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  • My LEGO Disneyland

    Updated progress pics for August 2/05 are available at:

    Thanks to those of you whom I met at the July 17 meetup for you positive feedback! You all rock!

    As for the old news:
    Hey everyone! Attached is a link to some photos of my most recent LEGO project.... DISNEYLAND!!!!
    I am in a local LEGO club, and for this years display, I decided to build New Orleans Square, The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and the Disneyland Railroad. Please note in the photos that the interior of the attractions were also built: In POTC, you can see the mayor being dunked in the well as his wife looks on; the "red head" is showing off; and a certain canine is keeping a key out of reach of some rotten rogues. The loading queue for Splash Mountain is full of eager riders, as the DLRR rumbles overhead. The Zip-a-dee-lady greets people after their splashdown.

    My plans for next year include all of Main Street USA; the Main Street Train Station and Mickey Floral Portrait; Sleeping Beauty Castle; and the Matterhorn. I will post pics as construction progresses!
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    My friend, that is amazing.
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      Wow. Just, wow.


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        that is totally amazing! I'm sure you will have most of micechat in awe. Very fine work

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          That, was awesome.


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            That is one impressive piece of work.

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              Very impressive - clearly a labour of love!


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                So cool! I am bookmarking this page for my husband, he is a lego fanatic! Thanks for sharing with us!
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                  sounds repetitive, but great job!
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                    That is about the best thing I've ever seen done with Legos.
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                      Oh my heck!!!!!! that is amazing! oh please oh please make a lego version of the castles.....especially Cinderella's and the French Sleeping Beauty's


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                        Just for accuracy, he commisioned special "peeling paint" and "faded" LEGOs for areas of the park that are still presslerized..
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                          Wow..... I have made lego houses before and streets.... But

                          Yes, it is fast....

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                          Drive it like it's stolen.


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                            Wow is just an understatement!! Great job, My brother always built spaceships and Boats, but this is excellent work. Thanks for sharing.
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                              Good Golly! That is simply incredible. The detail and precision is astounding! Good job, keep up the good work, keep us posted!
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                                My God that is so amazing~!! I can't wait to show my boys their jobs will DROP!! :bow: :bow:

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                                  I concurr with everyone who has posted before me. But I have questions...

                                  How long did it take you?
                                  How many bricks did you use?
                                  Are you planning on expanding on what you have?
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                                    As a former Lego fanatic, I am very impressed. Ive always wondered how to do te slanted legos(such as the roof on Splash or the angeled fences on Haunted Mansion). I stopped messing around with Legos long ago, but Im still glad to see people being very creative with them. Are you affiliated with Lego at all?, because some, if not most of those buildings are better than the employees at Lego put out!
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                                      All those unique pieces, it is so realistic.
                                      What an awesome creation!
                                      Thanks for showing us.
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                                        Wow thats really amazing especially Splash Mountain


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