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Parking Patterns

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  • Parking Patterns

    This is adressed to CM's who work at the Mickey & Friends parking structure or for anyone who might actually know. Is there a specific parking pattern or plan for parking the cars into the structure? I noticed that sometimes they don't fill up entire levels before moving on to other levels. Do they start from top to bottom? Bottom to top? Random order? Does a lead decide what level to fill up and how? Also, at what point do they decide to just let people park themselves? I have noticed that if you arrive after 7 you usually get to park wherever you can find a space on a specific level. So, what's the inside scoop?

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    Re: Parking Patterns

    I think the parking patterns are set in the dead of night by the
    "Cone Gnomes."
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      Re: Parking Patterns

      I do know that they sometimes get confused. I'm guessing it's the turnover. Last Sunday, 5-ish, we entered and were cone-guided to Daisy. I figured (correctly) that they were re-parking, filling up spaces left open by early-risers who had already left. So, as we came up to the top of the ramp and turned into Daisy, we saw two CM's standing in an empty row, the next to last one before the end of the garage (row 2, basically). Fair enough, we figured we'd be guided down there to start the row. We do notice a bunch of people merging with us (AKA nearly slamming head on until they realized they had to take turns and actually merge) from the oncoming lane. I figured they must be leaving, and following the path around to the exit ramp.

      We hit the back, turn left...and there are no CM's. Huh, okay, they must be filling another row before the last two we saw the CM's in before. So we drive down all the way to the opposite end of the garage, closest to the trams, and there are two CM's...but they aren't exactly guiding anyone.

      They -are- standing in the way of anyone trying to proceed to the final row, so I assume they're filling some empties in this next-to-final row. We turn left and head down...only to find not a single empty space.

      No choice but to turn left again, and head back to where we started...where we saw the same two CM's, standing in the same row, still with nobody parking in it. We were also part of an apparently-growing parade. You guessed it: about 20 cars were circling the garage, because somewhere down the line the CM's had completely forgotten to go where they needed to be to guide people!

      So, we just broke the trend, and on our way around, we went down that row with the first CM's and they guided us into the first space. Being herd animals, other cars followed us, and the parade came to a close.

      We got out and asked (nicely, we weren't upset or anything) if they knew nobody was down there. They had just been discussing that, and were more than a little annoyed at whoever was supposed to be down there...apparently one of the people at the opposite end who were standing around, talking.

      It was amusing, and one of the CM's we talked to just told us straight: when you're re-parking, there are about a hundred ways to do it, and it's easy for both teams to get their wires crossed.
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        Re: Parking Patterns

        Cones? Someone call the DRC?

        As for the parking, generally, I think they seem to do an every other floor method. (With the exception of Daisy). I would assume this is done to limit escalator traffic, because Minnie (5) & Donald (6), Mickey (3) & Goofy (4) feed into the same escalator. Minnie always gets loaded last, and it seems that most morning parking is on Daisy. However, I've had other floors too.
        -Monorail Man