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Crowds on Mother's Day Weekend/Store Hours

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  • Crowds on Mother's Day Weekend/Store Hours

    My wife and I will be at DL this weekend (picking up AP's...woohoo!), anyone know how the crowds are traditionally on Mother's day weekend? We're arriving thursday afternoon, and leaving mid sunday.

    Also, are the stores open on main street an hour after park closing time every night, or just certain nights?


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    Re: Crowds on Mother's Day Weekend/Store Hours

    If memory serves me correctly, the problem on mother’s day has been more the crowds at DTD and the hotel restaurants. They are very, very packed for both brunch and dinner. The park itself was not all that bad.
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      Re: Crowds on Mother's Day Weekend/Store Hours

      We've been to the Resort on Mother's Day the previous two years (prior to last year when 05-05-05 was going on).

      As stated, the Hotels and restaurants were VERY busy. We enjoyed the Mother's Day Brunch at the DL Hotel in the Grand Ballroom both times and it was a BLAST! We had reservations, but they still took walk-ups.

      We enjoyed the Parks afterwards, and we were pleasantly surprised with the (lack of) crowds.

      We were just there for Easter a few weeks ago for the Easter Brunch and it was the same thing. Moderate crowds at the Park mid-day, then thinned out later on. (20 minute wait for Space Mtn, for example)

      So go and enjoy your Mother's Day at the Parks!