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  • Favorite Disneyland Snack

    Just thought that this would be a fun thread.

    My favorites are the sugar cookies from the Main Street bakery and during Christmas time, at the Village Haus (and maybe elsewhere), hot apple popems that were sprinkled with powered sugar and hot carmel sauce.
    The popems were small pastries that were filled with delicious apples. Yummy.

    What is your favorite snack or snacks at Disneyland?

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    Dole Whip Float!

    Turkey Leg!
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      Dole whips, mint juleps, churros, soft pretzets, pooh's peanut butter sandwiches, carmel apples... basically most everything. I'm like Cookie Monster at DL, eating anything and everything until I'm sick (yet happy). I'd be so fat I'd have to ride around in one of those scooters if I didn't have a hummingbird's metabolism.
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        Churros, of course. And they used to have fried cheesecake on a stick, I think. I wonder if that is a holiday thing only.
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          If you consider the corndogs a snack then it's the corndogs. But for a true indulgent "snack" I like the Dark Chocolate Honeycomb from the Candy Palace.

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            WOW!! Deja vu (spelling )
            I could have sworn we had this same topic like 2 weeks ago...he he he :lol: :lol:

            Oh well! I still love churros w/ carmel sauce!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

            And who can forget the dole whip???? :bow:
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              Dole whips (of course!), Chocolate-covered frozen banana, Grand Gibsons, and Churros! Disneyland really knows how to satisfy my sweet tooth!
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                yeah...deja vu...

                Corn dogs, churros, ice cream in a waffle cone, all on Main street
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                  You mean they have snacks other than churros?

                  mmm churros

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                    <---- points to name


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                      Favorite snack I enjoyed as a kid.....Churros!!!! :bow: They were great to eat while waiting in long lines.
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                        Originally posted by CinderellaPrincess
                        Oh well! I still love churros w/ carmel sauce!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM
                        Is that not HEAVEN!? So glad to see someone else appreciate the glory that is the churro and caramel sauce!


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                          Bavarian Pretzels,
                          Dole WHIPS!!
                          Mint Juleps!!
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                            Dole Whip and Caramel Popcorn at DCA.


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                              Mint Juleps

                              and I don't like Churros or Popcorn!

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                                Popcorn, Mint Juleps, Bacon Wrapped Asparagus from the Bengal Barbeque, and from the candy store by Pooh, Tigger Tails (White Chocolate Covered marshmellows with peanuts on a stick that are colored to look like--what else?--Tigger's tail.)

                                Furthermore, I miss the old way they made Apple Fritters at the Mint Julep Bar, the bigger ones with the custard filling inside, as opposed to the smaller ones they have now with just a teensy cup of custard to dip them in. =x


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                                  Easy - Dole Whip Float. Although I could do without the cherries they put in them.


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                                    An enigma:

                                    I don't think the popcorn at DL is particularly well done, kinda dry, no butter, etc.

                                    But dang it if I can't walk past the first popcorn vendor I see, get a whiff of that wonderful popcorn smell, and buy a box to munch while I sit on a park bench!

                                    What is it about Disneyland that makes dry popcorn taste so darn good?


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                                      Cream cheese filled Mickey pretzels. Mmmmmm, pretzels.

                                      This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                                        Gosh, Dole whips, all the stuff at Bengle BBQ, corn dogs, tamales from Frontierland,(can you still get those)? sticky buns, and dipped Mickey sugar cookies. dipped rice crispy Mickey's, frozen bananas, and I love the Mint Juleps.
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