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Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)


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  • Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

    (Admins, if you feel you need to move this to the "OTHER" theme parks area that's fine ... but there is a method to my madness)

    Okay ... not really ... it's more like ghetto Disneyland with a whole bunch of plagerized stuff ... it's kind of cool actually.

    But before we go there ... some background for those of you not following my Philippine adventure thread in the lounge (and why aren't you???). I'm in the Philippines on business and I had a day to go check out the city today.

    My saturday started at work, came back to the hotel and the driver picked me up about 11pm.

    First Stop was SM Megamall. And when they say MEGAmall they aren't kidding.

    The mall is probably 1/2 mile long and 5 stories tall. I had heard the shopping here was decent but the main reason for coming here was that there was supposed to be a park inside the mall called Glicos.

    So I get in the mall and instantly start looking for a map to find this place. My common sense told me that it would be on the 1st floor ... coaster ... first floor right ... WRONG!!! It was actually on the 5th floor.

    We will get to Glicos in a second. First some pics of the actual Mall.

    First thing I come across is Worlds of Fun. Who knew that Cedar Fair had a park here too ...

    Worlds of Fun

    They have a bowling alley

    And a Ice Rink

    KFC has their own Chicken Boo

    MegaMall ... 5 stories of shopping goodness:

    Glicos (were not at Ghetto Disneyland yet)

    Quantum Leap ... now RCDB has this listed as a Tire Propelled Lift coaster ... that's not actually accurate. It's actually a powered coaster.

    Pictures of Quantum Leap

    So then I ride the coaster and see this ...

    Yeah ...

    The other thing, RCDB states there are 2 coasters here. If there are I never saw the 2nd one ... and the place isn't very big.

    Back out into the mall ... apparently Erik Estrada is HUGE here.

    Let's take a look at Erik Estrada's career path:
    70's/80's ... hearthrob US actor, hit TV show
    90's ... Novellas on Mexican TV
    2000's ... Asian Pacific Superstar

    That concludes the Megamall portion of the update ... Next post will be Star City. (aka ghetto Disneyland)
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    Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

    Star City ... they have penguins inside. It's cool already

    The entrance to the park. EVERYTHING here is either in a mall, on top of a mall or near a mall

    The park is 1/2 indoors and 1/2 outdoors.

    First stop ... Zyklon Loop

    So up to this point the park looked just like any other amusement park.
    This is where the park starts turning weird ...

    I go around to where the supposedly 2 other coasters are (there are actually 3 more) and I see this:

    Okay ... so that's weird enough. It was basically what looked like a boat ride. I wasn't going to ride any boat rides but had it been open I don't think I could have NOT ridden it ...

    So then I head back inside to do the other coasters

    First Stop, Wacky Dragon:

    It was basically the worst kiddy coaster EVER ... and I felt like such a whore for even riding it.

    While in the queue I notice some interesting paintings on the wall behind the coaster

    I then head upstairs to do the other coaster ... I get up and I see another coaster, The Wacky Worm ... that was EXACTLY like the Wacky dragon ... except green.

    the next post is when it starts getting freaky ...


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      Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

      First thing I see is this ... hmmm

      and this

      Okay, at this point I thought it was a dark ride ... but it wasn't.

      Let's put it this way ... if any of you were ever wondering what it would be like to get walked off Peter Pan at Disneyland ... you are about to find out ...

      The first room

      At this point I'm like okay ... this is weird ... but then we get to London
      your basically on a cat walk over london

      (sorry the pictures here are so dark)

      Next room (they skipped the neverland fly-over)

      Then the indians


      Lost boys

      Pan and Hook

      And away we go

      Some of the rooms were kind of out of order but they pretty much has all of the scenes there except the Neverland fly-over. It was really weird. It basically looks like someone went to Disney (most likely TDL) and took pictures and said "Hey, let's build this here".

      Next up was my last credit ... the Blizzard Coaster ...

      Anybody ever see wheels like this???

      Okay ... so the weird thing about this coaster is the lift hill is curved ... so you automatically think ... tire lift ... BUT NO!!! It's a chain lift. There is one short chain lift, a HUGE gap and then another lift. Honestly, the lift is the scariest part about this ride.

      The first lift:

      The gap and the 2nd lift

      After this I wanted to see the penguins ... but seeing how this park was maintained I really didn't want to because if they had been mistreated I would have been pissed. Ignorance is bliss!!!

      Have you meet penguin???

      They also had a couple more disney things

      I don't know if it was a walk-through or a ride but I was fading at this point. I had been up for 20 hours, trained all night and walked 2 1/2 miles at Megamall and bartered for some cheap purses at Green Hills.

      They had a Snow White Car ride too

      Overall I'm glad I went out. The coasters sucked but the Pan thing made up for it.


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        Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

        You have offically just entered....the Twilight Zone (starts playing the music)


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          Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

          Very freaky. Very odd but pretty cool.
          Thanks for sharing!
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            Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

            Oh, great! Phillipines Ghetto DL has the 1st Little Mermaid Dark Ride! Hey, how could they make one, if they didn't one to copy? Yeah, this comes in there right after Japans "Dreamland"
            Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
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              Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

              :looks at hands: The... dirt... won't... wash... off...


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                Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

                What that park needs now is Principal Skinner when the Disney Lawyers show up. I had a good laugh at all the Disney-based plagarism. That place looks like a cheap rip-off of West Edmonton Mall.


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                  Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

                  woa.. like dejavu dude....

                  what? no penguin talk with um... any disney penguins?? lol


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                    Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

                    That's the only thing I like.


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                      Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

                      How strange looking. Those dioramas look like they haven't been dusted or repaired in years.


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                        Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

                        first of all, i love the Sm mega malls! haha.
                        i go on shopping sprees and eat way too much when i'm visiting the philippines. lol

                        but yeah..i never knew about this "star city" ! now i want to check it out for fun. but the pictures kind of scare me. i would be afraid to ride anything because they look like they are in need of maintenence.
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                          Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

                          I've been on some pretty scary coasters ... but I was more freaked out on these than any others I have ever been on.

                          I was thinking to myself going up the lift of the first one that if I died on a coaster in the Philippines I'd be pretty upset.

                          If you ever do decide to go it's on Roxas boulevard near the Intramurous ... about 1 k/m from the US Embassy.

                          Even if you don't ride the coasters it's still worth the 250 pesos (about $5 US) to go.


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                            Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

                            Thanks for sharing that, it was cool! I love it when you find something weird like that when you're traveling. That loop coaster didn't look like it would get up enough momentum to carry it through a loop.
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                              Re: Photo TR: Disneyland in the Philippines ... (that's right)

                              Did you meet the penguins... I'd die if they let me touch one. Eee, I wub pengies.


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