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A triumphant return


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  • A triumphant return

    Though I know this post will probably be pushed way down the list several times by the Haunted Mansion Tracker thread (as it probably should be)

    I just needed to relay my excitement to everyone
    I, Kuzcochik, am headed to the Disneyland Resort this very weekend.This is exciting:

    a) The last time I was in DL was July 17th of last year (so nearly a year ago, which is a long time span for me)

    b) Though I had no Disneyland I was a CP last year and was in WDW for five months
    Now this may seem like an adequate dose of Disney for any normal human....It wasn't the same!!
    I missed my Disney home (and HMH for the first time since it opened)<br>
    But all is good because I am headed to my favorite place virtually for free (though I know I'll spend a truck load on souvies).

    So really besides posting this so that I have a place to put a trip report once I get back on Monday

    I was also wondering how crowded this weekend's going to be?
    I have two days to do everything I missed and I figure I can get it done plus about 500 rides on HM to check out the attic and snap pictures with the best of them ^_^

    My other question is also random:
    If you were making a mix tape/cd for your roadtrip to Disneyland, what song's would you put on it? They can be Disney, non-Disney anything.

    Yeah I'm so rambling and wasting time 'til my 1pm class. I'm going to go read the HM tompic some more. I'll be back w/ pics come Monday

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    Re: A triumphant return

    Have an awesome trip. I can't wait to make my triumphant return to Disneyland. However mind will be after a much longer period of time (20 years). I can't wait to hear all about it and see the awespme pics you will no doubt share with us!
    Originally posted by aashee
    We are 100% grade A Disney Dorks.


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      Re: A triumphant return

      I have not been there in over 4 years so hopefully I can visit it this August.


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        Re: A triumphant return

        For a mix CD - I'd definitely put on Soarin' and the Electrical Parade. And any ride spiels that I could find!

        Have fun!
        Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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          Re: A triumphant return

          For a mix CD I would recommend all the classic attractions soundtracks....
          These are MUST HAVES:
          America Sings
          Captain EO
          Tiki Room
          Country Bear Vacation Hoedown!
          Remember, Dreams come true
          Main Street Electrical Parade
          People Mover
          Polka Music from Matterhorn que
          King Arthurs Carousel
          Tea Cups


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            Re: A triumphant return

            It's been seven years here, we're about half-way to eight though.

            Hope to go sometime in the next few months. We'll see.


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