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Tomorrowland paint job!


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    I like the blues, but agree the blue ROCK walls are a little weird. Oh well, in the future there are blue rocks appearantly.
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      Originally posted by jmuboy
      I like the blues, but agree the blue ROCK walls are a little weird. Oh well, in the future there are blue rocks appearantly.
      who's to say there won't be? I like the the abstract looking future they show now.
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        Originally posted by mp3piratesavvy
        Ok, so we can all agree that the return of whites, blues, and silvers is a welcome thing to the Tomorrowland area. But is it just me, or is that 'hint of gold' that they are leaving in just a reminder of the Tomorrowland 98' DOWNGRADE? Shouldnt they just get rid of ALL THE GOLD, since white and blue dont go with Gold at all?

        mp3piratesavvy- I merged you're thread "Tomorrowland paint Scheme" with "Tomorrowland Paint Job" that was started last Tuesday.

        Please try not to Post duplicate threads, there is a search button and multiple pages in each forum.

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          haha... my thread lives because of duplicity!
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            Originally posted by robotpirates
            Steampunk Victorian-esque, you mean?

            ...I'm a nerd.
            I LOVE Steam Punk Victorian-esque!...except this was a half baked attempt at it. Basically it was just classic TL painted bronze and gold :/ And Space Mountain looked cool with its oxydation...and some of the metal and rust around the land was kinda cool too...but it wasnt any DLP Space Mountain or Journey to the Center of the Earth, or 20,000 Leagues and thats what it needed to looked cheap and felt cheap because all it was was a paint job....its too bad.

            I like the new paint job though, it takes classic TL and freshens it up without making it seem dated in a 60s and 70s retro way....but lets see how long that lasts
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