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The Disneyland Hotel: drnilescrane edition


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  • The Disneyland Hotel: drnilescrane edition

    This is something I have been meaning to post, but I didn't get around to it until I was reminded by the Disneyland Hotel Renovation thread. It's a bit rougth around the edges and doesn't go into exact details but rather explores concepts, but here goes:

    The Disneyland Hotel: Now
    The Disneyland Hotel: drnilescrane's Plans

    The concept behind the hotel is a Micktorian hotel in a lush garden setting, using Fantasia elements for theming. The hotel isn't intended to be true to a style like the Grand Californian - it instead is a family hotel, and sometimes gets a bit whimsical in design. The hotel will be one connected 12 story tower, that is pale green in color with dark green turrets and on a stone base, much like the Disneyland Hotel Paris (except this tower will be slightly less detailed in it's facade design, as ours will be a moderate/deluxe so it still provides semi-affordable accomodation on site and doesn't upstage the Grand Californian).

    There will be five main public areas, which I will list in detail - the Garden Lobby, Fantasia Gardens (The westernmost area out the back), the Convention Centre, the Guest Rooms and the Pool.
    As you can see, I canibalised parking space for the hotel, so the hotel will be built on a level of underground parking to make up the difference. The amount of rooms provided will be dramaticaly larger than what there is now, to compensate for the cost of building a new hotel.

    The Disneyland Hotel: drnilescrane's Southern View
    The Disneyland Hotel: drnilescrane's Eastern View

    The Garden Lobby (see map above), will be the centerpiece of the hotel, and will be the main port of entry from Downtown Disney and the check-in. The lobby will span the entire height of the building, and will be toped off by a large glass skylight. The idea of the garden lobby is that it is a large garden indoors - an extension of the Fantasia Gardens (see below). Large plant boxes, containing exotic plants an topiararys are arranged around a central fountain, depicting Mickey from the Sorcerers Apprentice, complete with Brooms. Seating areas will provided in between the plants. 4 glass elevators on the western side, done up to resemble historic Bird-Cage style elevators, will transport guests to their rooms. the top floor, located within the roof dome, will be the Concierge lounge, with panoramic windows overlooking the lobby and the parks. Check in and a bridge to the Convention Center (spanning over the Porte Croche) will be located under the guest rooms. A large doors will transport the guests to the Fantasia Gardens, the pools and the various restaurants that front onto the lobby (see map above).

    Finishing off the lobby, in the south-eastern corner and fronting onto Downtown Disney is Donald's Cafe, next to the Fantasia store. The idea behind this particular establishment is that Donald, being the famous person that he is, has decided to follow the crowd and open a cafe. This contemporary cafe, serving REAL coffee, will be decked out with Donald Duck memorabilia depicting his many cartoon, comic and merchandise adventures, along with some gag photo's and awards showing Donald with Famous people. The color scheme of this cafe will be mainly Blues, Whites and Yellows. (This should fill the gap - now Donald will finally have a restaurant named after him)

    The Fantasia Store, also fronting onto both the lobby and Downtown Disney, will be largly the same as it is now, except for the fact that it has become Micktorian in it's fitout.

    Fantasia Gardens is the next area of the hotel. It's purpose is to provide a whimsical garden enviroment for families to relax and to escape the city enviroment of Anaheim. It will be lined by large pine trees, so when you are at ground level, you are unable to see the road on the other site. The gardens will feature topirarys depicting scenes from the movie.
    Flanking the gardens on two sides will be two of the main restaurants of the Hotel, Goofy's Kitchen (Featuring Charachter Dining) and The Fifth Symphony (The Upscale Restaurant). Goofy's will remain largly unchanged in concept from what it is now, with decor changing to match the new setting. Our new restaurant, The Fifth Symphony, fronts both the pool and the Gardens, and the concept is a large micktorian dining room that has been taken over by our abstract butterflies in a flurry of color and shapes, using lightling effects to change the colors periodically. The butterflies would seem to have originated from a large vase, and have spiraled around the ceiling, flying down the support collums. The quality of the restaurant is meant to be midway between the Storytellers Cafe and the Napa Rose.

    Located directly across from the Garden Lobby is the Convention Center, which takes on a Rhapsody in Blue theme, characturing the Micktorian theme, and only featuring colors that have been derived from blue. There are three main ballrooms - The Rockafella Room, the Harlem Room and the Uptown Room, and other meeting spaces taking on the theme from a scene in the animated short. The Rockafella ballroom will be designed to be large enough to hold a Disney AGM onsite.

    There will be four different variations on the theming of the Guest Rooms - one for each of the views (Garden, City, Park and Pool), all themed to different stages within the Firebird Suite, with rooms featuring Fire, Rebirth, Growth and Normality, with motifs located in the bedspreads, wallpapers, curtains and other decor. The rooms would closely resemble those from the HKDL Hotel, apart from the motif's mentioned above, including the plasma screens. The rooms would be rougthly the same size as they are at the moment, but with proper balconies. The suites and concierge rooms would take on similar theming, and would be located in the turrets of the hotels, and the concierge rooms would all be located on the 12th floor as 'dormer rooms'. The concierge lounge,as mentioned above, would be alone on the 13th floor overlooking the lobby and the park, for easy fireworks viewing.

    The last area of the hotel are the Pools. There will be 2 1/2 pools - the Main Pool, with a smaller kids pool of to the side, and the Quiet Pool. The main pool will be themed to Donald's 'Pomp and Circumstance' short from the movie, with the pool centered around the ark with a water slide, and animals scattered around the pool, complete with water features. (I may change this - it's kinda lame compared to the Neverland Pool... Maybe a 'Sorcerer's Apprentice Pool...?). The second, quiet pool will be themed to 'Pines of Rome', with the pool surrounded by Ice Glaciers and featuring a whale motif. The twist with this pool is that the glaciers contain LED ligtling within, and there are jets hidden in the pool. At night, when the pool is closed, the pool can be roped off and become - Fantasia Waters, a light and water show set to pieces from the film!

    Located around the Main Pool are our last two dining locations. The first of which is the Steadfast Steakhouse, as the title sujests is a family steakhouse, themed to be the child's bedroom from 'The Steadfast Tin Soldier', where the toys have come alive and are positioned around the dining area. This establishment has frontage to Downtown Disney as well as the pool area. The last establishment is Interstitial's, our quick service location, with the serving area on the lower floor and seating on the upper floor. Located around the structure are fibreglass panels designed to represent the 'sails' from the film's interstitial's.

    That's it - Comments, Sugestions and Constructive Criticisms are welcome!

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    Re: The Disneyland Hotel: drnilescrane edition

    You've done an enormous amount of work, drnilescrane.

    As I said elsewhere, I love the whole Victorian setting idea, and your 'Micktorian' sounds like an ideal Disney hotel. The things that really capture the spirit of the place for me would be the glass "historic Bird-Cage style elevators". I think these are an absolutely wonderful idea that would completely cap off the rest of the theming.

    I also like the Fantasia elements to the pool and lobby. Fantasia is one of my favourite Disney films, and isn't represented nearly enough in the parks.

    My only suggestion: you've got a Steadfast Steakhouse - can you have a vegetarian place too? Say...A Night on Baked Potato Mountain?
    I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks


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      Re: The Disneyland Hotel: drnilescrane edition

      It's a very thought out concept...but I have to wonder if it's scale is too large (height and window area) for where it is.

      I like the concept though.


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        Re: The Disneyland Hotel: drnilescrane edition

        Neat, but a few criticisms:

        1) This is more of a cultural thing (ie: Australians aren't so constantly afraid that someone is trying to kill them,) but Garages under hotels are considered bad here since 9/11, even though I don't think the DLH is really a target for that kind of thing.

        2) I can't figure out where on your floor plan the room tower is built.

        3) Is Donald's Cafe a replacement for the gone but not forgotten Monorail Cafe? :yea:


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          Re: The Disneyland Hotel: drnilescrane edition

          wow! thats amazing - and a lot of work!
          - PanTheMan



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