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Will Holiday offerings change this year for the 50th?


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  • Will Holiday offerings change this year for the 50th?

    We're tentatively moving forward with plans to visit DLR again this year in December.

    I know there is unsurety out there as to the status of HMH (although the current refurbishment schedule has a lengthy downtime prior to October which indicates its most likely a go....)

    Question is - (and I don't think it's been decided yet... but thought I'd ask anyway...) do you think they'll replace "Remember..." for "Believe... Holiday Magic"... and the new 50th anniversary parade with the holiday parade?

    I doubt a decision either way would affect our plans. We'll still probably go. We love the DLR at Christmastime... esp. with all the holiday offerings - but at the same time, we're excited to see the 50th stuff. I'm secretly hoping they will be running both versions (at least on weekends... and between Christmas and New Years) - although I don't know if that would be feasible.

    Any word?
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    I would be surprised if they changed out the 50th anniversary stuff for the Holiday stuff. Who knows? Maybe they will create a hybrid for the 50th anniversary holidays.


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      What I have heard is that the "Christmas Fantasy" parade will be moving to DCA this year so that Parade of Dreams can continue to run. No word on the fireworks yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if the pull out something like "Remember... Holiday Dreams Come True" Maybe the regular Remember with a special christmas finale. Or maybe they'll bring back Believe, but with a few updates, like using the new Tinkerbell.


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        I think we will definitly be seeing Remember...Dreams Come True stick around. They may add somesort of seperate holiday ending to include the now infamous Disneyland snowfall. but that is just speculation.
        I also got the word from a disney entertainment cast member face to face that Christmas Fantasy is moving to DCA, but that is also still just being worked out and talked. NOTHING is final.


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          I dont mind missing the holiday fireworks this year. I think out of respect for the park that they should keep everything original except for the usual christmas lights they put up. Maybe making Remember for christmas wouldn't be a bad idea.


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