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Parade of Dreams - two showings


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  • Parade of Dreams - two showings


    The official Disneyland calender says that there will be 2 parades each day, one late afternoon and one in the evening. I assume that this later one will be after dark ( 7.45 PM )? Will this be any different from the afternoon parade? I understand tehy'll use the same floats, but I wonder if they'll add some lights or stuff for the 2nd showing...
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    There will be lights on the floats that will make it a little bit different than the day parade. I would definitely try to catch both if you can. I'm assuming that you'll be able to see more of the parade float during the day in the daylight and then at night, you'll see the nice lighting effects. Parade times are 4:00 and 7:45pm -- two parades are on friday, sat, and sun in the month of May (with the exception of May 5th). The weekdays in May will only have one parade (7:00pm). And then starting Memorial Day Weekend, it will be two parades until the end of the summer.

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      I would think that you would be able to see different effects during each showing... something only for night and day...


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        Personally, I think it will look better as it gets darker in the evening.


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          I understand this is going to look amazing at night. Rumor going round is during the off season they may only run it once and it would be in the evening with the likes of the Mickey parade/show (that is going on right now) being the day time parade. I just can't wait to see it all in action...and Block Party Bash is also going to be amazing. I can't say it enough it is going to be a great time to be a Disneyland fan.

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