go and see a Blue Tomorrowland. Hopefully I'll get there this week!!!! I miss Disneyland!!!!
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                Nice Pics! I can definitely vouch for the park being VERY crowded. I was there on the 29,30,31st and was amazed at how many people were there! The entrance lines for DL were all the way to the gates for DCA!
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                  GREAT PHOTOS!!

                  Why isnt anyone answering my thread called Some questions/thoughts? Did I do something wrong?


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                    Those were outstanding! Thanks a bunch
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                      Thanks veg for posting the pics! Nicely done.
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                        Great pics!
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                          Thanks for the pics. I love living vicariously through you lucky devils who get to go to the parks all the time!
                          I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse!

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                            I should probably clarify that I simply saw that the website hosting the pics had updated with a new series of photos. I did not take the pictures.
                            My Blu-rays/DVDs
                            "Every view they hold on you's a piano out of tune
                            You're an angel, you're a demon, you're just.... human." - James, Lullaby


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                              I really don't like the new sun mural. Its really... tacky...

                              However, does this mean the AP Processing Center is moved again? When did they have the chance of painting this if the AP Processing Center is right there??

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                                isn't the bank becomeing the AP center again.... when it gets finnished....

                                the sun mural may look taky now to you... but look whetre it is.. far away mabey bad.. it is hard to make out without thinking...

                                and wow.. their was some of TL 60s left in TL??


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