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Remember Firework Show possibility


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  • Remember Firework Show possibility

    There is a segment of the show called the laughing place segment, davison at the cast blast mentioned alice and peter pan, but he didnt mention IASW or even the Carousel of Progress(I know it was in Tommorowland) do you think those institutional attractions will be in their? Can we speculate that possibly a Country Bear segment in that when reffering to "Bear Country" which part of the show do you think they put in their?!
    Personally I feel that they need to put in the COP and IASW as well as Country Bear for nostalgic sake, what do you guys think?

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    IASW music is too slow (I would think) to match the "How Do Ya Do" music from Splash.


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      I think they already thought about all the ride soundtracks they wanted to use and due to time constraints there had to be certain cuts.
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        Wait, what do you mean they had those songs in their but they cut them out due to money? Or is it they still might have them in their?


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          its already 17 minutes long........
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