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A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)


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  • A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

    So I went picture happy with this trip.
    I can take 170 pics on my camera
    I took all but 18.
    It was an awesome time, ignoring some pointless fighting due to lack of sleep. And I'll start with day one and see how far I get ^_^

    So we started out at 5am half awake and blaring the Wicked Soundtrack.
    This was in Blythe before I took over driving.
    It's Lauren and Alicia filling up the tires

    I got pulled over in Indio and got my first speeding ticket which was awesome. We made it to Disneyland at 11am, parked the car at the hotel, and headed over to the park.

    Lauren's my manager at the Disney Store so she used out purple pass to get us in free and I seriously grinned all the way to the Haunted Mansion (our first stop after getting Indy fast passes).
    I personally like the changes though you go by to fast. I was so hoping to get stuck in that room.

    We went over to Tom Sawyer Island (I hadn't been there in years!!!) and looked around the island and got stuck in caves and such.

    Then we headed to the Tiki Room (no Iago and Zazu, I was so excited) and I got a Dole Whip *heaven!!*

    We used our Indy fastpasses. Once again I was beyond excited having had no Indy in WDW. I love that ride so much.

    We went over to DCA for lunch. This is me attempting to climb up and sit in the 'A'

    I gave up and tried to jump through it instead.

    Okkay there's part one. I'll be back in a bit w/ more.

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    Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

    All right, next section:

    K so after getting Nachos and other good foods at DCA and riding California Screaming we headed back to DL for the 3:15 Parade of Dreams

    Peter Pan the male cheerleader. (Alicia loves Peter, but more on that later) The parade stop was a few feet from us so we watched it then the rest of the parade.

    Ariel!! She talked to made me happy. (she asked if I had a dingle hopper and then when I shook my head yes she said "you do" and looked so happy ^_^)

    Still one of my favorite floats. Ursula's just so cool!!

    Our parade stop was the Lion King float with the highflyers right in front of us. This was the guy spinning the rope.

    The highflyer. This was lightened some because I shot into the sun hence the pixily-ness of it. She was spinning so fast!

    I love this shot of Aurora. Princesses w/ spinning dresses make me happy.


    The amazing mistress Esmeralda told us our futures... they were somewhat inaccurate but it was still fun

    After this we left the park to check into the hotel and hit up Company D (thanks to Lauren's purple pass). Alicia and I went back into the park while Lauren slept and we did most of DCA in an hour (getting Alicia on Tower, Monster's Inc and Soarin' for the first time)

    We got thirsty waiting in line for Monsters Inc but sadly this was all we found. (Loved Monster's Inc by the way since I hadn't seen it before.)

    California Screaming again. We're kind of cool like this

    Waiting for Lauren back over at Disneyland, we randomly saw Mulan and Goofy and chased down Mulan.

    Then Pluto came out and we got excited and scared him a bit

    We ran up to Goofy, who had found some random kids and asked us (in indirect character speak) if they were ours. I told him no and that they were his now and he must raise them as his own. Then we took a picture and all nearly fell over. We then talked to a cast member about the best place to see Peter Pan the next day. He came back with a schedule of every time and place he would be on Sunday. Alicia was psyced.

    Lauren showed up and we headed to the French Market and then raced to the fireworks. We had okkay spots and could see everything and happened to be in the one section where everyone was speaking along w/ the show. It was good times.

    We raced through the crowds once again back to Frontierland so Alicia could see Fantasmic for the first time.

    Da Dragon!!!!

    Da Dragon on fire!!!!

    We hopped the train over to Fantasyland since it was nearly eleven and we figured the kiddies would be asleep. We headed to Storybook land and got one of the funniest guys ever on that ride. We laughed hysterically and the other passengers just stared at us and the CM.

    This was our guy

    We rode the tea cups and headed to Mr. Toad

    I kissed a frog, though it looks like I'm giving him a raspberry

    Then we waited in a considerably shorter line for Peter Pan.

    The Castle at Night

    I'm wiiishhhing...


    End Day 1

    There's still more to go... give me a couple hours and I'll be back w/ more.


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      Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

      Love the photos! Thanks for sharing


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        Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

        Great pictures!


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          Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

          Great trip report. Love the pictures.
          Laughter is timeless -- Imagination has no age -- And dreams are forever


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            Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

            Great pics - thank you for sharing!


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              Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

              Awesome trip report! Thank you! Never thought I'd hear someone glad to have a speeding ticket LOL I've seen several pictures of people kissing Mr. Toad (is this a very common occurance?). Looks like you had a great time with Goofy. I am going to need some help translating character indirect speak because I am not good at picking up visual clues at all (legally blind).

              Fantastic Trip report!
              Originally posted by aashee
              We are 100% grade A Disney Dorks.


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                Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

                You crazy people thought I was done. I still have a whole other day and some of the better stories...
                (btw: I wasn't happy about the speeding ticket, I just kind of didn't let it bug me because I was going to Disneyland. )

                So Day 2:

                Day 2 started relatively early (considering we hadn't slept much in the days previous.) Our main initiative was to find ourselves Mr. Peter Pan and make sure Alicia got to meet him.

                We started out at Matterhorn Way where our paper said he'd be at 9am. We looked around and found no Pan, so we rode the Matterhorn and Alice in Wonderland

                We got off the ride and headed back to Casey Jr. (the next Pan place). He wasn't there again and I CM told us he was at the Matterhorn.
                Back at the Matterhorn, no Pan, but we did run into Alice & the Mad Hatter.
                Just so you know, Kuzcochik loves the Mad Hatter

                So he ignored us, Alicia and I chased him down, he moved again I started whining slightly about chasing him. He turned to me and said "My Madison you've gotten big.." and I gave him a "WTF?" look. Then he turned back to the little girl who was Madison and gave her back her autograph book. I asked him if I could take a picture of him and he started posing.

                Then we clarified we wanted to take a pic w/ him so he started helping me take a pic of Alicia.
                Clarifying again and getting annoyed though it was hilarious I said I wanted a pic of the two of us standing next to each other. He turned backwards!! I finally got him to face forward and the batteries in my camera died. I turned toward the nearest bench and said I was just going to sit and cry. As I began changing out my batteries he said he'd join me and he sat on my lap and started crying. Then he took my old batteries and gave them a funeral

                I grabbed my video camera and was laughing so hard I was crying. He gave a lovely eulogy and told It's a Small World to hush for a moment of silence. Then my batteries were tossed into the trash can and he cried again. I explained I'd gotten new batteries and he yelled about me replacing them so easily.

                But I got my picture!!!! And I laughed for another 20 minutes.

                Still not finding Peter we headed to Toon Town and rode Roger...

                getting electrozapped

                And Casey Jr. This is Lauren as a monkey. We made animal noises at all the Storybook Land boats. The people either laughed or looked as us weird. One CM we'd talked to earlier messed up his spiel cause he was laughing so hard...

                It was a scary ride!!!

                All right, when I come back.... Princesses, Evil Queens, Partners, Dreams, and an infamous Pan ^_^


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                  Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

                  Okay, the kissing Mr. Toad. I'm sure millions of people have done this - does anyone think to give him a wipe down with a wet wipe first?? Just a thought that crossed my mind.

                  All these pictures are making me anxious!!! You took some great shots. Just over a month for me - I can't wait!
                  Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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                    Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

                    Wow those are some great pics! Thanks for sharing them.... plus, I love how you are posting them in a very anticipation inducing way... It's great!

                    Can't wait to see the rest!

                    BTW.... I'm listening to Peter Pan's Flight right now:ap:
                    I have a dream
                    A song to sing
                    To help me cope
                    Trough everything

                    If you see the wonder
                    of a FairyTale
                    You can take the future
                    even if you fail...

                    I believe in Angels
                    Something good in everything I see
                    I believe in Angels
                    When I know the time is right for me...

                    I'll cross the stream.... I have a dream


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                      Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

                      Great Trip Report, I sounds like you had a ball. Great pics as well. Now....

                      I am waiting for the pics of Peter Pan. I have never been able to find him when at the Park, so I am getting my "fix" through other peoples pictures. I hope you got some good ones.
                      Peter Pan Forever!!! I Will Never Grow Up.

                      Thank You Poisonedapples


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                        Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

                        Originally posted by BFJen
                        Okay, the kissing Mr. Toad. I'm sure millions of people have done this - does anyone think to give him a wipe down with a wet wipe first?? Just a thought that crossed my mind.

                        All these pictures are making me anxious!!! You took some great shots. Just over a month for me - I can't wait!
                        I, for some reason, am drawn to stick my hand in Toad's mouth. It is unexplainable, weird, and all of my friends do it too.


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                          Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

                          Great report and pictures!!!

                          Peter Pan hangs out at DCA a lot over at the Animation place by the theater. FYI (to anyone else that wonders where to find him)
                          I'm addicted and I don't care!!! :yea:


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                            Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

                            those pictures are really photogenic!!!

                            i can't wait to go again soon!!!


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                              Re: A Triumphant Return pt 2 (Now with Pictures!!!)

                              All right, second half of day two... (not many more, I swear )So after Casey we headed around Fantasyland again looking for our missing Pan. Still no luck! Lauren went to pick up the item she'd bought near the Matterhorn while Alicia and I went to visit w/ the Evil Queen (I was so mad I missed the White Witch again!! ) As we stood in line, Lauren comes running up shouting that she found him and told him to wait for us. So Alicia and I sprinted from the back of the castle to Ariel's Grotto. We found Peter. Alicia was star struck it was fun times.

                              Me and Peter (I refuse to pose normally w/ characters.. it bores me)

                              Then we caught the queen as she was leaving and took a quick pic.We hopped on Buzz and got Space fast passes then watched Mickey scale the Matterhorn

                              Me at the partners statue

                              The three of us

                              And just cause I love pics where you can see the statue and the castle

                              We hit up Mansion again, Went on Splash and chilled on Tom Sawyer Island for a while. Then I spent far too much money in Baton Rouge and Pieces of Eight.

                              On the wrong side of the door

                              If I could just get the keys, I could get inside and steal a Johnny Depp AA....

                              We headed back to Space then rode the train to Main Street. Lauren decided to ride the train all the way around so Alicia and I watched the Parade again.

                              The Mary Poppins Crew. That may be part of Mickey's Jedi's crew there too

                              The Blue Fairy.. Gotta love those sleeves!!!

                              Belle and the Beast... Belle's my second fave princess after Ariel

                              Like I said, Kuzcochik loves the Mad Hatter.

                              Alice was absolutely adorable. She made me happy.

                              After the parade we went back to DCA and ate dinner at Ariel's grotto. The princesses were pretty cool. We had fun with them

                              Jasmine and I talked about the deserts of Agrabah vs the deserts of Arizona.

                              Snow was..well she was Snow... her voice wasn't as annoying as some which was a plus

                              Ariel was cute and welcomes us to her Grotto. It's so funny that she's not on the "sea food" cart as we use to call it when she had the tail rather than the dress.

                              Aurora was cool too

                              And Belle liked my shirt. (I have the same smile in all of these pics!!!)

                              After dinner we went back to DL.

                              I just thought this looked cool

                              Met up with my Dad who was in town for business and swung by the parks w/ one of his co-workers. Then Alicia and I rode Space, Buzz and Indy.We then raced over to DCA to catch the Electric Parade (cause it's Lauren's favorites). I have no pics of that because it's hard to get stills of due to lack of light and fast movement.

                              The front gate of DL at night

                              The front gate of DCA at night (I love DCA and I don't care who knows it!!!! )We headed home about 10:30 and didn't get back until 3. I slept 'til 2:30 yesterday. It was great times and I was so happy to go back. Seriously, I just got back and I want to go again. I think I need to move to Cali

                              Hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks for taking a look
                              Last edited by Kuzcochik; 05-09-2006, 07:29 PM.


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