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Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks


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  • Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

    Go ahead post!
    The daydream princess

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    Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

    19-Grizzly River Rapids
    18-Remain seated please... Permene Cercentados, por favor.
    17-New Orleans Square music
    15-"Here we go!" on Peter Pan
    14-Main Street Mood music
    13-Haunted Mansion
    11-Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin
    10-California Screamin'
    9-Soarin over California
    8-The Main Street Piano guy
    7-Matterhorn queue music
    6-50th fireworks anneversary
    5-Old SM soundtrack
    4-New SM soundtrack
    3-Swiss Family polka
    2-Splash Mountian
    1-The banjo at the beginning of Pirates
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      Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

      1. Remember Fireworks
      2. Esplanade Music
      3. Space Mtn. Night Track
      4. Splash Mtn.
      5. Swanee River
      6. Remember When
      7. Tarzan's Treehouse
      8. SM Day Track
      9. HM
      10. PotC
      11. iaSW
      12. Indiana Jones
      13. Billy Hill
      14. Swissapolka
      15. Steamboat Willie
      16. Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin
      17. Soarin'
      18. CA Screamin'
      19. Meet Me Down on Main Street
      20. Peter Pan's Flight
      The daydream princess


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        Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

        I forgot fantasmic and the Banjo Music plus the Ding Ding Ding of the train
        The daydream princess


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          Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

          Hey does anyone know of a site where I could find DCA loops and soundtracks Free or to buy THANKS


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            Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

            Here's my Top 20: (Since I see CA Adv stuff listed, I'll do it too)
            1. Mad Tea Party
            2. Remember... fireworks
            3. Fantasmic!
            4. Haunted Mansion
            5. Space Mountain
            6. Spiel on Matterhorn
            7. Pirates of the Carribean
            8. Spiel on Big Thunder Mountain
            9. Main Street Electrical Parade
            10. Splash Mountain
            11. Parade of Dreams
            12. All the music you hear on Main Street
            13. Matterhorn queue music
            14. New Orleans Square music -- jazz
            15. Peter Pan's Flight
            16. Casey Jr.
            17. Haunted Mansion Holiday
            18. It's A Small World
            19. Star Tours
            20. It's A Small World Holiday


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              Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

              20) The sounds of the Mark Twain steam whistle
              19)Thunder Mountain mine train when it whistles as it goes by
              18)Casey Jr. circuz train "I Think I can, I think I can" & "woo hoo!"
              17)King Arthurs Carousel organ music
              16)The annoucement tones in Star Tours
              15)The Swiss Family polka
              14)The jungle warrior war chant from the Jungle Cruise
              13)The organ from the entrance foyer in Haunted Mansion
              12)The entire soundtrack of Haunted Mansion Holiday
              11)Captain EO
              10) Dick Dales "Ghost Riders in The Sky" from Space Mountain que
              9)California Screamin'
              8)Soaring over California
              7)Main Street Electrical Parade
              6)Light Magic
              5)Believe....there's magic in the stars
              4) Holiday Magic
              2)America Sings
              1)Remember.....Dreams Come True


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                Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

                20 - Old Monorail song
                19 - Music from any CircleVision movie
                18 - Haunted Mansion Ballroom
                17 - King Arthur Carousel Organ
                16 - Main Street Cinema
                15 - Pirates - Old Man Banjo
                14 - Country Bears Vacation Hoedown
                13 - Swiss Family Treehouse "Swissapolka"
                12 - Mad Tea Party
                11 - Star Tours - kuchana-kuchana chime
                10 - Haunted Mansion Foyer
                9 - Pirates of the Caribbean - "Yo-Ho"
                8- Peter Pan's Flight
                7 - Matterhorn and Village Haus Polkas
                6 - Casey, Jr. circus train
                5 - The Main Street Electrical Parade
                4 - Space Mountain "Com-Chat"
                3 - "it's a small world"
                2 - Enchanted Tiki Room (Must Include Lanai music and Offenbach segment!)
                1 - The PeopleMover Background music (Best Lounge Muzak ever!) OH and also include the world of TRON in there with the PeopleMover!


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                  Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

                  In no particular order:

                  Disney Gallery Music
                  Club 33 Music
                  King Arthur Carousel Caliope
                  Haunted Mansion
                  Haunted Mansion Holiday 1
                  Haunted Mansion Holiday 2
                  Pirates of the Caribbean
                  America Sings
                  Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough
                  Remember Dreams Come True
                  Alice in Wonderland
                  Splash Mountain
                  it's a small world
                  Enchanted Tiki Room
                  Main Street Christmas Music
                  A Christmas Fantasy on Parade
                  New Orleans Square atmosphere music
                  Christmas Music in New Olreans Square


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                    Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

                    I've only been to Disneyland twice so I'm only going to list a few.
                    1. Space Mountain
                    2. Splash Mountain
                    3. Pirates
                    4. Indiana Jones


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                      Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

                      Sort of in order. 19 & 20 were only because I ran out of DL choices :P

                      20. Ellen's Energy Adventure score (at Epcot)
                      19. IllumiNations (at Epcot)
                      18. The Pirates Arcades (belongs somewhere in the single digits, but I dont want to re-arrange the list)
                      17. Fantasmic!
                      16. The Main Street Electrical Parade
                      16. Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams
                      15. California Screamin'
                      14. Soarin' Over California
                      13. Haunted Mansion Holiday
                      12. Esplanade loop
                      11. Main Street USA loop
                      10. Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room
                      9. Star Tours
                      8. New Orleans Square loop
                      7. Space Mountain
                      6. Indiana Jones Adventure
                      5. Splash Mountain
                      4. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
                      3. Pirates of the Caribbean
                      2. The Haunted Mansion
                      1. Remember... Dreams Come True

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                        Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

                        1. Remember...Dreams Come True
                        2. Fantasmic!
                        3. Space Mountain Daytime Track
                        4. Main Street Area Music (especially Triplets, Winter Garden Rag, Oh You Drummer)
                        5. There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow
                        6. It's a Small World
                        7. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah
                        8. New Orleans Square Area Music (especially Royal Garden Blues, Anything Goes, After You're Gone)
                        9. Main Street Electrical Parade
                        10. America Sings
                        11. Yo Ho, a Pirate's Life for Me
                        12. Country Bear Vacation Hoedown
                        13. Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room
                        14. King Arthur's Carousel (old loop, not the synthesized one that plays now)
                        15. Grim Grinning Ghosts
                        16. Mickey's Toontown Area Music (especially Puppy Love, Steamboat Willie, Thru the Mirror)
                        17. Matterhorn Yodeling
                        18. Miracles from Molecules
                        19. Frontierland Area Music (especially Big Country Theme, Magnificent Seven, Hoedown)
                        20. Peoplemover Music


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                          Re: Top 20 Favorite DL Soundtracks

                          1. Main Street Electrical Parade
                          2. There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (Carousel of Progress)
                          3. PeopleMover
                          4. Haunted Mansion
                          5. Splash Mountain (Song of the South)
                          6. Country Bear Jamboree
                          7. Remember, Dreams Come True
                          8. Enchanted Tiki Room
                          9. Light Magic
                          10. Matterhorn
                          11. Pirates of the Caribbean
                          12. Fantasmic
                          13. It's a Small World
                          14. Miracles from Molecules
                          15. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
                          16. Tomorrowland Background Music
                          17. Christmas Parade (I don't know the title of the song)
                          18. America Sings
                          19. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Music
                          20. Rainbow Caverns


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