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One Year Ago (5-3-05) I Fell In Love With the Jungle Cruise, Again!


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  • One Year Ago (5-3-05) I Fell In Love With the Jungle Cruise, Again!

    One year ago, on 5-3-05, I arrived in Anaheim, anticipating the
    beginning of the Fiftieth Festivities. I'll save some of these thoughts
    for 5-5-06, because on this thread I just want to discuss some of the
    special "pre-party surprises."

    Because 5-4-2005, marked the first time in years that Disneyland
    was closed to the public, I wanted to arrive on 5-3-05, in order to
    visit DL one more time, before the party officially began. I tried to
    back offon some of my high hopes for this party, (hoping for a 5th
    mountain for DL park, for it's 50th, and a New MSEP, and among
    other things) But even with the lack of several items on my wish
    list for DL, this trip proved to provide many pleasant surprises.

    As the Mickey and Friends tram dropped us off at the the one and
    only stop for DDT, DCA, and DL, anticipation certainly began! (Still
    hoping that there would be some way to get into DL 5-4-05,
    with the back up plan of going to DCA to see their new parade,
    if I absolutely couldn't get into DL on 5-4 - because I wasn't
    one of the few winners of the AP online contest)

    I did have to make one very important stop, before entering DL!
    You see, just a couple days prior, I had received a lucite copy of
    my DL Esplanade Brick ~ with the 50th Anniversary Medallion.
    This would be the 1st time to see my actual brick for the 1st Time!
    What a great way to start the trip ~ and it's become tradition
    to check out the brick on every trip!

    Entering through DL Gates, many of the 50th preparations had already
    been completed. The floral Mickey, which had greeted guests for
    50 years was made extra special for this 50th Celebration. And the
    trip thru the magical tunnel, under the railroad track, opened up
    Main Street, with all the charm it always has had, with the added
    sparkle of all the buildings which had gone through a several months
    refurbishment project. And extra gleem was added to all the lamposts,
    courtesy of Tinkerbell!

    At the end of Main Street, we noticed the castle had extra gold
    sparkle, the new multi-blue colored tiles, and the much brighter
    looking castle. However, one final touch, or shall I say FIVE,
    final touches were still missing from the castle. No doubt, the
    castle would receive her crowns at the coronation celebration
    on 05-05-05!

    Walking thru the park, our eyes were open for all the added
    touches, of new hidden Mickey logo's and the several photo
    montages of various Disney Animated Character. Disneyland
    new, once again!

    Pirates, was one of the 1st choices, and what Disney Geeks
    we proved to be with the cannonball splashes actually getting
    us wet, and reaching heights never seen before. Little did we
    know, this extra charge wouldn't even make the top ten list
    for this trip.

    Just as we walked by the Jungle Cruise, which had been
    closed at least a couple months, the attraction opened a few
    minutes prior! Soon we would know the secret behind the sign
    which proclaimed "Something Gnu". As a Jungle Cruise nut, and one
    time, guest river guide, I was about to go WiLD for the cruise as
    never before.

    One of the statues guarding the entrance to the sacred Elephant
    bathing pool was moved closer to the Bengal Tiger, Some Giant
    Arachnids were now it's place. The elephants out as usual,
    and just beyond,. . . Baboons? screamming and WHOOOOHSHSHSH!!!
    A brand new sound, that can even be heard in DTD! The "Guerilla's"
    had learned how to use some of the amo!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    And then, we could celebrate the shooting of the Hippo once again!
    (Even though it was the hippo in the tree!) The guns, were rightfully
    restored into the hands of the Jungle Cruise Guides! HURRAH!!!!!

    And Talk about restoring, during the rehab, the cliffs of Schweitzers
    Falls, named after that great explorer and humanitarian, Doctor
    Albert . . . . . Falls, actually fell. hence, we were now witnessing
    the ALL NEW backside of Water!. Soon, we were witnesses to
    "new?!?!?" petroglyphs of some sort of extinct creature? Suddenly the
    water churned in the rapids area, like never before! Not once, but
    twice, piriahna were feverishly attacking!! Actually getting spatt on
    by those Angry Goldfish!

    Then an unknown face appeared! FINALLY, trader Sam was unmasked!
    and a new friend, Ellie, is now there with one more greeting on this
    50th Birthday of Cruising the Jungle! Truly a Jungle Jubilee to Celebrate!
    Last edited by Aladdin; 05-04-2006, 01:40 AM.
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    Re: One Year Ago (5-3-05) I Fell In Love With the Jungle Cruise, Again!

    thanks made me


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      Re: One Year Ago (5-3-05) I Fell In Love With the Jungle Cruise, Again!

      Aladdin , you summed my feelings up in one post, It's nice to see the Jungle Cruise going so well Thanks
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        Re: One Year Ago (5-3-05) I Fell In Love With the Jungle Cruise, Again!

        I'm going to Disneyland in June (it's been years). The Jungle Cruise was always one of my favorite rides, I can't wait to see it in its refurbished form. (Will we miss the "African Queen" genteel shabbiness of the older version? Looks like not!)


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          Re: One Year Ago (5-3-05) I Fell In Love With the Jungle Cruise, Again!

          The small changes to the Jungle Cruise were enough to make it a new old favorite of mine as well Evil dynamite monkeys, explosions of water, attack of the killer spitting fish, what's not to love?

          I'm happy in general with all the updates to the old attractions. It just helps make them fresh and new again. Look at how excited we all were with the changes to Space and now the Mansion. With both Subs and Pirates about to complete their updates as well, the park is certainly on the right path. I love seeing attention being paid to the park classics. At least we know that they will still be with us in some form or another for many years to come.
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            Re: One Year Ago (5-3-05) I Fell In Love With the Jungle Cruise, Again!

            Great post! You summarized so well what can go right with just a small-ish infusion of cash. The JC is once again refreshed and as fun as ever, and they didn't have to reinvent the wheel to do this. Now, if only WDI could walk a little further out and take a closer look at that Pooh attraction...


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