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So how are the crowds now?


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  • So how are the crowds now?

    So now that Spring Break is "over"- Hours back to normal, no more fireworks or Fantasmic! daily, are the crowds dying down? I know that some schools are still on break, but I assume that the main crush of people is gone? Can anybody clue me in on what the crowds are like? I have a trip planned next week, and I'm hoping that the crowds are starting to decline.

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    Crowds are always lighter on weekdays and as for weekends, the next few weeks are probably as good as it is going to get until summer starts...........
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      For the rest of April, I think that DCA will be more crowded than usual on weekends, due to the "two-fer, one-park-only" promotion and those people not wanting to waste the DCA portion.


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        We are going to be there next week as well, starting on Sunday. Even the DLR web site suggests a mid April visit if you want to avoid the biggest crowds. And the weather, according to, is going to be perfect... mid 70's. I want to leave for DL now!!!
        You can think I'm wrong, but that's no reason to quit thinking.


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          The parks are extremely busy on the weekends right now. Just to give you an idea they were running all 5 trains on CA Screamin and the wait was an hour and a half. Splash Mountains time is about 120-180 min with Indy at 120.


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            Well all I know is that when the crowds leave, they whip out those paint brushes!


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              I'm going May 22-26 week, no weekend. I wonder how bad it's going to be??


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                It depends if people have begun there 50th travels already or they are waiting to visit during summer....Also I have Spring Break next week, so not everyone is back at school!


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                  Yeah, I know that the weekends will still be somewhat crowded. But it sounds like the weekdays won't be too bad? I'm going next Monday-Wednesday, and am hoping for pretty light crowds. I've never been during the week before (besides summer and christmas), so I don't really know what to expect crowd-wise. Will rides like Indy and Splash still have waits that hover around an hour?


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                    Crowded or not?

                    Ahoy all,

                    I was at Disneyland yesterday(Sunday). It was not nearly as crowded as it was the last time I was there 2 weeks ago on a Tuesday(3/22)! It was so packed then I didn't stay but an hour. Yesterday I was there from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Fastpasses are still a must for Buzz. It's a hoot! We rode about 10 attractions! The Haunted Mansion line was not even around the crypts just straight up the front!

                    A CM told me the lightness might be a combination of the Pope's death and the time change. It still wasn't super crowded in the afternoon.

                    Yea! Spring Break is over!

                    Aprille :-) who will be back at DLR in 2 weeks.


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                      I was there yesterday and it was a great day as far as crowds are concerned. Buzz Lightyear is the big hit right now and my children and I rode it for the first time yesterday. It was a blast, we had so much fun. The first time we rode it the wait in line was 50 minutes. The second time we had a fast pass and walked right on.

                      For Pirates we only waited in line about 10 minutes.

                      For Thunder Mountain we waited about 50 minutes.

                      All in all, yesterday the crowds were not bad. I've been there when they were so horrible that I just left.


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                        Yeah, the Sunday after Daylight Savings has traditionally been a slow morning.

                        If we had passes we may have been there.


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                          Here were the crowds to give you an idea on 4/2 have fun :devil:


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