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What's up with the Observatron?


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    TL 98 was wrong on all fronts and perhaps the biggest misstep the park ever took. The observa-deal was and is an abonimation. It makes me wince everytime I glance up there. *ouch* Take it down.
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      Well even if they took a swan and made it a ugly piece of junk you have to respect that it is the same Rocket Jets we all know underneath.

      Hopefully it will be transformed back to its beautiful state.
      Even if they kept it I wouldn't mind it staying for a little while longer if they painted it to match tomorrowland's new paint scheme.


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        Originally posted by MickeyMania
        I'm not sure exactly what they should do with the space, but I think it's a cop-out to just put spinning rockets up there.

        Personally, I'd either put a theming element that's much flashier up there or just tear the whole motor out and make it, you know, a roof. Then focus on putting something on the loading platform below.
        That space belongs to the Rocket Jets. They shall be painted red and white. Children and adults will ride in them and be thrilled. Screams and laughter shall fill the air... and nothing will be flashier. I have spoken.
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          from what I've understood so far the same source that fortold months (as far back as october?) ago of the new tomorrowland paint would happen has also said that neither the Orbiter or the obseritron would recieve new paint for now

          however that source also said there are several concepts competing with each other for what may eventualy go up on that platform, only the future will tell

          but look for more changes as Tomorrowlands 5 year plan continues
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