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Pirates, Nemo, Haunted Mansion update 4/27


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  • Pirates, Nemo, Haunted Mansion update 4/27

    Went on Haunted Mansion this morning. Still no changes from yesterday, but I do notice more details with each passing trip. As you enter the attic, the glowing victorian lamp and the "Wedding Album are on your right, facing the direction of travel.

    As you turn and look to your left, you'll see the first portrait (covered with a Light Blue sheet), and the china stacked up.

    Still on your left, you next come to the infamous purple sheet portrait, which is where you'll find the chair, the tiger skin, and the World Globe.

    Turning then to your right, you'll find the swords, and another small portrait, covered with a white sheet.

    Finally, turning to your left, beyond the piano player's shadow, is yet another sheet, and to your right is the bride, heart beating, facing you!

    I snuck past the Royal Street Veranda, which up until today had a view of the work inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean construction site. Someone got wise to the spy reports and closed up, with masking tape, the four panels that were previously uncovered. The site was quiet today. I suppose if someone is tall enough, there's still a curved portion of the window uncovered, that you could stick a camera in and get pictures, but it's more difficult now.

    Finally, I had the opportunity to observe the work on the Nemo's Submarine Voyage ride. Major work in the tunnels today, and many of the subs were open, and you could peer right in. In the tunnels, you can see workers with jackhammers breaking up concrete, and another worker using a concrete saw to cut up large portions of the previously existing concrete.

    I'll be back tonight, and then again this weekend. Hopefully this will be the weekend that the sheets come off!

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    Re: Pirates, Nemo, Haunted Mansion update 4/27

    Thank you for the up date. Disneyland have eyes on this web site.
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