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Trip Report--weekend 5/05-5/07


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  • Trip Report--weekend 5/05-5/07

    Trip Report: for Friday 5/05 to Sunday 5/07.

    New to this site and lots to tell.
    Two weeks prior I was sitting with my g/f and saw a Disneyland commercial that sparked a need to go. My family used to take us on annual trips to the park but then we got too old and "too cool." Attended college in Oregon and traveled a lot around the world post-college(as you can see in the Matterhorn pic in Zermatt, Switzerland to the left). It had been almost ten years since my last trip to Disneyland and was dying to go. Once we decided to go, I couldn't get there fast enough. I started researching Disneyland to see what had changed and get back into the Disney loop. Thats when I found this amazing site and gained a TON of information. I could not stop reading the threads and even caught myself passing off information to my girlfriend I had learned days earlier. Anyway, we decided to go on May 5-7th for many reasons. It was after Easter/Spring Break and 2fer crowds, schools were still in and dealing with finals, Grad nights had not yet started and it was before Memorial Day weekend. Our decision payed off with very low crowds but still had late hours and all the 50th decorations. I knew POTC would be closed and also knew what to look for on the HM.
    Thursday 5/04 we left the Bay Area and battled traffic in the east bay. Jumped on I-5 and was in Santa Clarita by 10pm. We stayed at my sister-in-laws brothers house. Up at 6am and out of the house by 7am. we were told to take the 210 to 57 and stay clear of the 5. Thank God we did and hit no traffic. Checked into hotel by 8:30 and started walking to the park. Last time I was here there was a big parking lot. Once into Disneyland we had to got right onto Indy's(great first ride) and then walked the treehouse. Breakfast time at the River Belle Terrace. Prices did not seem bad at all. This became our morning tradition and a great reminder of where my parents would bring us every trip for M.M. pancakes. Nothing better than watching Disneyland wake up while eating outside the R.B.T. Everyones eyes looks a little wider in the morning while running to that first ride. All weekend we kept saying "lets go on Space Moutain."(for example) but the lines were so short everywhere that we'd never make it to that ride without jumping on 5 others along the way. S.M. changes were great and while in line my g/f tried to convince me the cars used to have 1x1x1x1 seating. Must have been thinking of the Matterhorn. I think the longest lines we waiting in all day were Autopia Stand By and Peter Pan. I loved all the new additions and changes to the park but missed rides that are no longer there that embodied Disneyland to me like Inner Space, the Skyway and People Movers. While in tomorrow land we ate at the pizza/pasta place. It was paced with young band members in their little cliques and we couldn't help but laugh at those days. There was even one 14 yr old(?) girl by herself crying on the phone. Hopefully it was just silly boy trouble. These kids were everywhere in their matching shirts. I heard Mike Metzger was in the afternoon parade after completing a world record 130' jump over the Ceasar's fountain in Vegas the day before. wish I could have seen him as G.M. in the parade.
    I think we managed to go on every ride in the park 3 times. we found ourselves snubbing rides that had 30 minute waits. we were seriously spoiled. After getting the tinkerbell pic at the hub, I told her about the secret society that meets there. She gave me a crazy look.
    Caught the 9:30 Firework then headed to HM before Fantasmic. we ended up watching the show from the side. we got seats in the McDonalds area outside HM and had no one around us. we saw most of the show but it was SOOO nice to sit down.
    Oh yeah, on the HM we had the SCREAMING bloody murder teenage girls on the ride. They would not let up the entire ride. My voice would not be able to scream that long and loud. Oh well, kids will be kids.
    We tried to get the CM to tell us what changes are being made to POTC and he wouldn't tell us. Not sure if he was told to say that of just sick of everyone asking.
    one thing I wanted to add was the great job of all the CM's we encountered. We did not have one bad experience. They went above and beyond to help us out. an older gentleman was working on BLAB and some kid bumped into him and just kept going. I walked up and started in with the small talk and gave him a compliment on his USA Flag themed M.M. pin. He told me the park gave those out after 9/11. we talked for a bit longer then i started off but he slipped some fastpasses to me(which we never used...and didn't really need them cause lines were short). Another was at the end of the day we got lost outside of the park trying to find Disney Dr(I think). we asked a CM who was sweeping for directions and she walked 10 minutes with us till we were on the right path. Its that kind of service that will keep me coming back. I hope they dont lose that.
    Would post some pics but not really sure how to get them on here. I'll try to figure it out. Took some great night shots that I'd love to share.
    Also got Margarita's in Downtown Disney for Cinqo de mayo....a little more relaxed for fireworks.
    That was Day 1.
    Last edited by Duck44; 05-11-2006, 02:11 PM.
    Originally posted by Grumpee
    I only care for Disney bling!

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    Re: Trip Report--weekend 5/05-5/07

    Thanks for the report, I really enjoyed it!
    I am also in the Bay Area but across the Bay in Pacifica...

    I just got my family our first APs last february and plan to use them 2-3 times a year, and hopefully make it a tradition if $ allows. This board has made my trips so much more enjoyable, I'm glad you found it, too!

    And you made me LOL when you said your GF gave you a weird look about the HUB meet...sounds like the looks I get from my husband!


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