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    -Dole Whip
    -Fritters in NOS
    -mint julip
    -Mickey Ice cream cookie sandwich
    -carmal apple slices

    ...ohhh I just like to eat....


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      Daytime-Churro's, DoleWhip and a pineapple slice (not at the same time...)

      Rainy day or evening-Hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll from Main St.


      Ice cream with the swirl in it. Strawberry, bubblegum and of course, chocolate!


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        DOLE WHIP - DOLE WHIP - DOLE WHIP - DOLE WHIP and I like those Jalapeno Cheese stuffed pretzels too!
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          Malibu Frapp at DCA/Cinnmon roll...


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            Popcorn and a coke
            I hate robots...

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            Gas For Car- $60
            Meeting Billy Goat Bob- Priceless


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              Churros (I remember getting them for like NOTHING at Cast Member Holiday Parties when my sister worked there and used to take us)

              Cherry coke at TL Terrace
              Katie :yea:
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                Grr, my computer was being WEIRD, sorry
                Katie :yea:
                Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
                :sc: FIGHT ON!!!!!!


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                  Originally posted by Disneykat
                  Churros (I remember getting them for like NOTHING at Cast Member Holiday Parties when my sister worked there and used to take us)
                  And by the time the 2003 Holiday Party rolled around, they were charging us CMs $1.50 per churro, if I remember correctly. Much cheaper than what the public pays, but I still didn't feel I was getting much of a bargain.

                  I'm a sucker for the Mint Juleps.

                  Also, though I'm uncomfortable in principle with McDonalds' presence in DL, I can seldom pass up the Frontierland french fry wagon. Overpriced, yes, but always so durned fresh!
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                    Fantasia Ice Cream!


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                      Honey Popcorn from Critter Country
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                        Originally posted by TicTocDragon
                        Honey Popcorn from Critter Country
                        Never gotten to try that yet...whenever I go up to the vendor to get some, they're always out of it. Guess that's an indication that it's really that good.


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                          I just had my first Dole Whip float this weekend--totally hooked!!

                          Main Street Bakery chocolate chip cookies!!

                          Does DCA still have cherry chocolate brownies? Those were my favorite for a while.

                          Onion rings at Taste Pilots Grill are really great, that's the only thing I buy there, and they go really well with the Electrical Parade for some reason.


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                            In DL:

                            * Everything at Bengal Tiger
                            * Dole Whip (except when it's cold and rainy out!)
                            * Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches
                            * Goofy Dogs (one foot hot dogs in Toontown)
                            * Cinnamon Roll at the Bakery on Main Street
                            * Corn Dogs
                            * Turkey Legs

                            Sadly, I've never had a mint julep in NOS :-(, But I love
                            mint juleps in general..... so count me in for that as well!

                            In DCA:

                            * The Boudin bread (love boudin sourdough generally) :-)
                            * chocolate dipped fortune cookies


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                              Gap kaki loose fit. OH you said SNACKS! Oh, well churro and dolewhip of course.
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                              Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
                              Marge: Pink.
                              Homer: D'oh!
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                                In DL, the giant cinnamon bun, dole whip (I can't wait!), and some of the fudge they sell down past Splash Mountain.

                                In DCA, we never miss getting those ice cream sundaes out of the train by the entrance, and I'm partial to the hot link corn dogs down by Mulholland.


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                                  Originally posted by dsnylndmom
                                  and I don't like Churros or Popcorn!
                                  I'm with you - my entire family thinks I'm adopted because of this! I don't like either of them at all!

                                  However, I will eat more than my share of Dole Whip, Mickey pretzels (OH MY GOD I love the jalepeno cheese... then again I love everything jalepeno), Mint Juleps and all of the food at the Bengal BBQ.

                                  I'm kind of surprised that no one has mentioned those big pickles... oh those are good...

                                  I've never had a turkey leg (I promise I'll get one on my next visit!) and what are Grand Gibsons? (Dustmeuptink?)


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                                    snickerdoodle cookies from the pooh store and the chip n' dales little mini pretzels.They're good and cheap!


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                                      Welches Grape Juice Bar!!!
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                                          Originally posted by Tinkerbell
                                          Is that not HEAVEN!? So glad to see someone else appreciate the glory that is the churro and caramel sauce!

                                          Preach on SISTA!!!!!! THAT IS THE BOMB!!!

                                          By the way, I love your avatar, it reminds me of the Peter Pan book I had as a kid. I loved the animation in it!!!!
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