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    Construction walls and the anticipation of a new attraction is way better than an unused lagoon and stalling until the anniversary is over. I can't see anyone being upset over the walls with all the amazing restoration the rest of the park is receiving.


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      I suppose we could leave the lagoon open and fill it with thousands and thousands and thousands of Rubber Duckies for a cool artistic look....thats a joke insert your laughter here, awww nevermind...


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        Who else thinks the walls are up only for when they drain and clean the lagoon? I'll bet the walls will be down by 050505.

        If you look at some of the pics the walls are just tarps over a wood frame. Hardly something that could last staying up for 2 years.


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          I disagree that people won't see the sub's as a 50th anniversary gift. When I was a CM- that was by far the number one question I was asked. People LOVED that ride and have fond childhood memories of it. Once the announcement is "official" I am sure there will be much more excitement than complaining. I agree that the walls up now are only temporary and I would expect some painted walls in the near future, themed "hopefully" with images from the old subs to peak interest and excitement. I remember when the wall were up for TL 98 and it didn't bother me at all that they were there, it only made me more excited to find out what was going on behind them. (Unfortunately I was sorely dissapointed)
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            I suspect the walls are temporary and they will be doing some cleaning in the lagoon as well as perhaps some prep work for the overlay. Al mentioned 8 new show scenes, I wouldn't be surprised to see some new things in the lagoon during the 50th hinting toward the Nemo ride. I think it would be neat to take ride in the sub and search for Nemo like that recent Bill Murray movie where they search for a shark I believe. Didn't actually see it. But they could dam up the lagoon from the show building behind the water falls to put in the new show effects inside the building. I would much rather see them move the queue for the Nemo ride to the old motorboat area as it may more appropriately fit in Fantasyland and make for better traffic flow for the Monorail.

            I was more interested actually in the new Monorail station to accomodate the new fleet at the end of Fiscal year 2006.
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              It would be great if they got the animatronic "mine! mine!" seagulls that were rumored up and running in the lagoon before the 50th. It would be a nice little hint of things to come.
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                taking a guess, I think that they would drain the lake to clean it and also put up dam in the tunnel so that they can drain the rest of the building and start working on it.
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                  Ya know I was thinking that maybe they could at least put in some large static display in the lagoon for the 50th. Something like a big gold statue of king triton or something like that.

                  What would you like to see as a temporary thang that is reasonable to get in there in a month.


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                    I think that the chances of Disney leaving an unfinished attraction under wraps during a large celebration is unlikely. Given the disgusting state of the submarine lagoon, I too believe that they are just cleaning it up, making it pristine for the 50th. My best guess would involve either just spiffying it up or maybe adding something a little less expensive and durable, like a fountain, or some other decorative piece.
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                      Disney has lots of space to make new attractions. They have the Motor Boat and Submarine Lagoon area. The Skyway house and the Big Thunder Ranch. The space occupying a portion of the old Mine Train thru Nature's Wonderland. And lastly, the long PeopleMover track and obsersation area. They need to do something with all of this land because it is never used. Money must not be an option but with the way the Disney Compnay works, im sure this will all be dealt with in a 20 year plan or something.
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                        Originally posted by notlemc
                        I was wondering with the 50th coming up in month if Disnneyland will be able to accomplish their goals?

                        Think about it. The Tomorrowland RR station is still not open, Space Mountain is still sitting there (maybe completed, maybe tested, maybe empty (the latter not likely)), and now walls are going up around the sub lagoon.

                        Is Disney really going to be able to build a new ride in the sub lagoon in less than a month? Is this possible? Granted, the track is already done. But if you think about it, re-doing the subs (which may already be done), creating the new ride visuals, building the scenes then testing in all a month? Is that possible.

                        The only way I could see this possible is if Disney has gone behind our backs and some how built and installed all of the ride scenes inside the sub cave after the outside box testing occured. It would seem like a shame if Disneyland did not have the sub ride open for the 50th (which I assume is their projected date of completion) and have walls around the lagoon for the 50th?
                        youknow I've gotta wonder what's with all these posts looking at the Subs as a 50th gift, they're not a 50th gift they're what will be used to keep the steam rolling after the celebration is done

                        that's the way theme park buisness works you end one thing and begin another to keep people coming back

                        as I've said on other threads the construction walls will only excite visitors and make them want to come back really soon (unless they're obsessive APers who will come back anyways and will complain about construction)
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